Lucky Irabor Chief of Defence Staff in Nigeria Biography – Who is the Chief of Staff in Nigeria

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Lucky Irabor Chief of Defence Staff in Nigeria – Who is the Current Chief of Defence Staff in Nigeria

Following the resignation of the former service chiefs, the president of the federal republic of Nigeria (Mr.) Muhammadu Buhari appointed new service chiefs.

Among these service chiefs was Mr Lucky Irabor. He is now the current Chief of Defence Staff.

He was being appointed on Tuesday the 26th of January 2021.  It is well known that the position of the Chief of Defence is always occupied by a four-star chief. Mr Lucky Irabor who is one of the four-star chiefs has found his way to the position.

The president who was not ready to change the service chiefs he appointed in 2015 had to make the announcement.

There is no doubt that the announcement of Lucky Irabor Chief of Defence Staff in Nigeria shocked a lot of people but the deed had to be done.

To know more about the appointment of this service chief, read more. This post will also let you know what cause the appointment of this service chief.

The biography of Mr Lucky Irabor is also in this write-up. Don’t miss out on any detail of this post as all details found in this post are very important facts about him.

Lucky Irabor Chief of Defence Staff in Nigeria

Lucky Irabor Chief of Defence Staff in Nigeria

Reasons for the Appointment of New Service Chiefs

The service chiefs passed the retirement age kept for the public service commission. Since the president was not ready to change them, they took to resign by themselves.

The lapses that the Nigerian security has suffered in the hands of Boko Haram are being blamed on Buhari’s consistency of not changing the service chiefs and bringing in able hands.

The putting an end to the Boko Haram terrorists was promised by the retired Service chiefs. Unfortunately, they could not complete that line of action.

As at, 2017, Mr Lucky Irabor rose a campaign against insurgency as the Theatre Commander in the Military.

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This act of his made him distinguished as an officer with a high level of integrity. He went further to call a press conference where he owned up to the bombing error of an IDP camp in Rann Village of Kala Balge Local Government Area of Borno State.

He disclosed that the camp was mistaken for a terrorist’s camp. The bombing incident claimed the lives of many displaced persons.

This act of his made the incident to go viral even before the press could even carry it. This act made him be known as a truly honest man.

Many Nigerians applauded him for taking the blame for his troops and since then he has been highly respected in the country.

On the 27th of January, 2021, the president’s spokesperson signed the statement that showed the resignation of this service. This statement also saw Mr Irabor to the present position he is at.

Appointment of new service chiefs for the army, navy and airforce were also alongside his appointment.

About Mr Lucky Irabor chief of Defence staff in Nigeria

In 2017, Mr Lucky Irabor was appointed as the Commander of the Multinational Joint Task Force. This appointment was after his service as the Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole in Northeast Nigeria.

After serving at the MINJTF, he was appointed as the Chief of Training and Operations at the headquarters of the Defence military zone.

Mr Lucky Irabor met his deployment as Commander at Training and Doctrine (TRADOC) Minna. His predecessor former Chief of Defence Staff, Gabriel Olonisakin served there before his appointment as the Chief of Defence Staff.

Early Life

Mr Lucky Irabor hails from Delta state. He is a Regular course 34 officer who met his promotion as a major general back in 2014.

The Major General was born on the 5th of October, 1965. His background has a trace to Ika South of Delta State. As earlier stated, he is a Regular Course 34 officer who met his promotion as a major general in the year 2014.

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He took over from the erstwhile commander, Major General AA Tarfa as the immediate Chief of training and operations at the defence headquarters

He got the appointment as the new Chief of Defence Staff by the president himself on Tuesday the 26th of January 2021.  

The Major General is now the present Chief of Defence Staff, Training and Operations at the Defence Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. As his name implies, he is indeed a lucky man.


Major General Lucky Irabor is a graduate from the Ghana Arm Forces Staff College Ghana.

He also has a two Masters’ degrees from the National Defence College Bangladesh and Harvard Kennedy School of Government Executive Programme, USA.

The Major General is a graduate of engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University. He also oversees the armed forces of Nigeria under the direction of the Chief of Defence Staff as the CDTOPs.

The General also takes periodic reviews of a wide range of policies and activities concerning the training and all operations of the armed forces.

He is also the present Chairman of the AFN Committee on COVID 19 matters in addition to his many responsibilities.

This committee is set aside to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the armed forces in joint force with the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control rules.

The committee also supports the presidential Task Force on COVID 19. The team also helps in the deployment of Medical Personnel across the country.

That action also boosts the available manpower to help manage the coronavirus situation that is at hand.

General Lucky Irabor Chief of Defence Staff in Nigeria was the Theatre Commander of Operation LAFIYADOLE, North-East Nigeria. He also took up a position as a Force Commander Multinational Joint Task Force in Lake Chad region.

His agenda in these positions was on stopping terrorism and insurgency. He has many awards to his name of which some of them includes the ECOMOG and the United Nations Awards and Medals.

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Mr Lucky Irabor Chief of Defence Staff in Nigeria‘s View on Counter-Terrorism

During the Channels Television Breakfast Show, General Iyabor mentioned that he was aware that the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) move around with arms as local hunters without doing anything.

He also said that it is as if the CJTF is not part of the Nigerian Military. Their behaviour is not encouraging at all and they need improvement in their field.

Irabor made it clear that the CJTF is one department that will be of help to the military to help them win the battle against terrorism.

He included that the CJTF consists of hunters also as they have been serving in the LAFIYA DOLE for a long time even while he was there but with no improvement.

The General also commended the support the Borno State Government has been giving to the military. He also appreciated the CJTF who have been spreading security information.

The General who resumed office in November 2020 renewed his vow to fight against insurgency.

The commander has called for assistance from different African countries and they are set to launch a new attack strategy.

This information has brought to light hidden details about this Major General to light. To know more about this Major General read every information shown above.

Mr Lucky Irabor Chief of Defence Staff in Nigeria is all out to fight against insurgency and terrorism. To know more about this general’s effort in this fight drop a comment in the comment box below.

Also, endeavour to share this general’s achievements with others.



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