KDF Recruitment 2019 /2020 | Kenya Defence Force Recruitment 2019

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In this post, we write on KDF Recruitment 2019 and how you can apply for the Kenya Defence Force recruitment following the steps and other necessary details to follow to apply for the 2019 KDF recruitment.

KDF Recruitment 2019

KDF Recruitment 2019

With regards, we want you to follow the necessary application guide and by applying for this recruitment exercise for the Kenya Defence recruitment.

The 2019 Application guide has been shown on our post and by following it you will know the necessary requirements for application for KDF recruitment.

The 2019 Application portal was open and from an inside source, it could be stated that application portal for this recruitment exercise will still be open till further notice.

All applicants who are interested in this post should follow the application details below and apply for the KDF recruitment following the 2019 recruitment guide.

You will find the necessary updates regarding the 2019 KDF recruitment and this guide will help you to successfully apply for the recruitment exercise.

You will apply online through the official website which has been shown in our post. Please application will be considered on the basis of first come first serve  basic and therefore we urge you to apply for this job offer on time as to be considered as one of the shortlisted applicants.

Would you like to apply for the employment practice for KDF 2019? This page goes through everything you need to understand as to the 2019 KDF Jobs.

As you read on, you’d find out the final rules for the workout, the implementation technique, the list of papers needed for the implementation, and the due date.

Before discussing the exercise information, let’s take a short look at Kenya Military forces history.

Brief History of Kenya Defence Forces

Kenya Defense Forces Short history The Kenya Defense Forces constitute three military forces, including the Kenya Military, Kenya Navy and Kenya Air Force, all accountable for protecting people ‘ life and assets.

The heads of state, in compliance with just the Kenya law, are invariably the commander-in-chief of the Kenya Defense Forces at any specified stage in time. KDF should punish any significant decision or project attempt by the president of the country.

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The Defense Force was formed many years ago during most of the colonial times and after independence, the armies remained to operate and in 2010, on Article 241 of the 2010, KDF was firmly established

KDF was first established in the British colonial era during the beginning of the 19th century, at the peak of the motion to abolish slave trade. A group known as the King’s African Rifles was created by the British protectorate to defend the individuals.

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2019/2020 Kenya Defence Forces  Recruitment and History

In the early 1990s, the group shifted to unite with yet another group named from Mombasa to Nairobi. The united group was in charge of resisting insurgents and other party fighting against all the region’s British colony.

The Pistols ago converted on the autonomous day around Kenya Military Forces, but since then the forces have endured a series of memorable scenes of transition.

In 1964, becoming component of the country’s defense scheme, Kenya created its Kenya Air Force and Kenya Navy.

The KDF’s main responsibility is to safeguard the nation from foreign invasion and to work with other officials in situations like crisis management.

Uhuru Kenyatta, the newly elected head of the country in Kenya, is the KDF commander-in-chief at the moment of filing this repo

Many youthful Kenyan people are still on the alert for Kenya Defense Force positions. The factors behind KDF’s desire to join vary with several young males and females applying because of work love, whereas others join due to the extreme advantages.

In some instances, individuals who were chosen to engage in the recruitment practice did not end up graduating to become KDF members. In some instances, such classes of individuals were excluded for going against the defined norm while in some instances, owing to the complexity of the training practice, some potential recruits chose to go back home.

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Early physically and mentally activities are therefore essential to participating effectively in.

Kenya Defense Forces job 2019–What to expect Over the years, with no important modifications in operations, the method has stayed fairly much the same. The small modifications observed during the selection process in many other instances include the application

Duration of application and closing dates. The structure of recruitment stays the same. For potential candidates to participate in the recruitment process, certain conditions must be met, including ;

Application Guidelines and Requirements

  1. Interested candidates should have a KCSE diploma and a upper limit of D
  2. Candidates who touch the ball B and above would be placed on special offers and officer training
  3. Candidates should be Kenyan residents
  4. Candidates should be between 18 and 26 years of age
  5. Candidates should not weigh less than 54.55 kg
  6. Applicants must weigh more than 5.3 ‘ Candidates applying for officer status differ significantly.

Interested candidates submitting for officer status have different requirements, including

  • You should be between 18 and 29 years of age
  • You should not weigh less than 54.55 kg
  • You may have achieved a minimal level of B in KCSE
  • Officer schools are provided to graduates first
  • Candidates have at least twyea o rs knowledge in your specialized sector.

Notice on KDF Recruitment 2019

Over most of the years, the activity has become an honest method apart from a few cases in which applicants have collaborated with some officers to ensure that they desperately receive roles in KDF. KDF has identified and investigated such candidates as well as discharging officers engaged in the incidence in instances where unpleasant incidence such as this has happened.

In general, the exercise is performed with integrity and candidates who are considered to be the most successful candidate and fit are hired into the Kenya Defense Forces.

Prospective candidates should not kindly note that the Kenyan Defense Forces are frowning at bribery and all types of corruption and, as such, any person caught in such operations would be disqualified, made to lose their cash, detained and brought to face the complete wrath of the law.

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Candidates will also be captured and sued if they deliberately present a fake certificate during the application. They have also been a few instances of such occurrences over the months, and consequently, offenders were captured and prosecuted.

Therefore, KDF would like to advise candidates not to participate in any misconduct as this is contrary to our system’s key value.

Details of Kenya Defence Force

As mentioned previously, the KDF is made up of Kenya Air Force, Kenya Army and Kenya Navy and candidates must select which arm to apply for.

To participate in the process, candidates must apply as photocopies would not be accepted with their original presentation and ID card.

When is the Date Next?

In their thousands, Kenyan people stormed the internet to ask questions about the KDF’s next recruitment date. Many media outlets and websites have taken advantage of citizens ‘ enhanced interest in announcing fake dates about.

We categorically state that there is no formal date for implementation to Kenya Defense Forces as of the moment this paper was published. We encourage interested candidates to maintain coming back to this page continuously to verify for the KDF update. When the KDF formally announces the request date, we are sure to update our portal and send updates to potential candidates who subscribe to our website.

Closing date for KDF Recruitment 2019

The date of closure is not yet revealed in KDF. When the implementation portal is accessible, the final date would be declared.

Visit the website   http://www.mod.go.ke/ for more information



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