Wakanda Nation Registration, Login and Review | How to Register and Make Money from Wakanda Nation

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Just to wet your curiosity and provide you with the real guide on Wakanda Nation Registration and thus we have provided a guide on the Registration and login details for Wakanda nation and we have thus made you to understand how to make money reading news and like newspay Registration , you will getting paid weekly.

Wakanda Nation Registration

Wakanda Nation Registration

Wakanda nation will not allow you to waste your time as they pay you for every activities done on their post like commenting, reading of news etc, you will get to earn money by working less from this news online platform and make cool money.

You get paid for do certain things according to your ability and thus so far, wakanda nation can help you make money working part-time and hence we have made a review on the Wakanda Nation Registration to teach and you the registration guidelines.

You can smile to your bank weekly just an after you are done with your registration you can start enjoying wakanda money every week after your Wakanda Nation Registration as this online scheme pays weekly into your bank account.

This service is carefully managed by Ladina Integrated Service an I.T fully registered and operating legally in Nigeria and thus we have made a review on this. The registration details and the CAC number for the wakanda is CAC NO: BN-2558110 and they are fully situated at Abuja in Block A47 Royal Estate, Galadimawa and you can contact them directly.

With this online platform you can make money directly to your bank by simply doing and what is necessary to be done with the platform.

The sites is not a betting sites provide information of a wide spectrum ranging from health, entertainment, politics, news and online community for interaction. and it ranks as top ranking websites in Nigeria.

This is good!

It is one thing to read news and get updated, but wakanda has chosen to give out its news and information for free and you can as well interact with others in the community and still get paid for doing all of this.

How To Make Money from Wakanda Nation

The scheme pays you in various ways for different activities which you perform your phone on daily basis. You get to earn income for different assignment which you perform with the online scheme of income and via this post we will you how to earn one from wkakanda

In three ways you can be the next million of wakanda nation and thus so far you will be required to do just three things to earn big from this online scheme and this post will help you and will serve as a pointer to help you make cool money

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Here are the three ways of making money from wakanda and the price you earn

  1. You Earn N50 for logging

Just by login into wakanda daily you stand a chance of earning more N50 ondaily basis for just logging into your wakanda account with some very simple and useful steps.

After completing your Wakanda Nation Registration, You can just sit down and loginning to your account on daily and get paid on your account just by visiting the site with your login I.D

  1. N50 for sponsored post

This platform pays you very well by sharing sponsored post on daily basis and you can earn N50 for each sponsored post which you make from with your active account.

By sharing sponsored post to all via your social media handle, wakanda still pays you for this even though such post is for your readers benefits and consumption.

  1. N1 for Commenting

Just like nnu .ng registration, you are paid by wakanda for dropping comments on the platform and on any news you read, you get paid for dropping valuable and useful comment on the sites.

Each comments you make attracts a fee of One naira and this is good for those who always wants to comment on post.

  1. Referral Commission

You are also paid by referring or telling a family or friend to join the online scheme and starts making money too.

You have what is called referral earnings and with only this alone you can make money even without commenting or sharing any sponsored post. You earn N1,000 for any person which you refer to join the platform.

Wakanda Nation Login and Registration

You can earn big money by just login to wakanda nation news every day and by so doing you make a good amount of money on daily basis after completing your wakanda registration which you can earn in many ways especially the affiliate area wakanda nation.

Wakanda wakanda nation income is like NNU registration and newspay and you are paid for performing certain activities on the webpage.

After you have done the wakanda nation login you can do your registration and earning a good amount of money by different ways and the most profitable part for which you can earn money from wakanda is through wakanda affiliate.

Via this post, we will show you the various ways and processes on how to make money on wakanda nation and the simple steps on how you can make cool amount of money by simply doing what you like doing like reading news and dropping of comment on a particular news websites and this is why the wakanda income programme is very important for for you to register with the affiliate and earn your money by wakanda login

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wakanda.ng login is the official website for the registration processes and via it you can learn more about wakanda nation even before you register wakanda nation.

Did you know;

That you can make good money from the affiliate earnings from wakanda nation and one way of doing this is to understand how to post on wakanda nation earn money and how to make the best of it from posting as to make good money writing  when you register with wakanda income program.

Every money is paid for different activities performed and that is why it is important that you login to the wakanda nation income login first within your login details and you can make it with the wakanda nation income program

On daily basis and every minutes, the wakanda nation news drops a news updates which can allow you to comment and make your money on the wakanda nigeria

Wakanda Nation Registration

Wakanda Nation Registration

How to Start Earing after Wakanda Nation Registration

  • Wakanda nation is free and you can receive a free account from wakanda nation just by following this registration. The Wakanda Nation Registration is not free and for you to earn money from wakanda Nation a token of N1300 will be demanded for an activation fee.
  • You earn an extra N1000 for just joining the scheme and when you join the programme anyone you asked to register earns a good amount of money from Wakanda Nation Registration
  • You are paid once your earning reaches a threshold of N4000 every week and this payment is being done to your bank account directly on Sundays.
  • When making payments, it is recommended that you use your username as the depositors name for easy and easy activation and identification.

How to Register & activate your account after Wakanda Nation Registration

  • Register for your Wakanda Nation Registration via https://wakanda.ng/
    kindly fill the form below and chose any form of payment method you prefer to make your payment.
  • If through mobile transfer, use your username as name use for payment.
  • Copy the details of your debit alert sent to you as txt msg in your phone and whatsaap to inform them of your payment through their number.
  • If you pay through bank deposit, scan n upload the teller as proof of payment but please use your username as depositor’s name.

How to Get your Wakanda Account Activated

  1. After yo for your Wakanda Nation Registration of your account and filling up of the necessary details for registration,
  2. Select the payments method in which you will want to pay to pay for the account activation.
  3. If you will making be making payments via mobile transfer, it is advisable to use your username as the payer.
  4. For an account activation, you will have to copy and send your depositors details to any wakanda agents on their phone number via text msg or whatsApp.
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How to Earn from wakanda Nation after Wakanda Nation Registration

With wakanda Registration and after completing the registration processes of Wakanda, you will start receiving your payments that is your full earning on Sunday and you are sure of receiving an alert.

You will have to earn up to N4,000 to be able to earn that is to redraw your earnings you will have to make up to N4,000 which you can earn in just one day.

How to withdraw on wakanda

In the Wakanda Nation Registration you will be able to withdraw your money once you have met the withdrawal threshold and once this is done you can withdraw your money with the following ways:

  1. Set up your payments/account details for which you will be making your withdrawal to. You use both third-party or you can also use your personal account.
  2. Go the request withdrawal and place your withdrawal request.
  3. Congratulations if you able to earn via this ways.

How to share Sponsored Post on Wakanda

To also earn a good amount of money, you will also be paid for sharing sponsored post wakanda income login.

If you have a business idea and you wants to advertise with wakanda nation, you can also place your advert for a token from them

This sponsored post on wakanda income allows you to be able to earn more money and by clicking on the share sponsored post icon you will be able to share sponsored post and also withdraw for the sponsored post share.

On daily basis, sponsored post is released to the public for you to share and make money from it. Open the post when once the post has been opened, you can choose to share and select the place which you will be sharing to.

Please in case you have any question or have any problem on the Wakanda Nation Registration.



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