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In a situation where you want to transfer data to someone, you will need the MTN data transfer code. We will not only let you know the code for the transfer, but we will also guide you through on how to transfer data on mtn 2019.

MTN Data Transfer Code

MTN Data Transfer Code

This post will mainly give you vital details on the MTN transfer data and we will show you the right code for which you can use to ensure that you have successfully transfer data from one MTN sim to another.

Whether you want to know how to transfer data from mtn to mtn 2019 or you want updated information on how to transfer data from MTN to another network, you will need to know the step and guide for a successful data transfer.

Did you know?

That there are various codes for which you can transfer data on your device whether you are using an MTN line or you are using another line, you can transfer data using some simple codes.

With this post on MTN data transfer code you will know the exact data transfer code for you to transfer data form one device to another.

For you to know how to transfer data from mtn to airtel you will need to know the code which you can use to make this possible.

A lot of persons don’t actually belief that it is possible to transfer data easily on your device from MTN to airtel.

After a long review, we have seen the need to make sure that you know how the data transfer can be done and not just providing you with the MTN data transfer code, we ensure that you know how to transfer data on mtn 2019.

How to Share Data on MTN 2019

The step by which data can be shared on Mtn is popularly known as data Gifting and it is very important to know how you can do mtn data gifting.

Data gifting means sharing of this data to another sim entirely or sharing of this data from MTN to MTN it is an important thing to know you can share your data and from them, you will get to know how data can be shared.

In this post, you will get to know how to share data from mtn to mtn with the right MTN data transfer code only.You cannot use another code to transfer or share data if it is not the MTN transfer code.

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One important thing to note is that there are various steps to follow while you are sharig this is exactly what we want to inform you on the data sharing and transfer steps.

We wants all our readers to know how to transfer data on mtn to mtn on the mtn data gifting 2019 plan and that is how you can do MTN data gifting.

The following steps will help you to know how you can share and how you can transfer data via MTN data transfer code.

How to Gift Data on MTN 2019

When lot of MTN users hears of MTN data gifting, thought is that it is something else, but the MTN data gifting actually means how to share data to someone else either another MTN user through the MTN data transfer code.

The transfer of data from one MTN to another MTN line is what we will focus on in our post.

Whether you on a particular plan or you are on another plan, the data transfer code is very important for.

This mtn data gifting 2019 has helped MTN Users to help one another to share data and it saves the sress of one maybe using another person’s hotspot to connect and browse the internet.

All this information is regarding one major post and that is how to transfer 1gb data on airtel and on MTN using various MTN lines with the right MTN data transfer code.

How to Transfer Data from MTN to MTN

We want to let you know how you can transfer data from MTN to Mtn and through this our post, we will simply inform you on how the transfer works.

The data transfer guide and steps on our post will help you to know how to do Various MTN data transfer. This data tarnsfer works on any plan and if you are on MTN mPulse, you can transfer your pulse data to another MTN user

You can know how to transfer data on airtel 2019 and how to transfer data on MTN and we will get you posted on another post on how to do airtel data me2u which is the airtel transfer data.

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For this post, you will know the exact code that will help you to do both the mtn sme data share and the code data transfer

With the MTN data transfer code, you can have to transfer and share your data with love ones and other people who are having insufficient data.

Don’t mistake this post on the MTN Transfer data to MTN share and N sell. With share and sales, much emphasis is on credit, though the data transfer is still part of the MTN transfer.

Before now many readers did not know that data can be transfer from one user to another user and You can only do this with a particular code.

For the benefit of those who stumble on this post, probably because they wants to transfer Credit via the share and sell service, this post below will help you.

Whatever plans that you are using be it MTN or any other network, you will get to know how to transfer data on mtn beta talk or any other means of transferring data.

How to do MTN Share n sell

MTN Data Transfer Code 2019

MTN Data Transfer Code 2019

The share and sell services first include the credit services and we also have the data services. But predominantly, the share and sell services of Airtime are predominantly what constitute data transfer.

To transfer credit, follow the steps below

  • Send a text with “Transfer”, The Recipient’s Number, Amount and your Transfer Pin
  • Ensure that you space each item
  • Send the message to 777
  • Example to transfer N500 “Transfer 0814129174 500 2468”
  • Send Message to 777
  • Within some seconds you will be notified to confirm the transaction and you will reply with “YES” as an SMS to 777

The following method is the SMS method to share via the MTN Share and sell. There is other method to use for the MTN transfer of airtime.

You will have to send a code to the line with an # like dialing *600*08141291174*500*1234#

For 1234 being the transfer pin. You will get a notification on a successful transfer of airtime.

To have your transfer pin send an SMS with the default pin which is 0000 and new pin twice in this manner 0000 2468 2468  to 777 to Change your old pin, send Your old pin with a space, and your new pin twice example – 2468 1234 1234 to 777 .

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You will be notified on a successful change of pin

Note that this data transfer code works on all plan even the MTN pulse tariff plan and any other MTN tariff plan

MTN Data Transfer Code to Share Data and MTN Data Reset Code How to Register for Mtn Data Gifting

The steps below will help you on a successful data transfer with MTN data transfer code.

  1. You will have to register first and receive your Pin by first of all Dialing *131*2*1#, you can also do this by sending an SMS With “REG” to 131
  2. It is however compulsory to change the pin given to you by dialing *131*2*5# or sending a text with a message Change Old Pin and your new Pin twice to 131 example, change 1234 1234 to 131
  3. You can share MTN data by dialing the MTN data transfer code of *131*2*2# and you will be ask to add beneficiaries number you can transfer data to even up to 5 beneficiaries
  4. After the receivers number s have been added, you should be able to share data to your beneficiaries by dialing *131*2*3# or you send a message Share Your Transfer Pin PIN (Share 1234) to 131

You will receive a notification of a successful data transfer with MTN data transfer code after the transfer has been done.

We will love to know what difficulty you faced in carrying out the transfer and that is why we will love you to drop a comment at the comment box below on the topic.

Please use the comment box for questions or contributions as you ensure that you share this post to all social media Icons like Facebook, Instagram Etc.



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