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Every day, a lot of persons ask a lot of questions on who is the richest actor in nigeria 2020  who are those in the list of Top 20 Richest Actors in Nigeria. We have written this post to answer the question of those who made the list of top 20 Richest Actors in Nollywood and not only that, we have also shown our readers the net worth of each of this actors.

The was a rumor that the richest yoruba actor in Nigeria also happens to be the richest Actor in Nigeria, but from our findings, this is not true as the list of the Top richest actor in Nigeria clearly spells out the list of the top Riches Actors in Nigeria.

Mercy Johnson was said to be the richest actress in Nigeria, but according to the new list released, the richest actress in Nigeria is now said to be Rita Dominic with a net worth of 990 Million naira, but still this could not be compared to the the richest actor in nollywood at this moment.

On our list of top 20 richest nollywood actors, you will see a lot of actors in the Nollywood industry who are very quiet and some who don’t even have professional degrees in theathere art, yet the still made in the list of the Richest Actor in Nigeria.

This post on Richest Actor in Nigeria is not only about who tops the list but to give you in details those who are among the richest nollywood actors and their net worth. It is the net worth of this actors that tell ether, they truly belong to those who have made fortunes as nigerian male actors.

About Nigeria Film Production Industry (Nollywood)

Nollywood is a term or name which actually means the Nigerian Film industry. The term was first used in an article of the New York Times and was published in 2000s. There is no clear cut of who adoted the name to mean the Nigeria film industry and thus the term nollywood has a lot of controversies to which it was given.

However, Just as we have Bollywood of India and Hollywood , of New York and U.S, Nigerians have also adopted the name for Nollywood for their Film industry. In Nigeria, the film production industry is widely divided into regional, Tribal which also cut across religious phase.  The film production industry of Nigeria has its dominant language as English though we have Yoruba Movies with Yoruba Language, Hausa movie with Hausa language etc.

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In recent times, there have been much collaboration between the Nollywood industry and the Hollywood industry where actors and actresses of the duo acts together.

Please don’t get it twisted, we are not writing on 10 most handsome nigerian actors, even though you will find most of the persons making the list are also among those regarded as the most handsome nollywood actors in Nigeria. And hence,we can see someone like Nonso who is in both list as one of the Richest Actor in Nigeria and also in the list of most handsome richest Actors in Nigeria. Our Post on top 20 Ghananian Richest Musicians will Help you is also a reference point to this article.

Richest Actor in Nigeria in the List of Top 20 Richest Actors

Soon we will write on richest actress in nigeria 2020 because of a lot of our readers who are asking us to write on top 10 richest actress in nigeria 2019. But have you read our post on Top richest Musicians in Nigeria? This post will help you to know those among the list of Musicians who have made financial fortunes in life.

Also in this list, you will also see those who happen to be highest paid nigerian actors also. A lot of actors who have made this list combine as both actors, producers and writers and adding their earnings together, they rank above those who are just actors in the Nollywood.

This post is not on richest yoruba actor in nigeria 2020, and if you really want to know the richest yoruba actor in Nigeria 2020, we will write on top 20 richest Yoruba actors in Nigeria, so visit this site daily to get info on that.

1. Richard Mofe Damijo Net Worth

Richard has been a veteran actor that has been in the film making industry for decades and has acted many interesting movies. He also doubles as a voice broadcaster who has voiced for many radios and T.V doing advertisement,. The veteran actor, over the years has signed numerous contracts with companies to serve as their brand ambassador and it is also worthy to note that Richard as also serve as a former commissioner for culture and Tourism, Delta State.

Richest Actor in Nigeria


Net worth – $15 Million

2. Desmond Elliot

Desmond also doubles as a politician who has grown and makes fortunes from both political phase and the Nollywood industry. He is an actor who turn a film directed and has featured in numerous movies. He has directed movies with excellent description. As a politician, Desmond is an House member representing Surulere Constituency. Hew Join Politics in 2014 and withing one year (April 11, 2015) he won an election.

