The Waec geography questions and answers have been released for all WAEC candidates who wish to write the waec geography questions and answers 2018. The questions below was sourced from the right person who saw the need to provide us with the current geography waec question 2018.

Waec Geography Questions
Waec Geography Questions

The waec geography questions and answers 2018 is genuine and it will help a lot of candidates who will be writing the geography examination This morning. Looking at the 2018 Questions on geography, a good number of the questions were drawn from the wassce geography past questions pdf 2012 and some from the geography waec question 2017.

According to the Timetable, the waec geography practical which will be written on Tuesday the 10th of April is not very simple as thought by many people. The practical questions consist of a bit tougher questions

Studying the WAEC past questions on geography will also be of a great help to you while you are also preparing for the examination. But the question is; is there any need for it? Considering the fact that we will make available the Waec geography questions and answers for candidates writing the West African senior School Certificate examination.

We can see from the waec geography past questions and answers that the waec geography practical 2017 was a direct question involving intense thinking. There is no need being disturbed on the Waec questions because every bit of our site provides you with the Waec geography answers 2018 as well as it questions.

In due time, we will give you the waec geography practical answer before the practical examination comes up on Tuesday 10th April 2018. With our waec gce 2018 geography questions and answers, you will emerge successfully in your examination because our questions are always genuine because each question is verified.

The waec geography questions and answers is here and so it is pointless to start killing yourself over the study of geography waec past questions and answers. The geography past question pdf might not help you this time as what you really need is the direct questions and answers sourced for you.

Geography waec Question and answer | Esaay and Objective

Without much ado, we will now show you the geography waec question and answers for Essay and Objective and it comprises of the questions and answers about to be taken today ; 6th of April 2018.

Like we showed you the questions and answers for WAEC literature yesterday, we will also make available the questions and answers for waec geography written this morning. The Objective and Theory questions and answers has been verified.

How here is the waec geography questions and answers as sourced from an insider.

Obj Question and Answers for Geography 2018 | waec geography questions and answers 2018


These are the questions and answers for waec geography 2017. For the 2018 Questions, which you will find it in our site, you will have to find it in this page because we have provided a L ink for you to follow to download the answers for 2018.

From the geography waec past questions, we can see that the geography waec question pdf is one that is a bit tougher especially when it gets to the aspect of map reading. The Map reading part possess a lot of problems to geography student.

wassce 2018 Geography Questions | Essay

i)concentrated in towns
ii)mainly import substituting;
iii)depend on imported machinery/technology;

i)Making relevant products: manufacturing industries in tropical Africa create an environment where the products created for it populace are made with a proper understanding of their needs.
ii)Job creation: With vast youth unemployment in the tropical Africa , manufacturing is one of the only sectors next to agriculture that can create a significant amount of jobs for the currently unemployed in these areas.
iii)Participation in the global economy: Unlike other countries that have strong manufacturing sectors, tropical Africa countries is limited in its participation in the global economy.

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i)inadequate capital;
ii)poor management;
iii)shortage of raw materials;
iv)poor infrastructure
i)It is mostly practiced by peasant farmers.
ii)It involves a small area of land.
iii)It involves the use of local tools eg hoe, cutlass etc.

i)It increases yield: Owing to the use of a large area of land, there is an increase in farm yield.
ii)Production of cheap products: As a result of mass production, the sale prices of products are usually very low and affordable.
iii)Provision of quality products: A lot of skill and time is given to the production of the crops and animals, so there are usually of higher quality.
iv)Specialization of labour: Commercial agriculture leads to specialization of labour because all operations are mechanized.

i)Use of small farmlands: Small farmlands results in small yield.
ii)No surplus for sale
iii)Pests and disease are not controlled

Movement of goods and services
-Movement of people
-Development of tourism
-Opening up new lands and areas
-Generation of revenue

-It is very costly to build and maintain railways
-Railway transport is relatively slow in some other areas
-Railway network is generally poor.

wassce 2017 geography questions | Essay

  1. a) Draw a sketch map of Nigeria.
  2. b) On the map, show and name:
    i) Rivers Niger and Benue;
    ii) one zone of sandy soil;
    iii) one zone of forest soil;
    iv) Lagos.
    Describe the alluvial soil zone in Nigeria.
    d. Outline the importance of alluvial soil zone in Nigeria.
  3. a) Highlight any three main characteristics of each of the following settlement types:
    i) village;
    ii) town.
    b) State any four factors which are responsible for the growth of urban centres.
  4. Write a geographical description of Chad Basin under the following:
    a) relief and drainage;
    b) people, population and settlement;
    c) economic activities;
    d) problems of development.
  5. (a) Draw an outline map of Africa. On the map, show and name:
    (i) any three rivers important for generating hydroelectricity;
    (ii) any two dams on two of the rivers.
    (b) Outline any five benefits of hydroelectric power to the people of Africa.
  6. (a) Highlight any five factors that have accounted for the world’s rapid population growth.
    (b) Outline any five problems of rapid population growth.
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Ans: The factors that have accounted for the world’s rapid population growth include:
–  polygamy;
– early marriage;
– advancement in science and technology;
– improved medical care;
– low mortality rate;
– industrialization
– poor family planning.

For you to have the 2018 questions we have hidden it in our site and you have to search for it carefully to get a url that will refer you to the waec geography questions and answers 2018.

We also have updated waec questions on physics which we have made available for free for all physics candidates. Please search our site properly to find the waec geography questions and answers 2018 for both Obj and Essay.

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