Poly Ibadan School Fees 2018/2019 | and Poly Ibadan DPP School Fees

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Every day, a lot of persons are inquisitive to know poly ibadan school fees 2018/2019 and that is why we thought it wise and we saw the need for you to have an accurate knowledge of the polytechnic Ibadan and we have not only written to show you the accepted Polytechnic Ibadan tuition fees, but school fees too for new/returning students.

Poly Ibadan School Fees

Poly Ibadan School Fees

All fee payments should be made at the poly ibadan school fees payment portal and other website which is not the payment portal should be used when it comes to processing the poly ibadan school fees 2018/2019

In their official portal poly ibadan dpp school fees 2018/2019 school fees can also be paid through this medium and all those who have not paid their Poly Ibadan School fees 2018/2019 should endeavor to pay with the approved and known portal for the federal polytechnic Ibadan. There are numerous school fees schedule that we have written on a series such as Futa school fees schedule. 

It should be noted that poly ibadan hostel fee is different from the actual school and eve the poly ibadan part time school fees is different from the main school fees schedule obtained at Poly Ibadan. There is a pressing need to inform all readers including the new and returning students of poly Ibadan that the school fees schedule has been released by the school management.

That is why a need to asked questions such as; how much is poly ibadan hnd school fees 2018/2019 and have answers to them. This one question is often asked by a lot of students especially the new students applying for the institution.

The list below contains the official poly Ibadan school fees for all students which goes a long way to provide solutions to those who have the problem of the current poly ibadan school fees 2018 19. Now to answer the questions, we need to really know the actual price for poly Ibadan school fees and this will bring the question

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How Much is Ibadan Poly School Fees 2018/2019

In attempts to answer this question, we will examine the various poly ibadan dpp school fees 2018/2019 which is currently on ground as compare to the one people pay previously. This we will do so that you will have a full price of the school fees obtained by the school.

Please the poly ibadan school fees portal will not answer the question on the price for the polyibadan dpp school fees, but one way to answer the questions of knowing how much is ibadan city polytechnic school fees is for you to check this post below showing the current school fees schedule for poly Ibadan.

Like we said earlier, that the official poly ibadan dpp student portal for the payment of poly ibadan dpp school fees and other fees schedule is www.polyibadan all payments should be made at the portal and avoid making your payment to people to avoid being fraud. There are persons posing as admission agents and school fees agents which they are scammers, please report any suspected person to the school managements.

According to the ibadan polytechnic latest news it was rumored that the school fees schedule for the school was reduced by 30 percent, but from recent findings, we realized that the information was just false and it was released to tarnish the image of the school and to misinformed the general public about Poly Ibadan School fees.

For new students, please note that Ibadan poly acceptance fee 2017/2018 is not calculated into the tuition fees. A lot of persons mistake the acceptance fee to be the actual school fees, however, the acceptance fee is different from the school fees of the school fees and the duo should be paid separately.

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It is also worthy to note that the dpp poly ibadan course form will only be accessed after the school fees payments has been made and that poly ibadan dpp 2018/2019 school fees can oly be made through the portal. Ibadan Poly is one of the best polytechnic according to NUC

Poly Ibadan DPP school Fees

Also this post contains all poly Ibadan DPP school fees too. The dpp school fees should be paid by students of the DPP programs and it should also be paid at the portal. Below is a detail list in a tabular form which shows the approved DPP school fees for Poly Ibadan.


S/N Details First Semester Second Semester
1 ND 1 41,800 28,000
2 ND 2 37,300 25,200
3 HND 1 47,500 38,100
4 HND 2    



The ibadan poly hostel fees can be paid either through bank payments or through online. But it is preferable to make the payments through online means.

The post below is written to give you poly ibadan school fees details for new and returning students for both HND and ND programmes. New students are to make the Ibadan poly acceptance fee before even proceeding to pay the school fees.

Poly Ibadan School Fees | Part Time Students

It is not only regular students school fees for ND1 and ND2 but also the knowledge of part time school fees is relevant to this post on school fees schedule. Like the Laspotech School fees which we included the Part time school fees, we will also give the part time school fees below.

Part Time School Fee –

  Details First Semester Second Semester
  ND 1 49,700 33,500
  ND 2 38,200 27,000
  ND 3 26,500 19,300
  HND1 26,500 44,700
  HND 2    
  HND 3 30,500  
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Poly Ibadan School Fees ND and HND (Indigene and Non Indegene)

To answer the question on how much is poly ibadan hnd school fees 2018 2019 we have written a table which contains the approved school fees schedule by Poly Ibadan which much ado below is the current ND and HND school fees.


