Kogbagidi – Biography, Networth, and Real Name

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Kogbagidi – Biography, Networth, and Real Name

Every reader wants to know more about a celebrity. Most readers model a celebrity they search on and wish of knowing more about the celebrity.

In this post, you will get to know more about one celebrity who is known as world wine for his business and his social media life.

There are many updates regarding a celebrity like his age, job description, and others. Here, you will get to know about the popular “Kogbagidi”.

This celebrity is popular by this name and most fans do not even know his actual name. Some do not even know the kind of work he does.

As a fan, there is a need to have every bit of information about the celebrity. Here, we will provide you with full details about him.

You will get to know the Net worth and other valid details like his name, wife, children, and properties he owns.

If you have been hearing of this celebrity but yet, you do not have his social media addresses to keep taps on him; this is the right post for you.

Kogbagidi Biography

Here, readers will get to know the biography of this celebrity. His story and growth will be beneficial to those who have aspirations in the field he presently bases.

Kogbagidi is a Nigerian citizen whose father owned a bar. His aspiration and dreams started there as he made his plans to become an influencer.

Kogbagidi was born and brought up in Lagos state by his father and he enjoyed his childhood equally.

At the age of sixteen, he already started working on his goal of becoming a Club promoter and did his very best to make clubs outstanding.

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Kogbagidi’s real name is Quadri Taoreed and he is presently doing very well in his field. At his teenage age, he was opportune to join Night of a Thousand Laugh, organized by Basket mouth.

He presently is working with many music stars like Davido, Zlatan, and others in Nigeria. The celebrity is living presently in London.

The businessman has made wave and his business, making a great name for him. Quadri is the owner of Kogbagidi  Entertainment.

He studied at the University of Lagos and convocated with good grades. Kogbagidi has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Personal Management (IRPM).

For the record, Kogbagidi has been doing the work as an influencer for more than 10 years and is doing excellently in his work.

The age of this celebrity is one important aspect to consider. Many sites have written on this particular celebrity but omit his age.

Kobagidi is in his mid-30s and has made a big name for himself since from teenage age; this is one reason many find this difficult to know about his age.

Kobagidi Biography- Wife and Children

It is the interest of most readers to know about the wife and other details about this celebrity. In this section, you will get to know the full details about this aspect of his life.

Kobagidi is happily married to his wife and has children.  He and his family live in London, United Kindom.

The celebrity enjoys making videos with his family and making it known to everyone that he is happy with his family.

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Kobagidi has lovely children who will always make people laugh well watching his video via the internet.

He made a video and in the video, he was trying to feed his local dish to his children. Their facial reaction and refusal to take the food from him were indeed funny.

His family has been a source of strength towards his success in the business and a great contribution to where he is today.

Looking at a good club promoter, this celebrity is one of the best with a good accent which will self-invite you to attend the club.

Kogbagidi - Biography

Kogbagidi – Biography

Zazu Promoter

This section of the post is an interesting one. Here, you will get to know about Kobagidi’s involvement in the popular music “Zazu”.

This influencer is the one responsible for the promotion of this particular music and this music has gotten to the tops of the playlist after release.

He is very good at his work and is one reason why big-time musicians are working hand to hand with him. His life and work have gotten him firm.

The music Zazu is sung by one of the Nigerian top musicians “Olamide” with two others upcoming and has made a great profit.

Outside the country and within have all heard of the music and how it rhymes with dances.

Kogbagidi’s Net worth

With all the information readers have regarding this celebrity, it is also important they know about his net worth.

This information will help readers to know how rich the influencer is and his earnings.  The net worth of this celebrity is $12 million dollars.

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The income source of this celebrity is not yet known but with his job as an influencer, there is every possibility of earning more than what he earns presently.

His work is one of the rare kinds of jobs as many individuals do not even have an idea of what the job looks like.

Kogbagidi Instagram

Instagram is another platform in which you can find more details about this celebrity. He has many videos on his page.

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With the use of users, fans and other readers will get to know more about him by watching his video and following his lifestream.

The celebrity is an active Instagram influencer with a large number of posts under his timeline and has many following him.

His user is Kogbagidi and his account is also verified. Any account by the same name but does not have the verified sign is an imposter.

Kogbagidi’s account will be the best option to get the latest updates regarding the celebrity. The life of a celebrity gets dramatic every day so it is important to keep tabs on them.

Thanks for reading this post, if this post is helpful to you, do not forget to drop a comment in the comment section below and stay on our page for more info.



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