Sure Tips on How to Answer JAMB Use of English Questions

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JAMB Use of English Questions: Sure Tips on How to Answer JAMB Use of English Questions

As it is well known, English is the language of academic instruction and communication in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions hence the need for JAMB Use of English Questions.

The UME use of English Questions test is therefore designed to facilitate the selection of candidates who who have the basic requirements in English for tertiary education. In this paper, the candidates ability to read, comprehend, interpret and surmmarise material in various registers and styles and their knowledge of the structure, vocabulary idioms and sounds pattern of english are tested.

JAMB Use of English Questions

JAMB Use of English Questions

Structure of JAMB Use of English Questions

The exams is a multiple-choice examinations, comprising of two sections. Section A consist of Comprehension (not exceeding 400 words)  and a close passage which usually contains fewer words. The passage in JAMB Use of English Questions usually reflects such texts as narration, argumentation, exposition and dialogue. And is drawn from various subjects area like journalism, language, education, philosophy, politics, science engineering etc.

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The comprehension passage of JAMB Use of English Questions test the candidates’ ability to understand the whole passage and their ability to summarize and synthesize information through critical evaluation.

The section B passage contains lexis and structure and orals form. In lexis and structure, the questions test the knowledge and  expression in their ordinary, figurative and idiomatic contexts.

How about test of orals?

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In test of orals, the candidates’ knowledge of vowels, consonants, stress, rhyme and intonation is tested. One of the aspects worth mentioning is intonation which is often mistaken for contrastive or emphatic stress. Intonation is on the jamb syllables but is little, if ever taught to students preparing for the exams.

Here is how to answer JAMB Use of English Questions

Read all the passages in JAMB Use of English Questions

Endeavor to read all the passages that you are given in the exams. Do not rush over the passages but read int with understanding. To save time, many candidates are fun of skipping a passage to answer the questions directly. The truth of it is that you cannot answer the questions when you don’t understand the passge itself.

Even if it is three or two passages, make sure you read all the passages and answer their corresponding questions.

Understand the instructions

Before you start answering any use of English question, understand the instructions that follows any section of the exams. If you are asked to fill in answers according to the passage, kindly do so.

You will see instructions like:

”for this questions, choose from the option the word that best complete the guide”

“Chose the expression or word which best complete the sentence”

“for this questions select the option that best explain the information conveyed in the passage”

Often times, most candidates misunderstand this phrase of instructions

“for this questions, choose the opposite in meaning to the word or phrase in italics”

“for this questions, choose the nearest in meaning to the word or phrase in italics”

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When you see questions like opposite in meaning, it is antonyms provide the opposite answers to the italics. However, the most common confusion arises when candidates are asked to choose the words nearest in meaning. This is often mistaken for opposite in many. When a you are ask to provide words similar in meaning, simply note  you are required to provide synonyms or similar word to the underlined or italics.

Understand the basic word class

If you are answering use of English question and you don’t understand  the basic things like concord, stress, oral English and word class such as nouns pronouns adjective verb etc, I put it to you that you will fail woefully.

If you don’t know the above mentioned topics in Use of English, stop reading this book now. Pick up your text book and read them up. When you are done you can continue reading.

Welcome back!

Anything that is worth studying has its basics likewise Use of English. Knowing the basics of a particular subject and studying it will help to sharpen your focus and aid the easy study of other topics.

Avoid Guesswork in JAMB Use of English Questions

When you are on the hot seat of UTME examination, answering JAMB Use of English Questions be confident in yourself and the questions you have picked as the answers. That is why you ought to avoid guess work when you are writing the exams.

One way to solve the  problem of guess work is to study effectively. Guesswork kills your morale and make you hopeless towards having a good score.

You should be confident when you are answering your exams questions.

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Don’t rush

Though Jamb gives limited time for her exam, , but that’s not the reason you should rush over your questions. Take time to answer the questions, but don’t spend too much time on answering just one question.

When you rush in your exams you have many questions that will be left unanswered and some wrongly answer which will make you to fail.   Why are you rushing when you have 3hours 30 minuite to answer 250 questions.


Plan your time

In the exams, you will be given a total 3hours 30 minute to tackle four subjects comprising of 250 questions. Your ability to plan your time effectively will aid your success too. Let’s say you have Six sections to answer in use of English, schedule your time such that you answer the questions in each section within 10 minute. By so doing, you allot 3 hours 15 minute for the other Subjects.

Planning your time will help you to increase your speed when you are answering JAMB Use of English Questions.

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