Nigerian Navy Examination Questions and Answers Available Online

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The Nigerian Navy Examination Questions has revealed online for those who applied desire to get this  questions online. The Navy Questions comprises of more than 100 questions which are drawn from all the sections. The questions carry all updated activities in Nigeria Navy and the Government as a whole.

For those who desire to see the exposed Nigerian Navy Examination Questions , we have in online which you can stujdy for free.

The Nigerian Navy Examination for August 12 2017 questions has been exposed and candidates writing this exams should grab this opportunity Now to study the exposed Nigerian Questions.

Nigerian Navy Examination Questions and Answers PDF

Presently, as we can see that the Nigerian Navy Past Questions Paper is a compilation of all relevant questions from previous and the ongoing Nigerian Navy Examination Questions used for selection of candidates who will be shortlisted after a recruitment process. As a matter of fact, it is known to be a useful tool that can help aptitude test candidates achieve their goal in the Nigerian Navy/Military system.

Nigerian Navy Examination Questions

Nigerian Navy Examination Questions

In the first place, it has been recorded that so many people are looking access to these question to enable them study, but to no avail. However, here is the good news: all the questions have finally been complied for study purpose only. Meanwhile, if you are looking for expo answer, then this website is not for you. Keep in mind that it is only for serious minded people who wants to prepare for the Nigerian Navy Aptitude Test.


However, this questions is not just a question, but it is complemented with it answers this regard, the NN question which has been is segmented into three sections  which include:


  1. Mathematics
  2. English Language
  3. General knowledge


 Below is Nigerian Navy Examination Questions .

  1. The first African country to introduce e-passport was

(a) South Africa

(b) Ghana

(c) Liberia

(d) Nigeria


  1. The first secretary General of common wealth was
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(a) George Washington

(b) Tulma Goldie

(c) Arnold smith

(d) Joseph Garba.


  1. The first world war was between

(a) 1911-1914

(b) 1914-1916

(c) 1916-1918

(d) 1914-1918.


  1. The NN was brought out of the Nigerian police force (NPF) in

(a) 1946

(b) 1956

(c) 1958

(d) 1964


  1. The first head of government of Nigeria was

(a) Yakubu Gowon

(b) Aguiyi Ironsi

(c) Tafawa Balewa

(d) Nnamdi Azikiwe


  1. The first military president of Nigeria was

(a) Sanni Abacha

(b) Ibrahim Babangida

(c) Aguiyi Ironsi

(d) Yakubu Gowon

Nigerian Navy Examination Questions

  1. The last colonial Governor General of Nigeria was

(a) Tulma Goldie

(b) James Robertson

(c) Huge Clifford

(d) Lord Lugard


  1. The NN was formally established by the act of parliament

(a) 1963

(b) 1957

(c) 1964

(d) finally – 1976

  1. What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm

A peace
B Terror
C. Agriculture
D. Strength

Answer: Strength

  1. Representative democracy is best characteristic by
    (A) free elections and proper registers of voters
    (B) a politically educated electorate
    (C) rule by the interest group
    (D) proper constituencies and a real choice of candidates

11.While political partial parties aim at forming a government pressure groups aim at
(A) causing social unrest (B) influencing governmental decisions
(C) controlling nation’s economy (D) getting workers to unite

  1. When the electorate vote for representatives who is turn vote on their behalf we say it is
    (A) an indirect election(B) an unfair election (C) a disputed election (D) a rigged electron
  2. An election which is conducted to fill a vacant seat in a legislature is called a
    (A) by election (B) general election (C) referendum (D) plebiscite
  3. Which of these countries does NOT operate a federal constitution
    (A)USA (B) Nigeria (C) Canada (D) France
  4. The major advantage of the secret ballot is that
    (A) it is faster than other systems
    (B) nobody can be prevented from voting
    (C) it ensures the anonymity of each voter
    (D) losers can ask for another secret voter
  5. In a one party state
    (A) there are no free citizens
    (B) the communist party is the only legal party
    (C) the ruling party is the only legal party
    (D) elections to be legislature are held at the party’s conferences
  6. A cabinet system of government is practiced in
    (A) Britain and Canada (B) the soviet union
    (C) all European Countries including Britain (D) the United State of America
    14. A proclamation by the head of state ending a session of parliament is called
    (A) a dissolution (B) an adjournment (C) a prorogation (D) a devolution
  7. The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria
    (A) promotes unity of diversity
    (B) allows for the dominance of the minority ethnic groups
    (C) concentrates governmental power at on one level of government
    (D) ensures the dominance of one political party.
    19. The transfer of authority to local government council is known as
    (A) delegation (B) fusion (C) fragmentation
    (D) devolution
  8. The principle of anonymity of civil servants means that they
    (A) are not the servant of a particular government(B) are trained for the duties they perform(C) are credited or
    for any thing they do (D) have a career
  9. The six registered political parties in Nigeria in 1982 were
    (A) UPN, NPN, PPA, PPP, NPP, and NAP
    (D) NPC, GNPP, PRP, UPN, NPP and PPA
  10. Which of the following is NOT a pressure group in Nigeria
    (A) farmers (B) the Nigerian union of teachers (NUT)(C) Nigeria medical associate (NMA) (D) academic staff union of university (ASUU)
  11. The N.C.N.C sent a delegation to London in 1947 to protest against the
    (A) burns constitution
    (B) Richards constitution
    (C) Littleton constitution
    (D) Macpherson constitution
  12. A popular principle of colonial administration in British west Africa was
    (A) association
    (B) indirect rule (C) paternalism (D) assimilation
  13. The first governor-general of colonial Nigeria was
    (A) sir, Hugh Clifford(B) sir James Robertson (C) lord Lugard(D) sir Ralph moore.
    23. The first military government in Nigeria was headed by
    (A) General Yakubu Gowon, (B) General Agunyi Ironsi
    (C) General M. Mohammed (D) General O. Obasanjo.
  14. The first general election in Nigeria was hold in
    (A) 1933 (B) 1952 (C) 1955 (D) 1959
  15. The supreme organ of the U.N O is the
    (A) general assembly (B) secretary general (C) world court (D) world bank
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Nigerian Navy Examination Questions

The coat of arm of Nigeria has a black shield with two white stripes that come together, like the letter ‘Y’.

This ‘Y’ SYMBOL represent the two main rivers flowing through Nigeria:
which are the two popular rivers known as:
River Niger and River Benue.

Get Nigerian Navy Examination Questions : Past Questions and answers Here

The black shield represent Nigeria’s good earth.
While the two horses on each sides of the coat of arm represent dignity.

The eagle represent Strenght, while the green and white bands on the top of the shied represent the rich Agricultural land of the country.

While the yellow flower at the base of the Coat of arm are Costus spectabilis, which is Nigeria’s national flower.

The flag of Nigeria was designed in 1959 and first officially hosted on 1st October 1960.(which is Nigeria National Independent Day)

The green bands represent the forests and abundant natural wealth of Nigeria while the White band stands for peace.
However, what you should know is that, the designer of the flag was a student from IBADAN, Micheal Taiwo Akinkunmi.

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We have updated you with the Ongoing . The questions are selected randomly and it is important that you follow all relevant links on this page to get the full copy of our new


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