Details                                                                      Amount in Naira

S/N Details 1st Semester Second Semester
  ND 1 28,200 19,000
  ND 2 24,300 16,500
  HND 1 32,000 21,500
  HND 2 28,200 19,100


Non – Indigene

  Details 1st Semester 2nd Second Semester
  ND 1 31,200 21,000
  ND 2 27,300 18,500
  HND (Non Indigene)    
  HND 1 35,000 23,500
  HND 2 31,200 21,100

Other Fees Schedule

S/N  Details Amount in Naira
  Medical and oath fee 4,500
  health ins  and internet access 3,700




This is ibadan poly school fees 2018/2019 and the details above contains all school fees schedule for both HND, ND and as well as DPP school fees. If you are a new students, please pay your acceptance fees first before proceeding to make the payments for Ibadan poly school fees.

Do you have any question or contribution on ibadan poly school fees 2018/2019 please do well to drop it at the comment box below and we will respond accordingly to your questions at the comment box.

Please this post will help you to manage your savings very well and you can let other people know especially those who are still waiting for admission to study in Ibadan Poly.



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  1. Ajala o says:

    Pls which time is d payment for DPP stop

  2. Folakemi says:

    Pls how much is the dpp Form,i choose Ibadan poly as my 3rd choice and I had 181 in my jamb ,I want to study Slt, please am I good to go with the dpp form.

  3. Olayiwola kazeem ope says:

    How much is dpp for poly Ibadan form and I don’t choose poly Ibadan in my jamb can I buy the form

  4. Aminat says:

    Please is d form out
    How much is it
    Is it true it for only part time student
    I mean d DPP form
    I scored 194 nd I want to study mass communication

  5. Bolanle says:

    Pls ibadan poly is my second choice i had 168 in jamb and i did not do their post utme and i want to study agric tech can i buy the dpp form and how is it.

  6. John Emmanuel says:

    Pls I scored 194 in jamb and I choose public admin as my course in poly… Any chance of getting admission?

  7. Damilola says:

    Please how much is the DPP form I want to study business administration and I score 167 and also when will the DPP form close

  8. taiwo says:

    please is the form still available,how much and how can I get it.

  9. Taiwao says:

    Please is the form still available,how much is it and how can I get it..

  10. Taiwo says:

    Please is the form still available,how much is it and how can I get it..

  11. Taiwo says:

    I think they are not using jamb for the dpp right now or what of the person didn’t sit for the jamb exam.

  12. ndaveson says:

    pls can I use DPP degree and for university jamb direct entry.

  13. horlah says:

    Pls wen I tried to check my portal whether I’ve been giving admission it’s telling me to pay for correction fee, am I to pay it

  14. Haleemah says:

    Pls I had 195 In jamb and I choose Ibadan polytechnic as my second choice, is there any chance of getting admission

  15. moriam says:

    Pls how can I check my portal whether I’ve been given admission

  16. femi Akintola says:

    pls i have already filled and submit the form but how do i know if i have being given admission

  17. Wummi says:

    Pls is the DPP form still out?? And secondly I didn’t choose poly Ibadan in my jamb pls can I obtain Full time form?? Thanks…. I got 191 in jamb

  18. System says:

    The same issue happen to me..I tried to check my portal but I was ask to pay for correction fees and when I try to do so in poly there and don’t have any solution I have to go for DPP form

  19. Okiki says:

    Pls have obtain poly ibadan DPP form and no admission yet pls do when is Exactly did the admission will be out

  20. mayowa says:

    I want to obtain dpp form because I wasn’t given an admission I scored 182 in jamb also changed my institution as poly ibadan 1st and 2nd choice … should I obtain it!

  21. Jogunola sukurat says:

    please when is the dpp form will close,and when is the school will release admission list for ND

  22. anuoluwapo says:

    i score 163 in jamb and i choose poly ibadan as my frist choice nd i want to study slt am i good to go

  23. akorede waris says:

    when they will start be giving DPP students admission now

  24. Folakemi says:

    Please, I don’t understand what am seeing on my dashboard, pay a correction fee of 1500 is written there, though I obtain data full time form before but I was not given admission and I proceed to obtain the dpp form,
    Is that the reason why or what
    Am still seeing full time there instead of seeing dpp now
    Please explain what is going on for me

  25. Abimbola oyindamola says:

    When will they release second batch for DPp

  26. Abimbola oyindamola says:

    Plz re they sending text message coz mi I dnt dz

  27. Adeola says:

    Hi,i need an urgent reply please. Is the dpp form still on for sale please???

  28. Adegboye Temitayo says:

    please when is deadline to school fees

  29. Adegboye Temitayo says:

    1st semester 41,800 and 2nd semester 28,000 is this real amount we are going to pay sir

  30. Salaudeen Abdquadri Ayomikun says:

    Pls how much is hostel fee

  31. Abigail says:

    Please is this the real amount

  32. Fola says:

    Pls what’s the meaning of this, saw it while I was trying to check my school fees
    “Error 10 Contact CIDM BND10T 2018/2019 1 IBA 2017 FAR”

  33. tolulope says:

    plz I scr 178 in jamb I want to study mass com

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