Lawrence Oyor Biography 2021- Birthday, Songs and Ministration

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Lawrence Oyor Biography: There are various Nigerian gospel musicians making a wave around the world. They have proven to the world that Nigeria is truly and indeed the giants of Africa.

Lawrence Oyor Biography

Lawrence Oyor Biography

The gospel minister we are dealing on is very common to all. He is also a pastor and some even call him an evangelist.

This minister is known for his inspiring music as they depict true worshipping of God.

here on Lawrence Oyor Biography 2021, he is known both in and outside of Nigeria has he has gathered much fame from around the world.

Through his songs, many have been blessed and many lives touched by the mighty hands of God.

The pastor, evangelist, gospel minister has been in the music business for quite sometimes now and has won the hearts of many with his unique and inspiring songs.

This post will help you to know more about this great minister whose music has affected lives in many positive ways.

He has shown everyone what it means to sing an inspiring gospel song filled with anointing and God’s power.

Just like Joshua Selman He has shown himself worthy of being placed among the greatest gospel artists of our time.

This pastor, evangelist, gospel minister is no other than Lawrence Oyor. With the help of this post, many hidden details you never knew about this great gospel minister will come into view.

Endeavour to read more so as to fill yourself with interesting facts about this pastor evangelist in the person of Lawrence Oyor.

Lawrence Oyor’s Biography

In this section of this post, we are going to see the background of this great pastor evangelist Lawrence Oyor.

Lawrence Oyor who has successfully gained the love of many Nigerians started somewhere. He had a family, background and life before venturing into the music business.

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This great anointed man of God has mysteriously used his music to captivate the life of many people both in and out of Nigeria.

He has gained himself a name not only as a gospel musician but a God sent one.

His songs are inspiring as they always come with the message which everyone wants to hear. This has made him favoured all around the globe.

Below is the life story of this great man of God;

Birth and Parentage:

On the 14th of May, the pastor evangelist was born into a pastoral family in Ibadan, Oyo State in Nigeria.

He is a twin of which they are the third children in a family of four. As earlier stated, both of his parents are pastors.

Due to this fact, his love for the things of God grew very fast as his parents were bent on training them in the way of the Lord.

Lawrence Oyor gave his life to Christ at an early age and thus began to seek the Lord to know His will for him.

His father in the person of Reverend Gomba Oyor is the senior pastor of “God Will Do It Ministries” in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Lawrence lived most of his life in Ibadan as he attained his education of both his primary, secondary and university education there.

He together with his twin brother got admission at the University of Ibadan in the year 2008 to study law. They both also graduated in 2013 being found outstanding both in education and in character.

Ministerial Life in Lawrence Oyor Biography 2021:

As earlier stated, Lawrence Oyor’s family background is a Christian one and not just any Christian one but a pastoral one at that.

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The pastor evangelist is popularly known for his spirit-filled chants all over the globe.

From Lawrence Oyor Biography, He has gone around the world to impact into the life of many. Universities from all over the country usually invite him for some of their programmes.

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His chants are sometimes known to be his message from God to the people he is ministering to.

Lawrence Oyor now owns his own ministry known as the Davidic Ministries. The ministry is a global movement which he together with his twin brother Godswill started.

The aim of the ministry is to raise up men and women who will be after God’s heart as David.

So far, the ministry has risen up many young men and women who can stand in the battlefield for the Lord’s sake.

The ministry is also meant to quicken the hearts of men to worship God in order for him to demonstrate his love and power to the inhabitants of the earth.

Lawrence Oyor Biography for 2021 also contains the track of

The ministry has its own Christian album titled “Sound of War” and it comprises of both many gospel songs and chants that are meant to bless human existence.

Lawrence Oyor’s Songs

Pastor evangelist Lawrence Oyor has many songs to his name but he is mostly known for his song “Bowl of Fire” which can be seen as his most popular song so far.

Below is the list of his songs;

  • Bowl of Fire
  • Burn The World
  • Prophetic Chant
  • Fall in love
  • Row your boat
  • I am hungry
  • Ah Ah Ah
  • Groaning
  • Glory and Power
  • I’m in love with Jesus
  • Eagles Flight
  • Another Measure
  • In love
  • Jesus my Lord
  • I Love you
  • Wine of Spirit
  • Dreaming with God
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Many are still looking up to the pastor evangelist to release more songs this 2021 in order to bless their lives.

Looking at the attitude of the pastor evangelist, many are convinced that he is going to make great impacts into many lives.

Personal Life:

The pastor evangelist has it stands is not yet married but hopes to marry soon.

He is presently living o his own while waiting for the Lord to bring His will for him.

Once the pastor is set to marry, we are going to give you updates concerning it.

This article has brought to light many detailed facts concerning the pastor evangelist which is not known to many.

The life of Lawrence Oyor right from his birth/parentage up until his ministerial life and even his marriage life has been fully detailed out in this post.

Lawrence Oyor who is a young pastor evangelist has already made a name both in and outside the country and as it stands has more to impact to the lives of many.

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I hope you find this information interesting and endeavour to share it with others.

To get updates about other recent happenings just drop a comment on the comment box below.



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