All Mtn Data Plan 2020 For Daily, Night, Weekly, Monthly, Blackberry Subscription

People are looking for the Mtn Data Plan 2018 for browsing the internet and for social media surfing. The knowledge of mtn data plan 2018 is important for all users including iphones, Modem, Android blackeberry etc. This article covers all mtn data plan including new mtn data plan, mtn night data plan, mtn weekly data plan, and MTN monthly data Plans.

Mtn Data Plan 2017

This updates covers All Mtn Data Plan 2018 that is very essential essential for all Mtn Users. This data plans are credible and have been tested to work well in their devices.

MTN Data Plan 2018 – Here are all subscription codes for MTN Data Plans , MTN Blackberry Plan and MTN Android Data Plan for 2018. We wrote on Airtel data plans and people asked us to write also on MTN data plans and subscrition codes

MTN is one of the greatest Telecommunication Company in Nigeria with more than 40million dynamic users. They have the biggest subscribers data base and the amplest system scope in Nigeria. Today , I will inform you about the different mtn data plans and how users can subscribe to them.

Mtn Data Plans are internet bundles that gives subscribers web acess. As far as evaluation will reveal, etisalat data bundle plan is one of the least expensive in Nigeria , while MTN Data Plan is a standout among the most costly data bundles.

Data Plan Price Validity Code  
1GB + 500MB (*bonus data) Monthly Plan – #1,000 30 days Text 106 to 131
2.5GB + 1GB (*bonus data) Monthly Plan #2,000 30 days Text 110 to 131
5GB Monthly Plan #3,500 30days Text 107 to 131
10GB Monthly Plan #5,000 30 days Text 116 to 131
22GB Monthly Plan #10,000 30 days Text 117 to 131
50GB Bi-Monthly plan #20,000 60 days Text 118 to 131
85GB Quarterly Plan #50,000 90 days Text 133 to 131
500MB  + 250MB (*bonus data) Weekly Plan #500 7days Text 103 to 131
150MB Weekly Plan #300 7 days Text 102 to 131
50MB Daily Plan #100 24hours Text 104 to 131
150MB Daily Plan #200 24 hours Text 113 to 131

The following mtn data plan code, have been proven to work on all devices including Androd, tablets, iphones and Laptops.

If you have noticed that any of this data bundles is not working, please alert us so that we can kindly update this post for the advantage of others.

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Note: (*bonus data) will also be available for use from 1:00 am – 7.00 am.

MTN Data Plans for android

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  • 50MB  for #100 only : Get 50MB data for just #100 , valid for 24hours. Dial *104# or text 104 to 131


  • 150MB – #200 only :  Dial *113# or you can text 113 to 131. Valid for 24hours


  • 150MB  – #300 : Text 102 to 131. Valid for 7 days.
  • 500MB  + 250MB (*bonus data) for #500 : With as low as #500 naira , you can get 500MB worth of MTN Data Plan + 250MB bonus data. Dial *103# or text 103 to 131. Valid for 7 days.


  • 1GB + 500MB (*bonus data) for #1,000 : Dial *106# or text 106 to 131. Valid for 30 days


  • 2.5GB + 1GB (*bonus data) for #2,000 : Dial *110# or text 110 to 131. Valid for 30days


  • 5GB for #3,500 : Dial *107# or text 107 to 131. Valid for 30days


  • 10GB for #5,000. Dial *116# to subscribe. 30days validity


  • 22GB for #10,000. Dial *117# to subscribe. 30days validity


  • 50GB for #20,000 – Get 50GB mtn data plan for #20,000. Text “118” to 131. Valid for 60days


  • 85GB for #50,000 –  Text “133” to 131. Valid for 90 days.

MTN Social Media Plan and bundles

This data plan is a social media plan for those who wants to chat on facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, Eskimi, 2go, Badoo,  Instagram etc. The plan will enhance your internet social connectivity with your friends.

