Latest Free Browsing Cheat 2020 on Mtn, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel January 2020

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Lots of persons wants to know the Latest Free browsing cheat 2020 to enable them browse for free with Mtn, airtel, glo 9mobile and other networks.

We had thought of separating this post to post latest mtn cheat 2020 for free browsing and do same for airtel , glo and 9mobile, but it will be of high advantage to make this post a all in one content converting for MTN, Airtel, glo and 9mobile.

Latest Free Browsing Cheat

Latest Free Browsing Cheat

It is very important that you know the mtn free browsing cheat codes3 with unlimited data downloads 2020 so that you can apply it to your daily browsing and you can enjoy browsing at the peak.

A lots of persons have looked for various mtn data cheat 2020 and if you among those looking for the Latest Free browsing cheat like the airtel free browsing cheat 2020, this post will help you to know every form of browsing cheat ranging from glo free browsing cheat 2020 to mtn free data 2020.

Every month different types of network company and browsing company have changed their plans and the mtn free browsing cheat December 2020 might not be the same mtn cheat July 2020 or mtn cheat for November.

In this post, you will get to learn the various latest Free browsing cheat ranging from the mtn free browsing cheat 2020 to airtel free browsing cheat and other browsing cheat that you can apply to browse for free.

How to Activate Latest free browsing cheat 2020

In this post you will learn about the mtn Cheat July to December 2020 which you can also use it in July 2020 and this cheat works like magic.

We have taken time to write and update you on the mtn free browsing 2020 and it is not just the mtn free call cheat 2020, you will also learn the code to use to activate the various mtn, airtel and glo cheat for which you can use to activate free browsing.

This post is very simple and by following it strictly, you will learn how to activate the mtn free data code or 9mobile Latest Free browsing cheat because it will you.

Buying data has often been a very difficult thing for lots of persons and thus the need to know how to activate and browse on the mtn free browsing code, airtel browsing code and others hence the important of this post.

This post will benefits all young people especially those who have been having data and browsing issues and thus the need to know the various cheat code for mtn data bundle and other networks.

Latest Airtel, and MTN Psiphon Cheat 2020

There is a new development which allows  people to use the psiphon cheat to acces various cheat code on mtn, airtel, glo etisalat and other network.

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With the mtn or airtel psiphon code, you will be able to browse and connect successfully if you know the right mtn megabyte cheat.

Aside from the latest airtel cheat 2020 through psiphon, there is also etisalat psiphon code that allows you to browse and surf thye internet for free.

Lots of people have looked for this airtel data plans cheat 2020 which is among the Latest Free browsing cheat but they have not been fed with the right knowledge and understanding of this data bundle and browsing cheat available in 2020.

Aside from just the Latest Free browsing cheat, you will also get to know the various airtel cheat codes for free recharge which we have also written on our post on Latest Free browsing cheat.

Did you know?

That the mtn psiphon can allow you to browse conveniently without any problem and without encountering any form of problems from browsing.

Lots of persons have searched for the various mtn cheat 2020 to also include the psiphon settings for mtn 2020 and that is why with this post, you will get to have the full idea and knowledge of the various browsing via the Latest Free browsing cheat.

Sometimes, the glo unlimited browsing cheat does not allow you to use the psiphon cheat to browse hence the need to know Latest Free browsing cheat.

New MTN November 2020 Free Browsing Cheat with HTTP Injector

Though this browsing is free it is not unlimited and at such it works differently on various mtn sim cards depending on the one you are using the browsing may cost 1GB while some may receive 2gb daily depending on the sim card on the MTN HTTP Injector.

The following is needed as requirements to activate the mtn browsing cheat which are

  • An Mtn Sim preferably a new mtn sim with no existing balance
  • An internet connection that is not fluctuating
  • Install the HTTP APK from google playstore via this link

How to Use HTTP Injector For MTN Free Browsing

  1. Make sure you have download the HTTP Injector VPN File
  2. Installed the HTTP injector App and by so doing, you are launching it
  3. Click on the Copy icon which is located at the top right corner of the display
  4. Import the Config by locating the confi file previously download on the system and tap to import.

