Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria – New Nigerian Navy Salary Structure in Nigeria

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It is now time to let you know about the Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria Naira as most people have make inquiries to know the exact amount which Nigerian Naval Officers earn in a months.

Just like we gave the Nigerian Airforce salary Structure 2020 We therefore have considered it very important to write and let you know the full salary scheme of Nigerian Navy.

In a bid of this one of the goals which we will achieve is to create a difference between army salary structure and the Nigerian Navy Ranks for 2020.

There is absolutely new salary scheme for the Nigerian Navy ranks and the new salary too was updated to favour especially newly recruit who have just joined the Nigerian Navy.

One question which will be answered through this post is whether the new minimum wage implementation has affected the department of Nigerian Navy.

Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria

Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria

This salary structure is arrange according to the ranks obtained for different positions and thus we have this post available to let you know and get you informed about the 2020 Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria.

Nigerian Navy Authority and 20200 Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria

Nigerian Navy is a department of the Nigerian Armed forces and have recorded numerous defeats and success as the combat different Naval forces in the Country.

Nigerian Navy was long established before 1900 which existed in both the North and the Southern Protectorate, but the well-known establishment was in 1914 after the amalgamation of the Northern and southern protectorate where both the Northern and the southern marine organization came together.

Merging these two marines military in 1914 brought about the establishment of Nigerian Navy which operated beyond the military based and operated in sea shores and controlled the operation of the port.

On the establishment the Nigerian Naval Force was saddle with new responsibilities like running the port and bringing about a good port navigation until the establishment of the Nigerian Port Authority.

The Name of Nigerian Navy was change to Royal Nigerian Navy in 1959 following the permission of Queen Elisabeth ii and which was later change to Nigerian Navy in 1963.

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Nigerian Navy is apparently the largest Navy Forces in Africa with lots of officers even on the coast and it has the Chief of Naval Staff as its head.

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The 1999 reform and constitution amendment reformed and expanded the duties and roles of the Nigerian Navy and this constitutional reform gave NN the auto power to also oversee the Marine Economy including the Oil and gas sector and this also brought about a new Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary.

Nigerian Navy DSSC Salary – Direct Short Service Commission

The Nigerian Navy DSSC and the Nigerian Navy is of the same department, but there are different functions for each of that department and that’s why we have given you this guide to let you know about the Nigerian Navy DSSC.

Ranks and Salary for the Nigerian Navy Department of special course and other departments is not the same.  The Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary will focus on Nigerian Navy but not the Navy DSSC.

We can categorically tell you that the Direct Short service salary and the salary for the Nigerian Navy Regular recruitment is not the same and thus we will give you a full salary structure for Nigerian Navy DSSC and this two different salary structure constitute the Nigerian Navy salary structure for 2020.

With regards, we have thought that by giving you the necessary guidelines on how to check the actual salary for Nigerian Navy is important and just with the knowledge of the right salary, you will make a decision whether to apply for the Nigerian Navy recruitment or not.

The Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria is just the same as but there are different ranks for Nigerian Navy just like it varies in the actual and the main salary structure for the main recruitment exercise.

Nigerian Navy DSSC though is still part of the Nigerian Navy has a more professional salary scheme compare to the Nigerian Navy salary for 2020.

Nigerian Navy Ranks and Insignia

Here we will focus and updated you on the salary structure for Naval officers with their relevant positions which are called ranks.

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This Nigerian Navy ranks are juts based on popular opinion, but we have gone to the main onion to research and let you know how to check for the Nigerian Navy salary structure following this post.

The main information here has a full salary scheme starting from the least officer’s positions to the highest positions in the Nigerians Navy.

Here are the various Nigerian Navy Ranks From the least to highest

  1. Mid Ship man
  2. Sub Lieutenant
  3. Lieutenant
  4. Commander
  5. Captain
  6. Rear Admiral
  7. Vice Admiral
  8. Admiral
  9. Admiral of Fleet
  10. Chief of Naval Staff

The Nigerian Chief of Naval Staff

This is apparently the highest rank in the Nigerian Navy and it will take a rigorous process and training to reach this height of the career.

Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria

Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria

The Chief of Naval staff is subject to the Minister of Defence Force who is appointed by the commander in Chief of the armed forces.

In this as the highest attainment in the Nigerian Navy rank, the major function here is for him to advice Defence Minister based on the current Country’s situation.

The current Chief of Naval Staff in Nigeria is Ibok Ekwe Ibas who was appointed in 2015 by the President Muhammadu Buhari who came up before Usman Oyibe Jibrin.

For the Chief of Naval Staff Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria for this position is not made public, but we can suspect that the Nigerian Chief of Naval Staff earns upto 25 Million monthly and over 1 Billion naira monthly.

Other positions below earns below 10 Million on Monthly basis according to the salary scheme below in this post.

All other positions are subjected to the chief of naval staff who takes the lead in the Nigerian Navy.

New Nigerian Navy Salary Structure 2020

In summary here is the approved and Updated Nigerian Navy Ranks  and Salary 2020 Nigeria which are categories in the following category like   Commissioned and Non Commissioned Officers

  • Mid Ship man –—–
  • Sub Lieutenant —– Between ₦2,380,086 to ₦3,380,086
  • Lieutenant   ———– ₦2,380,086
  • Commander ———- ₦3,380,086
  • Captain ————- ₦7,385,856
  • Rear Admiral ——— ₦12,038,945
  • Vice Admiral ——- ₦13,363,229
  • Admiral —– N16,303,140
  • Admiral of Fleet —– ₦18,205,330
  • Chief of Naval Staff ——— Between 25 to 30 Million Naira Monthly
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Nigerian Navy New Recruit Salary  on Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary in Nigeria

For new recruit, there is no need to be worried about the Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary as newly recruit are still entitle to a good salary structure and though this are still under training but newly recruit are also given a right amount as their salary structure.

Just like the Nigerian Army Salary Structure  We are not certain of the current amount of money which newly recruit earns but the approved salary scheme does not include newly recruit who may just be recently employed to work with the Nigerian Navy.

On this please also take note that one on trainee has the opportunity to still earn as such candidates is being trained for a higher position and higher calling.

New recruit should not expect much as there especially Non-commissioned officers but as they grow in rank, there will earn more

We can’t really state how much a newly recruit earns, but according a source newly recruits earns up to N80,000 as their monthly salary.

As a newly recruit of the Nigerian Navy, you are also entitle to certain allowances in your work.

Each rank on the Nigerian ranking scheme has an insignia which accorded to different ranks. Each of this ranks have its own salary for Nigerian Navy.

Let us know if you have any question or contribution to make on this post, please do well to drop it via the comment box below and please ensure that you have shared this post to all.

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