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The NEXIT portal is open by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development. This allows those who benefited from both Npower batch A and B to access the Central Bank of Nigeria empowerment.

Npower Exit Portal Login 2020
Npower Exit Portal Login 2020

This is the recognized portal that can enable Npower beneficiaries to apply for the central bank of Nigeria Empowerment.

We will show you through this post on how to Login to the Npower website for all exiting npower beneficiaries who are precisely on the Batch A and Batch B set.

It has been a concern that people cannot login into the website, where they can register for the Npower nexit programme and hence we have this post that covers major information on how to login to the exit portal.

Npower EXIT Portal for Beneficiaries 2016 and 2017.

 The Nexit portal is basically for beneficiaries of the 2017 and 2016 Npower batch who falls on the Batch A and Batch B and this is part of the Npower Permanecy promised by the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We bring the right login portal information that will help you to access all your account and you can also update your information to receive the 15Million naira loan as Npower permanency.

By searching on the right Npower Exit Portal Login on google, you will log in and verify your information.

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Before you login to an account of the Nexit portal, it, therefore, means that you have an account already  via the nexit portal and if you have done such, please follow the instruction below instruction to create an account

 How to Apply For Npower Nexit CBN Empowerment 

  1. To login to the Npower portal, tap the website or you can even copy it to your search engine
  2. For those who will like to sign up for the first time, tap “sign up here”
  3. Input your email, password, names and BVN and then tap on submit
  4. Access email, go to your mails to get a link in order to process the confirmation of your email.
  5. Fill other necessary information.
  6. But those who have already registered should only put their email and the password and then login.

How to Login NEXIT Portal?

When the FMHADM launches the Npower Exit Portal Login one should easily be able to open it.

The processes required for logging into the NEXIT Application Registration Portal is simple and precise. Go to the website and select login to login.

The major problem for the Nexit portal is the problem of verification and it takes days for most beneficiaries to verify their mail especially those that are using Gmail.

N-power EXIT Portal Link for CBN Empowerment 2020

 The website that will enable the easy logging into the NEXIT portal is   It is important to note that this portal has been made easy to Login using the given link.

With the right Exit link, your login will be successful and you will update your data and register for the Npower exit plan of the federal ministry of Humanitarian affairs.

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Please note that this plan is in collaboration with  CBN and not like the normal npower registration. Please use only mail that is in the login portal.

How to Register on Npower Exit Portal Login 2020 –

In the meantime, all Npower batch A and B can easily login to the NEXIT portal using the website.

To sign up just visit the NEXIT portal and fill the signup form and it is done but the same email that was used for the Npower registration should also be used.

By visiting Nexit registration portal successful and you will see your name in the Npower shortlist when the list is out.

The steps will help you to know how to register for an account through the portal.

Npower Nexit Portal
Npower Nexit Portal

Important Notice on the Npower NEXIT Portal

  1. Only those who have completed their Npower program can register in the NEXIT portal
  2. This program is launch by both the CBN and Npower scheme
  3. Those who benefited from the Npower can happily register for the CBN empowerment scheme using this portal
  4. All those who benefited from the Npower should just login to the portal and register.
  5. Those who are applying should endeavour to fill in their necessary information to enable their adequate placements into one of the many CBN empowerment programs
  6. The purpose of this portal is mainly to access those who are registering to know if they are qualified for the various CBN empowerment programs.
  7. The portal for the NEXIT CBN empowerment is now open to all.

Nexit Registration Steps and Guide 

Applicants will get direction on what to do after receiving a mail will that will enable them to verify their registration but for now, the site is experiencing some problems that will soon be verified.

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Beneficiaries of the Npower should endeavour to use the exact email which they used for the Npower registration to register into the NEXIT portal. The NPVN password is not compulsory but the NPVN email is compulsory for the NEXIT registration.

If you cannot gain access into that particular email for reasons of it being blocked or suspended then you are free to send your problem to the email of the support team at;

Those who have problems in accessing their Npower email or encountered a problem while trying to apply in the Npower Exit Portal Login can simply send their request to the defunct mail at

You should follow the steps above which you will guide you to successful login to your portal and update your dashboard on the Npower nexit 2020 portal.

For questions or contributions on this post, please do well to drop it through the email address. If you are having any Npower exit portal login issues, our Support team will help you sort it.

Let’s know through the comment box.



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