Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are numerous secondary schools and most of them are of a relatively high price.

The rate at which schools are built in Nigeria is alarming as one can easily see a situation whereby there will be only one person in a school.

The school system is now one of the easiest businesses to begin as one can just start by renting a one-room to start the business.

The school is one business in which once you set it up in your locality most of the children living there will end up attending it.

This information will be dealing with the most expensive schools in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, we will also bring to light some detailed information about schools in Nigeria.

This post will give you certain information on some requirements you need to check in schools before sending your children into any school.

To gather the proposed information, read further and let this post guide your choice of school.

Most Expensive Secondary Schools In NIGERIA

There are numerous schools in Nigeria and the prices of these schools in Nigeria are so shocking.

When I saw their fees I kind of imagined who really was going to the different schools but I came to realize that actually, a good number of students across the country attend these schools.

We are going to take a look at the 5 schools with the highest fees.

Actually, these schools have really good facilities and good learning environments to enable children to get the best of education.

These schools are trying their best to level up to international standards of learning so as to enable Nigerians to stand out wherever they are.

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Below is the list of these schools and the amount of school fees they pay


Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria
Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria


The first among the Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria is the British International School.

The school’s location is at Landbridge Avenue, Oniru Private Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The establishment of the multi-national co-educational English medium school was in September in the year 2001 by British individuals.

This school is the most modern secondary school in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

It has amazing facilities that can aid in easy learning. The structure consists of a multi-purpose hall, music suites, theatre, computer suites, science suites, tutorial rooms, and many more.

The citadel is the most modern and most expensive secondary school in the country, Nigeria!

Payment of school fees is in dollars. This is one of the most exciting parts of this school.

When the money is being converted to naira, it sums up to about N4,480,000.00 per year.

The sight of this fee shocked me but it takes care of their feeding, textbooks, uniforms and other necessary requirements


Now to the second among the Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

Lekki British International School is the second most expensive school in Nigeria.

The location of the school is at Victoria Arobieke Street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

This school is the original British School in Nigeria. It is all boarding and was established in the year 2000.

The school gives each student their daily needs as far as their school fees have been paid.

The provision which they give to their students is that of international standard.

The school has also given its students a conducive environment for learning.

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Lekki British International School enables its students to get an encouraged and balanced pursuit of study and recreation.

The hostels are of excellent facilities. They are fully air-conditioned and well equipped.

The hostels also have a common room with cable television video and other recreational facilities to ease learning activities located in it.

Students pay as much as NGN4,000,300 per session and this includes all their basic requirements. Payment of the school fee is in dollars.

All rooms in the school are fully air-conditioned with a series of internet-connected Most expensive schools in Nigeria in 2021desktop computers, well equipped laboratories, theatre room and lots more.


Greensprings School is the third among the Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

The location of the school is at 32, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Anthony, Lagos and another campus is also available at Awoyaya, Lekki (Lagos).

The School which was established in January 1985, was a Montessori school.

Payment of school fees is annually and other basic needs of the students together with the PTA levy.

GreenSprings Boarding fees include a boarding deposit which is to replace any damage students causes. The money is refundable if the student wants to leave the school.

Students also have an imprest account created for them from the boarding fee.

The school fees for boarders is not less than N3,185,200.00 and N1,925,200 annually for day students paid annually.


Atlantic Hall has is the fourth among the Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

The location of the school is at Poka, Epe, Lagos and is a private co-educational secondary school.

The school is a full boarding secondary school and is classified among the first-class schools in Nigeria.

It comprises of a well-equipped medical centre, sporting facilities, laboratories, swimming pool, and other recreational facilities.

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Weekends in the school is always full of series of social activities among which are concerts, talent shows, film shows and lots more.

At  Atlantic Hall, the school fee is as much as N2,270,000 in a year.

Some basic charges like uniforms are not in the fees.

Adding up all amount paid in the school is up to 3million naira per year.


Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria
Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria

ChrisLand College is the fifth among the Most Expensive Secondary Schools in the country, Nigeria.

The location of the school is at Ladipo Oluwole Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Chrisland College is a unique modern school with standard facilities.

Some of these facilities include spacious fully air-conditioned classrooms, modern laboratories, music and drama studio, stocked library, wireless internet access and lots more.

Payment of school fees is yearly or per term, but it should be on or before the first day of school resumption.

The school fees include registration, tuition deposit, accommodation and feeding.

According to calculation, Student pay as high as N2,000,000.00 in a year.

This information has succeeded in bringing to your notice the 5 most expensive schools in the country and their fees

There is an adage that says if education is expensive, try ignorance

Despite the large school fees required from these schools, these schools have attained a great height of academic excellence both inside and outside Nigeria.

I hope you find this information useful and endeavour to share it with others.

To get more updates on current information, drop your comment in the comment box below.



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