The social bundle include Facebook, Eskimi, Twitter, Badoo bundles with this Data bundles, you can make chat enjoyable with this social data bundle included in All Mtn Data Plan 2018

  • Facebook  Weekly For #25 : Text FBW to 131


  • Facebook Monthly For #60 : Text FBM to 131


  • Twitter Weekly For #25 : Text TWTW to 131


  • Twitter Monthly For #60 : Text TWTM to 131


  • Eskimi Weekly For #25 : Text ESKW to 131


  • Eskimi Monthly For #60 : Text ESKM to 131


  • 2GO Weekly For #25 : Text 2GOW to 131


This data plan is a social media plan for those who wants to chat on facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, Eskimi, 2go, Badoo,  Instagram etc. The plan will enhance your internet social connectivity with your friends.

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  • Facebook Weekly For #25 : Text FBW to 131


  • Facebook Monthly For #60 : Text FBM to 131


  • Twitter Weekly For #25 : Text TWTW to 131
  •  2GO Monthly For #60 : Text 2GOM to 131


  • Whatsapp Weekly Bundle For #25 : TEXT WAW TO 131


  • Whatsapp Monthly Bundle For #60 : TEXT WAM TO 131


  • WeChat Weekly Bundle : TEXT WCW TO 131


  • WeChat Monthly Bundle : TEXT WAM TO 131


Mtn Data Plan 2018 for Blackberry, BB Bundles (BBOS) (Normal Blackberry) for All Mtn Data Plan 2018 :

Like the airtel data plan codes, Black Berry Bundles can be used on blackberry phones and non blackberry phones. For those of your using blackberry phones, there are different Plans you can use on your phone to enjoy speedy internet browsing on your phone.

Mtn Data Plan 2018
Mtn Data Plan 2018

The Blackberry Plan included in All Mtn Data Plan 2018 has been updated and it include how to subscribe to different blackberry plans including the validity period for each of the data blackberry data bundle included in our All Mtn Data Plan 2018


  • #100 for 100MB data , valid for 24hours – Text BBCDAY to 21600


  • #500 for 500MB , valid for 1week. – Text BBCWEEK to 21600


  • #1,000 for 2GB data , Valid for 1month – Text BBCV to 21600


This Plan include :

  • #100 for 100MB – Valid for 24hours – Text BBDAY to 21600


  • #550 for 500MB – Valid for 1 week – Text BBWEEK to 21600


  • #1,500 for 2GB – Valid= for 30days – Text BIS to 21600

MTN BlackBerry 10 Data Plans for All Mtn Data Plan 2018

This plan include the following BB10 Maxi, BB10 MIDI, BB10 MINI


  • #3,000 for 1.5GB – Valid for 30days – Text BBMAXIM to 21600


  • #1,100 for 350MB – Valid for 7days – Text BBMAXIW to 21600


  • #200 for 50MB – Valid for 24 hours – Text BBMAXID to 21600


  • #1,500 for 500MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBMIDIM to 21600


  • #550 for 125MB – Valid for 7 days – Text BBMIDIW to 21600


  • #100 fo r15MB – Valid for 24hours – Text BBMIDID to 21600
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  • #1,000 for 260MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBLITEM to 21600
  • #350 for 70MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBLITEW to 21600
  • #70 for 10MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBLITED to 21600

The above post include carefully written article for mtn data plan 2018 for all devices including mtn data plan for iphone and any other product.

It is very easy to purchase mtn data plan 2018, and use without any form of challenges because MTN is the fastet network when it comes to browsing the internet. Most Mtn customers prefer to use mtn data plan code for 1000 naira which gives them 700 mb but those on Mtn pulse are usually eligible to of data plan on this bundle.

We have not only written on the data bundles, but mtn data plan and price and also the validity rate for each bundles. The mtn 1gb data plan, only last for 7 days that is to say that the data plans last for  1 week

The methods on how to buy mtn data are clearly seen on this post above and that is to say that we have given some subscription code on how to migrate to any Mtn data bundle of your choice.

Is there any mtn unlimited data plan?

For Mtn Data Plan 2018 and from our search, there is nothing like the Mtn unlimited data plans and that is to say that all the data plans available at MTN are limited and they all have validity rate and terms of usage. But did you know that MTN data can be transferred? Read Here to Know how to transfer data from MTN

This post was on MTN Data Plans and Bundles for android, Iphones, PC and blackberry phones. The article is a comprehensive article which informs you about all MTN bundles available for use on all devices.

Important: If you have noticed that any of the aforementioned data plans is not working properly or is no longer in used. Do well to alert us by using the comment box so that we can update this post.

We desire to serve you better!

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