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Desmond Elliot

Net worth- $10 Million

3. Jim Iyke Net Worth

Another person making the list of Richest Actor in Nigeria is James Ikechukwu Esogmuga Popularly known as Jim Iye.  He was rumored to have a mental problem in 2017. Aside from acting, this man has many lines of business which include; a water company, Clothing industry and he also runs a foundation which carter for children with disabilities. Jim Iyke Stated acting in 2001 and he rose to become one of the most sought after actors in the Nollywood industry.

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke has a net worth of  $8.0 Million

4. Chidi Mokeme Net Worth – $7.0 mIllion.

Chidi Mokeme is a Nollywood actor who has been acting since 1995 and is so successful as a actor. He is also a T.V host and an on air personality who has featured in many numerous programmes. His popularity grew to the peak when he presented the popular Gulder Ultimate (GUS) Search for two editions.

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Chidi is one of the Richest Actor in Nigeria with a net worth of $7.0 mIllion


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5. Segun Arinze Net Worth – $5.1 Million.

Segun Arinze is a popular actor who is also known for his big eye balls. He is not only acting, but he is also a singer, a producer, a director, Script writer and he also do voice advertisement for T.V and radio Jingles for commercials. Sedgun was popular in 90s and 2000s and was really known for the Soap Opera Ripples. Since 90s he has been one of the  top Richest actor in Nigeria and as still maintain that stand.

Segun Arize

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Segun Arinze has a network of $5.1 Million.

6. Mike Ezurounye

This is another “fine boy” in the Movie industry he is a banker who resigned to be an actor and went into the limelight when he was first featured in a movie called “Broken Marriage” He has been on contract with two great telecommunication brand in Nigeria;  Airtel and Globacom.

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Mike has a net worth of $4.7 Million

7. Ramsey Noah

Ramsey Noah romantic acting skills in movies has endeared him to be caste by movie producers and loved by many movie watchers in Nigeria. The handsome actor is regarded as “Nollywood Lover Boy”. Ramsey Noah starting acting since 1993 and has make money and fame for himself over the years.

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Ramsey Noah is also known as lover boy and he is one of those who are among the list of most handsome Actors. His romantic ability and skills in movies have fetched him several roles and has become the desire of directors and producers of Love and Romantic Movies.  Since he started acting in 1993, Noah has garner a lot of money and fame for himself.

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Ramsey Noah

He has a net worth of $4.5 Million

8.John Okafor (Mr. Ibu)

John Okafor popularly Known as Mr. Ibu is a comic actor who has featured in many comic movies and a Movie titled Mr. Ibu which was a movies that brought him to limelight and from there he earn the name Mr. Ibu. John is well known for showcasing roles as a clown in movies which has made him to stand out among other actors. His comic attributes and roles has made him stand out as one of the Richest Actor in Nigeria.


Mr. Ibu has a netwoth of – $4.2 Million.


9. Nkem Owoh (Ukwa Achnaka)

Nkem Owoh is also another comic actor who started acting as early as 90s and eighties he featured in a some popular movies in 80s like Things fall apart. Ukwa was popular and he rose to limelight when he was the lead actor in the movie Titled Ukwa his popularity grew  2000s when he acted movies such as A fool at 40, Ghana Must Go, spanner, Osuofia in london, Mr. Trouble etc.

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Net Worth – $3.9 Million.

10. Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie is a veteran Actor who featured first in a “Movie things fall apart” as a major character. He is a former broadcaster in the eastern Nigeria who has worked in the eastern broadcasting corporation before venturing into acting.  He is one man who is popularly called God Father and has earn prestigious awards in the Nollywood industry. After he left the broadcasting to become an actor, he has since then become successful in the movie industry.

Hope you have been informed on Top 20 Richest Actors in Nigeria 2020. This post was written after a series of long while research on the richest Actors in Nigerian Hollywood industry. You can also read our post on richest players in Nigeria

Do you want to link up with any Richest Actor in Nigeria , Kindly drop your comment below at the comment box below.



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