Congratulations on your successful importation of the Confi file. Now you can browse the internet conveniently by clicking on the start butom to connect to the internet. With this you can’t do the MTN transfer data

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Latest Free Browsing cheat 2020 on Airtel

You will learn how to browse the internet for free with airtel through knowing the latest airtel free browsing code.

By following the instructions on the airtel free browsing you will be able to get and browse the internet for free through knowing the airtel unlimited data offers codes and these are the instructions on how to get it

  1. Dial *141*13*200# to get 200MB data on airtel which gives you 200MB worth of data.
  2. If you rather dial *141*13*100#you will get 100MB bonus to browse the internet
  3. By dialing *141*13*50# you can get up to 50 MB data for free.
  4. While the code *141*13*1# gives you 1mb free data for browsing

It is important to not that the above code on work on few selected sim cards of the airtel network and at such you can get upto 500MB of data from this code if you are lucky enough, you can access it twice.

How to check Airtel Bonus Data Balance

To check data balance for this plan and many others is very simple and not tough as many people thing, it is very important to note that by dialing  *140#  you will be able to check all data balance bonus for browsing.

Airtel sends a message which contains summary of your data balance and all other data you have subscribed to.

However checking whatsApp balance might be different from every other normal balance chec and if you subscribe to the free WhatsApp above you can check your balance by dialing *885* and your whatsApp balance will be rightly display before you

Airtel FREE WhatsApp Code

Whatapp is now free with the airtel Whatsapp code and this falls on the Latest Free browsing cheat 2020 on Airtel for whatsapp.

Airtel now gives you free MB to use for Whatsapp only and by following the simple code you can get it by dialing  *948*1# and you can will be able to access whatsApp like never before.

The WhatsApp code unlike other subscription codes works on all devices and all airtel sim and you browse even at night without it affecting your airtel night plans.

Latest 9Mobile Free Browsing Code

Lots of persons are in doubt anytime they hear of free browsing on 9mobile. Some people have concluded that the 9mobile Free browsing does not exist while others have believe that it does.


 Free Browsing Cheat 2018

Free Browsing Cheat 2019

The 9mobile Latest free browsing cheats allows you to surf the internet for free and it is one thing to surf the internet and another to know how to activate the 9mobile Unlimited browsing.

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Browsing on this is super interesting as 9mobile offers one of the fastest browsing networks in Nigeria and with this browsing is made easy with the 9mobile browsing cheat on Latest Free browsing cheat 2019.

How to Activate 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat for 2019

  1. Ensure that you have a 9mobile sim card with no credit on it and have a zero data too
  2. Download and install the Whats VPN from google play store and install the app
  3. Proceed to install the ADM on Play Playstore via this link that is Advanced Download Manager
  4. Change your country to Canada by opening Whats VPN
  5. Keep your data connectivity on via your 9mobile sim
  6. Go to anything you wants to download copy the link
  7. Paste its in the Opened ADM click on the “+” on the screen on the right hand corner and paste the copied link
  8. Click on start to start downloading

How to activate Glo Latest Free browsing cheat 2019

The glo Latest Free browsing cheat 2019 is very simple and straight forward compare to other browsing cheat posted here in this post.

This free browsing has been on existence for a long time and many people have not known that glo also offers free browsing.

  • Make sure that your glo line is active and it has been in used for 30 days
  • Dial *603# to migrate to the Glo Jolific tarrif plan which offers it users the ability to get 8 times 100% of the glo amount recharge.
  • Confirm your migration to glo Jolific by dialing *100#
  • You can now recharge #100 airtime via your bank or vtu and you will get an istant 5.4GB of data.

Hope you have been informed about Latest Free browsing cheat 2019 and how to browse the internet for free without paying much

Do you have any question or contribution on this post on browsing codes that you can use to browse the internet without any error. Please drop your comment at the comment box below and you can share this post via social media platforms.



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