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You will be introduced to another income stream which is Newspay Registration and in a bid to do this we will not only share how to register with, but we will also show you how to login successfully to portal.

Newspay Registration

Newspay Registration

Newspay is a daily income for Nigerians to take advantage of and get paid by just doing and taking simple steps.  

Like the Registration programe, newspayng arrived to solve most nnu challenges and to capitalized on the pitfalls of Those who registered for registration will also find comfortable and interesting.

In a bid to write a long review on newspay and to show you the better ways of earning, we will show you some simple steps to follow for a successful registration and answer your Frequently asked questions.

In one of our post on Business ideas and top ways to make money by working less, we recommended streams of income like this for one to make money. We will show you the right ways for which you can take advantage of this extra source or stream of income that can fetch you cool cash.

Important Notice/information for Newspay Registration

  • Like NNU, newspay is an online promotion platform where daily news and activities are being posted online for it’s registered participant to read it’s news.
  • You will also get paid for dropping useful comments on the post.
  • As a member of newspay, you will learn by reading interesting news while making money from it
  • After you have done the necessary Newspay Registration and reading of the news, you will need a minimum of two persons to start earning money.
  • This newsplatform works similar to nnu.g
  • You will only need to do the Newspay Registration with only N1600 and you will start earning automatically.

newspay income pays well an those who have experimented with Newspay Registration and Login Portal can easily register with and do the newspay income login.

We will attempts a review of review and you will learn more about the registration because lots of personal have looked for online streams of income like NNU.

With newspay review you will learn and get to know a lots about login and how the newspay income program works via our quick review.

We are attempting to show you how to do the newspay income registration as the registration exercise is very simple and straight forward as you can register without looking or requiring the help of a consultant.

With your phones, tablets and system you can be an active member of newspay and you can use your system for newspay registration.

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In this post too you will learn and know the various newspay earning bundle and the amount you will be earning after you have successfully completed your newspay register.

Lots of persons have asked for various ways for which they can join newspay and by following our laid out intructions, you will be able to know how how to earn on newspay and get paid.

All this post and write up is to show you ways to earn big on newspay by knowing how to earn on newspay ng.

One of the benefits of registering with our link is that we will show you the cheats and tricks on how proceed for Newspay registration and how to contact customerservice newspay ng directly via whatsapp.

One of the numerous questions those who have indicated interest to register for newspay have asked is;

is newspay legit?

From our review, this source of making extra income to your bank account is %100 legit and you can make good money from it. Newspay is a good business idea that can fetch you millions of naira

 How to Earn on newspayng

Earning on newpayng will be done automatically once your payment for activation has been confirmed.

You can start earning in one second once your account has been activated. The platform allows you to read news and get paid automatically as you are doing the necessary commenting, reading and sharing of sponsor post.

Newspay Account Login

Your registered email address and the username you used upon registration will permits you to have access and login your dashboard.

Newspay Registration and Login Portal is the same as there are no different registration sites or loggin sites.

After visiting the portal to go to newspay log in, check the top header side of the site and you will see my accout, click on it to login with your email address and your password.

Your email address and password will allow you to successfully do the  newspay login which will redirect you straight to your newspay account.

If you will that someone has tempered with your account, you can correct it easily by changing your password and generating a new password for account login.

Different Ways of Earning Newspay ng Income

  1. Newspay Activities earnings which involve reading news, commenting, and login in by doing all this activities you will love
  2. You can also earn upto N1,000 by Just telling someone to register on news pay.
  3. Newspay pays you also for making a post a reasonable post which can engage readers and you will also earn money by sharing sponsored post. Each sponsored post attract a pay of N100
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Earning Methods After News pay Registration

Newspay registration is not like the Youwin registration  and there are more than 10 ways of earning money from newspayng and we will show you how to earn from newspay and the amount of money you can earn via the different activities you will perform on the sites

We have summarized

  1. The Two naira Earnings (N2)

Newspay pays you (N2) two naira for making reasonable comment on a post. You also earn the same amout of money for replying Comments

You will also earn two naira by just reading a post on the platform whether it concerns you or not or whether you have interest in it or not

By just login in daily to your account you can also earn more than N2 for daily visit to Newspay home page

  1. The N50 and the N30 Earnings

You will earn upto N50 for Just login into your newspay account and this earning is automatic and starts running after the Newspay Registration.

You will also earn N30 for free this is just to reward you for just completing the newspay registration and this earnings can doubled.

You can also earn N50 by reselling newspayng coupon code and this coupon code helps applicants to register.

  1. The N100 Earnings

You can earn N100 on Newspay in two ways and we will show you how to earn this money. One of the ways of earning N100 is to share sponsored post to your social media handle. Every member is assigned a sponsored post and to access it, you will have to login your account.

You can also earn N100 when you submit a well-meaning and written post of any length

  1. The N1000 earning

You can also earn upto N1000 for just referring persons to join this platform and start making money. If you tell someone about Newspay Registration, you stand a chance of earning 1k instantly to your account.


You can earn upto 1 million naira to your Account with registration. Lots of person have made more than 6 figures with by just following the simple steps for the Newspay Registration.

Unlike NNU, newspay pays weekly and not monthly unlike most programmes which works like newspay. You can smile home every day from the bank for Just registering with Newspay ng.

Newspay Starts paying you once you have completed the registration and most platforms does not do this.

With news pay, the registration process is easy and straight forward and you will not have to face some challenges registering as the Newspay Registration and Login portsl is very simple.

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Newspay Registration is done online and we will show you how to register for and start earning money. The official site to start earning money from newspay is and by registering you will be asked to make a payments of N1600 only.

Newspay Registration

Newspay Registration

Unless  the payments is made, your account won’t be activated and you will not start earning money from the sites.

This is how to register for newspay

  • Visit the newspay Registration Site at newspayng .com
  • Fill in your details and confirm that all your details are correct for the Newspay Registration
  • Click on submit and you will be redirected to another page
  • Choose your payments option and proceed to make your payments for either through bank or through coupon codes

We recommend that before you register for you should click here To join our whatsapp group and chat with the admin who is directly in charge. is real and this is not like an empowerment programme like N power registration

We have done this to render effective services to all our readers who want to join this online stream of income. By indicating your interest to join newspayng, you will be given the link for which you can register for newspayng.

Simple visit this link to chat with our admins for newspay

The views expressed here and just our own take on we are not trying to cajole you to registering for newspay ng, but giving you a little review on how to register for newspay.

Do you have any question or contributions on Newspay Registration and Login Portal, please drop it at the comment box below.

You may be having issues with the newspayng site and for you to have your isnnsues resolve, you can chat with our admin by dropping a comment with your problem and we will have them resolve.

Please share this post by clicking on the social media handle bottoms below.



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