The waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions is now available on our webpage, because a lot of candidates have asked of it and here we have tried it very hard to get the 2018 Animal Husbandry questions and guess what ? The questions of Animal Husbandry questions and answers pdf free and that is to say you will get it on this site for free like we gave out our Literature WAEC questions.

Waec 2018 Animal Husbandry Questions
Waec 2018 Animal Husbandry Questions

In this post, you will see and have all the Animal Husbandry exam questions and answers pdf for waec 2018 as so as to fully prepare you before the examination approaches. Animal Husbandry which is often called principles of cost of Animal in waec has it questions and answers updated on our webpage for all the students offering Animal Husbandry.

We have not only provided the questions and answers, but you will also have Animal Husbandry exam questions and explanations pdf because Animal Husbandry questions for waec that is the Animal questions and answers for exams does not only need solving, but it also requires deep explanations of tables and figures.

From this site, you will have both the objective questions and theory questions as many people will call it Animal short questions and answers pdf.

Like it could be seen in the Mathematics WAEC Questions, We have both theory questions and the objective questions which is sometimes called the Animal Husbandry multiple choice questions and answers pdf. The questions on waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions which is here will help you to get ahead in you examination because you have the questions and answers at hand before the examination.

The most part of this questions that needs adequate concentration is the Animal Husbandry 2 questions and answers pdf called Essay Questions by WAEC and it should not mistaken or confuse with the bookkeeping questions and answers pdf for waec as there are not the same in any means. From what we can see below, the Animal Husbandry questions has a set pattern for it questions.

Where you are asked to calculate, please do it extensively and where you are asked to provide the answers in details, ensure that the answers are provided correctly.

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The waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions show all detailed questions and answers for all Animal questions in waec and how to solve them. The questions include questions for both essay and objective as well as their answers solve by professional examiners of the West African Examination Council.

waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions According to WAEC Syllabus

There are about 17 Topics included in the 2018 Harmonized syllabus for Animal Husbandry and questions are usually drawn from these topics and we can see all of them set in the waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions. All questions seen here are drawn from the syllabus below.

Waec can in no means set questions that are not included in the syllabus, because this will be detrimental to a lot of candidates who vividly followed the syllabus as the study.

Much questions are not usually set on the introduction part of the Animal syllabus like the introduction to Animal Husbandry and there is always a maximum possibility to always see questions on different types of Animal concepts.

Below is the Syllabus as seen in the waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions

  • Importance of farm animals
  • Classification of farm animals.
  • Classification of farm animals.
  • Identification of ruminants and non-ruminants.
  1. Internal organs and their functions in farm animals
  2. Body systems and their functions in farm animals
  3. Reproduction in farm animals

Structure of waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions

This examination will basically constitutes both paper 1 and Paper which the both will be taken at once in the same day.  The paper on will be the objective questions and  it will be made up of 50 questions.

The Objective of the waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions will be taken at the same day with the theory questions and this will be the first question to be given to candidates. According to the Waec 2018 Timetable, the objective question is set for 1 hour and the exams will commence from 08:30 hrs.  and end at 10:30 hrs.

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If you answer all waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions correctly, you stand a chence of scoring complete 50 marks because the objective questions carries 50 marks.

The theory question which is paper 2 has two sub section with different questions entirely. The first part of paper two   is question base on theoretical Animal Husbandry and you are expected to answer only two questions from this section and leave the remaining two.

The second part which is section B is made up of five essay questions and questions here are set based on Animal practice like the first section you will also be required to answer two questions in this section.

The Marks allotted to section B is 15 points and that of the second Section is also 15 points making it a total of 30 questions and candidates are to answer the questions for a period of  2½ hours.

Please don’t get confuse, these are not questions for Agricultural science, but questions on animal husbandry

WAEC Animal Husbandry OBJ






(i) Serves as food for man
(ii) A good source of protein
(iii) The shell is used for vim making
(iv) Serves as income to farmers

-For food purposes
-To generate income
-To make research
-To produce offspring



Servivce day = 12 may, 2016
The gestation period = 31 days
Therefore, the kindling date will be 12th june, 2016.

(i) Treat affected ear with appropriate drug
(ii) Isolate affected animal
(iii) Use of miticides
(iv) Invite a veterinary doctor

-Endoparasites: worm, liverfluke

-Ectoparasites: Lice, Mite, Fleas, Tick

(i) By the use of chemicals
(ii) Through the use of biological method
(iii) By the use of predators
(iv) By physical method

(i) It destroys skin and hides of cattles
(ii) It destroys cattle’s fur
(iii) It reduces the blood of cattle
(iv) Its effect reduces the weight of cattle

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(i) Lice
(ii) Flea
(iii) Ringworm

(i) Use of chemical called acaricide
(ii) Biological method
(iii) Proper sanitation
(iv) Through physical method


-It should not be mouldy
-It should have a pleasant smell
-It should be pale green in colour
-Most of its leaves should be intact

-It should be digestable
-It should be highly nutritious
-It should be light green in colour
-It should not be mouldy or blakish

(i) They are source of balance
(ii) Their growth will help in smothering of weeds
(iii) It will help improve the palatability of forage

-Pests and diseases control
-Sowing and transplanting

-Seed bed preparation

On this post which is centered on waec 2018 Animal Husbandry questions we hope that you have received all the questions and answers on Financal Animalfor waec and that you will study and master the questions before going into the examination hall.

From the waec past question on Animal Husbandry past questions and answers, you will see and agree with e that Animal Husbandry is one commercial course that involves indepth calculations. To aid you in your studies, we have made available the Animal Husbandry syllabus available in this post.

We had posted on Biology Questions and a lot of persons were grateful for the post and you can also look at the Government questions too.

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