Top 20 American Movies 2022 are in an unusual position as the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic begins. Theatre exclusivity is disappearing as more films stream online without any intermediaries.

Top 20 American Movies 2022

The 45-day exclusive theatrical run might be followed by a streaming service release.

Nevertheless, there are still a ton of intriguing new films in development, and the only way to guarantee that we keep getting new ones is to see them.

The best thing you can do, whether you want to go to a local theater or simply wait to rent or stream at home, is to be aware of what is coming out and when it comes out.

1. Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Ryusuke Hamaguchi made his debut with western audiences last year with the Oscar-nominated Drive My Car. His quick-fire sequel, a triptych of loosely connected love stories, generated less outrage but is nevertheless worthy of the noise.

Through the intriguing trio of three vignettes that last for more than 30 minutes, we get to know three different women, each of whom has a deeper anguish and bewilderment that drives her to emotionally unsafe areas. They work together to produce an engrossing work of slow film.

2. Elvis

Despite having a little hammy aspect in the trailers, Baz Luhrmann’s tribute to the King turns out to be a captivating and hip-shaking spectacle. Is it occasionally over the top?

3. A Hero

Asghar Farhadi, who could be described as an Iranian Ken Loach, is a master at fusing morality tales with intricate social foundations.

This Cannes hit is just another sharp analysis of daily living in a critical, hierarchical society. In order to have a second chance at redemption, the main character Ramin escapes from a bankruptcy prison and finds 17 gold coins that his sweetheart had recovered.

4. Belle

Mamoru Hosoda’s lovely anime parody of “Beauty and the Beast” combines “It” girls, kids from funeral high schools, and internet dragons.

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The tunes are pounding, the images are arresting, and the ideas are immensely conceptual as they tackle life as a digital native and the oldies who awkwardly try to help Gen Zers navigate it.

The Japanese animation genius has come a long way since he was fired from his position as director of Howl’s Moving Castle.

5. Benediction

Terence Davies gives a poignant, brilliantly presented biography of Siegfried Sassoon that manages to be both heartbreakingly sad and PG Wodehouse-funny.

Peter Capaldi really captures the audience’s attention in the younger, more bewildered version of the once-closeted gay writer, played by Jack Lowton, who struggles to find himself among the buzzing gadflies of London’s post-war social scene.

6. The Woman King

The Woman King is an action-packed historical epic about Black women that has tremendous cultural significance. The sight of Viola Davis training and fighting alongside her Amazonian warriors in 1880s Africa is touching once you realize how revolutionary and inspirational this is.

It has already achieved enormous success in America and serves as evidence that films starring Black women can do well at the box office. Bring Kleenex for this emotional epic in the vein of Gladiator and Braveheart.

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7. Decision to Leave

Forget about the octopus drinking and hammer battles of Oldboy; this movie shows the analytical side of Park Chan’s work.

In this thriller with a Busan setting, a detective and a young widow are embroiled in a complex dance involving a murder, an investigation, and a lot of barely repressed sensuality.

You can see that it substantially draws from the canon of Hollywood erotic thrillers, albeit with a chillier tone and an even more satisfyingly complicated plot.

8. Nope

While the rest of us were mastering sourdough, Jordan Peele spent the epidemic blending science fiction, horror, and westerns to create a brand-new kind of monster movie.

Without taking anything away from any of our baking attempts, the result was even better: a disturbing, frightening, and occasionally amusing third Peele effort, propelled by Keke Palmer’s compelling performance, an expansive score, and unsettling sound design.

9. All Quiet on the Western Front

Seen 1917? Make plans today for 1918. Erich Maria Remarque‘s classic antiwar novel is set during the closing phases of the Great War, according to Netflix’s frequently beautiful German translation.

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The important word here is “death,” since this war movie is the most violent one you’ll see all year, with a cacophony of shells blowing up, tanks rumbling, and bullets rattling around.

10. Hit the Road 

Iranian director Panah Panahi has had a bittersweet 2022 because his father was sentenced by the repressive government of his nation. The White Balloon), was sentenced to six years in prison, but it also saw the debut of the renowned director Jafar. A captivating but subtly disturbing family story that takes place on the arid country’s roadways.

11. Brian and Charles

This sour British comedy, which is extremely lovable, funny, and devastating, is the biggest surprise of the year.

Yes, it is a peculiarly shaped box, and the robot it refers to—Charles Petrescu—is built from the head of a vintage washing machine that was perched atop a faceless mannequin.

12. Triangle of Sadness

Ruben Stlund’s Palme d’Or-winning comedy, which channels the spirit of Swift and Golding, isn’t subtle, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t intelligent either. No movie with a six-minute barf-athon in the middle is ever subtle.

13. Everything Everywhere All at Once

A small but loyal group of people believe that Swiss Army Man is a neglected classic. For the rest of us, this high-concept sci-fi tale about several universes serves as the first verifiable illustration of Daniels’ filmmaking abilities.

14. Happening

Audrey Diwan’s stormy, hard-hitting drama makes its debut in a year when Roe v. Wade was under attack by the US Supreme Court to show the truth about unlawful abortions.

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It’s not for the weak of heart; in capturing this desolate setting, it goes beyond Mike Leigh’s Vera Drake.

15. The Worst Person in the World

This touching and original portrayal of one millennial’s life unfolds. The focus is on Norwegian actress Renate Reinsve throughout the course of several years in Oslo.

Her medical student-turned-writer, who is undoubtedly not the worst person in the world, embodies the doubts and ambiguities that young adults experience to the utmost degree. An emotional tangle that appears immediately relatable, full of competing impulses, times of aimlessness, and emotional rawness.

The best movie scene of the year so far may be her breathtaking race through a city that has been frozen in time.

16. The Banshees of Inisherin

It is an exciting possibility for any movie fan that Martin McDonagh will be directing Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson in the comedy masterpiece In Bruges. And boy, does this brilliantly executed anti-buddy film live up to the hype? It’s roaringly amusing.

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17. Parallel Mothers

Pedro Almodóvar switches to a more solemn voice. He continues to maintain his light touch and love of cheerful melodrama despite this powerful analysis of Spain’s long-forgotten Civil War tragedy.

Penélope Cruz’s portrayal of a new mother entangled in a case of mistaken identity in the maternity unit is a career-high, even by her own high standards. If the world were just, she would have received her second Oscar for it.

18. The Northman

An appeal for widescreen movies in the era of streaming Thus, when Robert Eggers is excellent. Read Time Out’s admittedly little breathless review of the gory Viking epic that hit theaters in April.

The Northman, though, is a useful reminder that the idea is still valid. Your living room probably isn’t the finest place to witness the biggest, boldest cinematic visions unless you reside in an IMAX.

19. Top Gun: Maverick

Who among you raised their hands when it was foretold that this smash would be practically perfect? Some could have because the eagerly anticipated Top Gun sequel was meant to debut two years ago. But the year’s finest widescreen thrill ride is unaffected in the least by that forced postponement.

20. Licorice Pizza

Using this trip down memory lane to the San Fernando Valley in the 1970s. In this Paul Thomas Anderson-directed film, an arrogant young man seeks to win the love of a twenty-something who is drifting.


We have been monitoring the releases of the Top 20 American Films of 2022. Despite the fact that the year is still young, we were most enthused by modest indie genre pictures than by major action adventures. All of these are worthwhile viewing.



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