UNESCO king Hamad Bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 2019 | Apply Now for the Use of ICT in Education $ 25,000 Grants

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Unesco King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa prize 2019 Apply Now for ICT Use in Education $25,000 Grants. The UNESCO King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa Award for ICT Use in Education is now receiving applications. The 2019 edition’s theme is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to innovate in education, teaching, and learning.

UNESCO king Hamad Bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize

UNESCO king Hamad Bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize

It is important that you apply for the UNESCO king Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 2019 with the application guidelines which we have written on our post which we have showed you the application guidelines and we have stated that you should follow the application guidelines to apply for this recruitment exercise.

We want you to take good opportunity of this scholarship exercise for the Unesco which they have provided full funding and grant for all those who have been successful in the scholarship exercise.

The instructions to follow to apply for this scholarship s shown in our post and we wants you to follow the instructions and thus we have made available the instructions and the necessary guide to follow to be able to apply for the Unesco recruitment in this post.

This scholarship will all beneficiary and will give them the full funding for the ICT and it is a scholarship in the name of King Hammad bin Al-khalifa and the prize is for 2019.

The 2018 edition was successful with many applicants being considered for the job and this application. Those who were successful in the 2018 Edition studied with the Scholarship Past questions and answers which made them to come out the best among others.

We will give you a guide on how you can check the scholarship list of all shortlisted applicants when it has been released by Unesco. Last year many that were shortlisted failed into check their mail for the notification of the scholarship list of successful applicants and thus the need to be able to check the list of successful applicants.

Criteria for 2019 UNESCO king Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 25,000$

The projects / programs nominated should continue for at least 6 months and satisfy the following requirements:

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Which are :

  1. Be applicable to the particular theme of the year
  2. Be creative, primarily in the application of AI
  1. Prove measurable meaningful and feasible impact in the lives of the targeted intended recipients
  1. Offer good evidence of prospective reliability and scalability

We have given you all the necessary information concerning the UNESCO king Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 2019 and the necessary application details for you to apply for the list of successful applicants.

The need to follow the application guidelines in this post and apply according to the application will helps you to be successful in the application guidelines.

We have shown you the necessary guidelines for you to follow and have to apply for this job online.

This scholarship is provided in conjunction with the United Nation Education support scheme for all those who are looking for the necessary grant to take off with the funds release for education. In 2018 lots of applicants were empowered educationally with the funds released in conjunction with other strong holds.

How much is 2019 UNESCO king Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize.

The scholarship funds is given to all those the name of King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa and the scholarship is meant for all students.

The price for the scholarship is twenty five thousand dollars and this fund is to help all those who applied for the prize. It is important that you take opportunity of this scholarship and get to study with the $25,000 funds that will be given to applicants who will be successful in the screening exercise for the UNESCO king Hammad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 2019.

The application guidelines which we have shown in our post will guide you on hoe you can apply for this scholarship and thus we have made available the UNESCO application.

Follow the instructions to be able to apply for the UNESCO application and ensure that you follow the application details and application guidelines to be able to successfully apply for the scholarship and the recruitment exercise.

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The tuition for this school should fund all the expenses for the Use of ICT in education. Primarily, teachers will benefit much from this scholarship as this grants is for those around the world.

UNESCO king Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 2019 Application Guidelines

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advances in neuroscience have the ability to improve teaching methods, as well as helps to support lifelong learning and personalize learning in a different ways, as well as stimulate and accelerate the discovery of new education models.  Inline with Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education, UNESCO and its partners aim to investigate the efficient and ethical use of AI apps to decrease obstacles to education access and optimize learning procedures to enhance learning results.

In 2019, the Prize will award AI-enabled alternatives and AI neuroscience apps aimed at improving teaching results and empowering educators.

To empower educators and improve the delivery of education services while at the same time promoting the inclusive and equitable use of these techniques in education.

The Director-General of UNESCO will select two winners based on the suggestions of an global jury, and each recipient will receive a $25,000 prize and diploma during a Paris ceremony.

Requirements for UNESCO king Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 2019

: In 2019, the Prize on UNESCO king Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 2019 will award AI-powered solutions programs and initiatives to:

  1. Promote Education: AI-enhanced data management systems for education (EMIS); AI-enhanced distribution methods for large-scale education, training and lifelong learning systems; (large) data-enhanced scheduling systems for education;
  2. Improve learning results: use of AI, including in neuroscience, to allow customized learning, promote the creation of cooperative settings, lifelong learning and new types of learning; AI apps or alternatives for specific subject fields or interdisciplinary activities or creativity growth; learning leadership systems (LMS) or other AI in education;
  3. To Give more capacities to the teachers and reduce their workload by having some increase in teachers capacity to bring out the best among the teachers by authentic teaching models.
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How to apply for UNESCO king Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 2019

  • The candidates should use the internet platform to generate an account and then complete an online application form.
  • To consider the application, either the National Commission of the Member State of UNESCO or ay NGO should nominate it in an established relationship with UNESCO
  • All applicants are encouraged to get in touch with the NGO or National Commission ahead of the application process. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • UNESCO Member State Governments as well as NGOs in formal partnership with UNESCO are encouraged to apply for and appoint up to three projects in accordance with both the 2019 theme and meeting the selection requirements.
  • The last nomination date is October 31, 2019 (nighttime in Paris).

You can also apply for NNPC/Chevron Scholarship and through this, you will be able to receive extra grants and funds on your account.

This post on UNESCO king Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa Prize 2019 will show you how to apply for this post with the application guidelines and method of application for all those who wants this fund for ICT in Education. Apply here

Do you have any question or contribution to make on this post on this UNESCO $25,000 grants, please drop it at the comment below as you share this post to all.



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