WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018 | Closing Date and Registration fees

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WAEC Nov/Dec Registration 2018 has started and all candidates wh are interested in the external examination can now proceed to register for the examination which will commence at the third quarter of the month.

WAEC NOV/DEC Registration

WAEC NOV/DEC Registration

For you to be able to register or proceed with any registration, you need to first make payment for the  waec registration fee which will guarantee you to register for your examination with ease.

This year’s registration fee is not the same as  nov dec 2017 registration fees which was less expensive than others, but however, the slight different among the two of last year and this year lies in the variation of little amount of money.

However, the 2018 novdec registration had started and those candidates who have not register are please advce to register for the examination with the exact amount of nov dec 2018 registration fees. Do not really cut your budget while you are preparing for the registration, but rather than depend on the novdec registration fees for last year, it is very important that you know the fee collected for the examination.

In this post, you will the wassce registration fees 2018 as seen below which can be paid through bank and any of the registration centers around the your vicinity.

If you desire to be register for the examination and you have the finances complete, please make sure that you have registered for the examination before the waec registration 2018 closing date.

2018/2019 Nov Dec registration and Waec Gce registration Closing date

Registering for the examination is one important thing that everyone who wants to have a certificate in waec even without registering for the examination the internal examination. The waec registration fee for 2018 nov/dec is not expensive such that any simple man register for the examination. .

There is specifically two weeks for candidates to finish every registration procedures on WAEC Nov/Dec examination and in this WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018, candidates should make sure that their data has been properly captured and data such as name, date of birth, gender and subjects combination should be inserted properly and correctly before the final submission. Finger print should be captured using digital, scanner.

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After the registration, candidates are to print the admission notice/Photo card which will serve as an evidence of successful WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018. The admission photo card also contains your pin number for the checking of result.

The wassce registration fees 2018 ghana is not the same in Nigeria and before anyone will think of that, the person should also note that both currencies vary among each other. The registration procedures for WASSCE can be seen in our post on waec registration guide.

For the external WAEC registration, a lot of candidates has asked questions like how much is waec online registration? Because the registration is basically done online and those who don’t register in time may not partake in the WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018

In this post, we have the recent WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018 waec news which will show you the registration procedures and the official waec gce registration closing date approved by the board.

Important Notice on WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018

While preparing for the registration and the actual examination, candidates should take note of the following :

  • That the registration fee is unfundable once paid into the account.
  • Pasport for the 2018 waec registration Nov/Dec should not be in any form of background whether it is Blue or red background and the submitted passport photograph should be between 275 by 314 pixels
  • There is no special or professional Uniform for this examination and at such, candidates should be present at the venue for the examination with mufti and without any arm tools.
  • Any candidate caught with phone or any form of electronic or communication device will be rusticated and his/her entire result will be annulled
  • No form of smoking in the examination hall will be condoned
  • At every exam, candidates are to come with the original copies of their photo cards and present then when needed.
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Nov Dec Registration Fees 2018

 In this post on WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018, you will see the  nov dec 2018 2019 registration fees so that you will make adequate budget for the examination registration and know how much to pay for the wassce for private candidates.

 The 2018 registration fees is Thirteen Thousand Nine hundred and Fifty Naira (13950) and candidates are to pay to obtain their pin and vcd for registration. Payment can be made nationwide in some specific banks nationwide.  Candidates for WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018 can also make their payments to any accredited waec agent.

Having the knowledge of the Nov/Dec registration fee will help you especially in two distinct dimensions which are; so that you avoid spending too much or budgeting less.

The novdec 2018/2019 examination registration fee is of a moderate price and it is not really bugus as seen and expected by a lot of people.

For the knowledge of WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018 the official Nov/Dec Registration date will be let known in this post so that you will know the  2018 novdec registration date for both opening and closing dates.

There is no need asking the question when will 2018 novdec registration begin as the registration has started already for candidates who wish to partake in this examination. We are not really certain about the cost of 2018 novdec registration as the 2018/2019 novdec registration fee will certainly differ from the 2017 novdec registration fees.

The WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018 has already started and so you should stop asking the question when will novdec 2018 registration start.

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The board is yet to release the novdec 2018 timetable but as soon as the examination timetable is ready, we will endevour to alert you with our post which we will compile on waec Timetable Nov/Dec.

WAEC Registration Closing Date 2018/2019

The official waec 2018 closing date for Nov/Dec examination has not yet be released as the time of publishing this post, but there is a tendency  that the examination will last through July and may end at august.

Please to avoid missing WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018 you can register on time and prepare for the examination.

Candidates are to complete their registration within a period of two weeks and during this period you as candidates are to ensure that your data has been captured successfully.

For now the official waec registration closing date 2018/2019 for WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018 is not yet known, but you should bookmark this page daily to check as we will provide you with the information once the closing date has been released.

Meanwhile, you can check above to find the cost of 2018 waec registration fee and so that you will know how much to pay for the 2018/2019 waec registration.

 Hope you have been informed about the WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018 and the registration fee to pay. We also wrote on the registration deadline for candidates as well as the general noticed released by Waec to its candidates.

Do you have any question or contribution regarding WAEC NOV/DEC Registration 2018, please let’s hear you as you drop it at the comment box below.

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  1. ma akin says:

    What of the amount ?

    • Peters Edi says:

      The Amount for the registration varies…… so check waec office in your state and know the amount

  2. Gift offiong says:

    please i would like to be notified wen de timetable is out,this website really helps,kudos,nyc job

  3. please i would like to be notified about the 2018/2019 waec timetable is out,nyc work the site is amazing..kudos

  4. johnstephen uzevie rita says:

    pls can I still register for the private waec now

  5. Charles says:

    Please, Is registration for GCE NOV/DEC 2018 still on?
    Your prompt reply is so important.

  6. Abigail Victor says:

    Please how much should external pay? What I’m seeing here’s 13,490 but my school in Edo state are collecting 26,500 for external while internal pay 19,500..are they not sheeting us here?

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