WAFBEC 2022 Live – Watch Online Live

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WAFBEC 2022 Live – Watch Online

The year 2022 has come to a start with various church programmes. These programmes are to help Christians align this new year for themselves.

Many love to attend these programmes as some of them are annual. The knowledge of these programmes is definitely of great importance.

This knowledge will help you to participate in the programme. Here, we want to see a very important update as of now.

This is one update that many do not have knowledge of. It is an update on a Christian programme that is ongoing.

This programme is WAFBEC 2022. We are going to see about the WAFBEC 2022 Live as one should know how to participate in this programme.

There are many that do not have details on what WAFBEC stands for. They will get to have details regarding the full meaning of WAFBEC from here.

We are going to see the schedule of this programme from here. All will get to know when this programme starts and when it will end.

There is a lot regarding this programme that all will get to know from here. Read down to know more about the WAFBEC 2022 Live online streaming.

WAFBEC 2022 Live

WAFBEC 2022 Live


The detail of this section is a very important one as of now. There are many that have been seeking the details of this section.

They will get to have the full knowledge regarding it from here. Many do not know what WAFBEC stands for as of now.

They do not have knowledge of what this programme is all about. This is the reason why we are bringing this section to your notice.

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It will enable all to have knowledge of what WAFBEC is all about. The meaning of this programme is also available here.

WAFBEC is a Christian programme that takes place every year. WAFBEC means the West African Faith Believers Convention.

This programme is one that many do not miss out on. They can possibly watch this programme live as it is open to all.

WAFBEC always has a theme each year it commences. The theme for WAFBEC 2022 is ‘The Power of God’s Mercy’.

This programme will be going on for some days. The Convener of WAFBEC is no other than Pastor Poju Oyemade.

This man of God is also the senior pastor of The Covenant Place. One can also watch WAFBEC 2022 Live. We are going to see how as we move on.

WAFBEC 2022 Starting Date

When many get to know about a programme, there are certain details they seek. One of these details is when the programme will begin.

This is the section that we cannot miss out on. The reason for this is because it is a very important section of the programme.

When people lack knowledge of this fact, they cannot participate in a programme. We want to avoid this from happening to anyone.

For this reason, we are going to give to all the WAFBEC 2022 Starting date. This is the date that this programme will come to start.

WAFBEC happens to be an annual programme. This programme takes place at the beginning of every year.

It helps Christians to align their new year in Christ. Many wish to attend this programme but do not know when it will start.

WAFBEC 2022 is a programme that many are awaiting. They want to know when this programme will come to a start.

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WAFBEC 2022 has already come to a start. The starting of this programme was from Sunday the 2nd of January 2022. All can now Watch WAFBEC 2022 Live.

WAFBEC 2022 Schedule, Venue

The scheduling of a programme is also of great importance. This will help all to know how to participate in a programme.

It will help them to be able to attend the church programme when it starts. This is because they will know its starting time.

Also, many may want to attend it physically. They can do so when they get to know the venue of the programme.

We are going to take a good look at this venue from here. Also, all will know the time schedule for this programme from here.

WAFBEC 2022 is a programme that many will not want to miss. Participating in this programme is possible physically and online.

Any means one wants to participate in this programme is simple. All you need to know is the schedule for each session of the programme.

WAFBEC is a programme with various sessions. The programme has the morning schedule, afternoon schedule as well as evening schedule.

WAFBEC 2022 Schedule is as follows;

Morning – 9:00 am

Afternoon – 1:00pm

Evening – 5:30 pm

The venue of this programme will allow one to participate physically. This venue is at The Covenant Place, (Beside National Theatre), Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria.

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WAFBEC 2022 Live – Watch Online

The participation of persons in different programmes is very important. Many seek ways to be able to participate in a programme.

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For this reason, we give out updates of this sort. This update will enable all to participate in a very interesting programme.

The programme is the WAFBEC 2022. We want to see how one can participate in this programme without being at its venue.

Here, we will see the details of WAFBEC 2022 Live. This is where will know how to watch this programme live online.

Those seeking to watch this programme online should take note. They will be able to go through the process with ease from here.

WAFBEC 2022 is a very interesting programme that is ongoing. Some will not be able to attend the programme in person at the venue.

There are various reasons for this sort of happening. One of these reasons happens to be the problem of distance.

There are other ways to participate in this programme. One of them is by watching the programme Live online.

This is a very simple process as of now. One can watch this programme through YouTube streaming. Also, they can visit www.wafbec.org.

The update that we have come across here is a very recent one. It is about a prominent Christian programme that is ongoing.

Many will want to participate in this programme. They can use the above details to participate in it with ease.

Share this update with those that are seeking it. Drop all your comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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