Top 20 Funniest Comedians in Nigeria 2022

Top 20 Funniest Comedians in Nigeria 2022

There are lots of updates that we love to give all knowledge of. all must get the full details regarding these updates.

Here, we will see the Top 20 Funniest Comedians in Nigeria 2022. These are the comedians that have done excellent shows in 2021.

Many want to know who these comedians are. We will not beat around the bush but will go straight to the point.

All those that do not know these comedians are in the right place. Read down to know the Funniest Comedians in Nigeria.

Top 20 Funniest Comedians in Nigeria 2022

Funniest Comedians in Nigeria
Top 20 Funniest Comedians in Nigeria 2022

AY Makun

The first person that we have here is AY Makun. He is prominently known by his stage name AY by all his fans.

In the year 2021, AY has been in various movie productions. He also celebrated his 50th birthday in the year 2021.

AY has been a comedian for a long time. As of now, he is known as the richest comedian in Nigeria 2021.


Many may say that they do not see Bovi making comedy skits anymore. This is true but he is not in movie production.

Also, his Back to School comedy has gotten the attention of many. This is what Bovi uses to continue his comedy.


Another top Nigerian comedian is Akpororo. This is a comedian that has become very popular throughout Nigeria.

He is known as a stage comedian. The list of Funniest Comedians in Nigeria is not complete without his name being among it.


One of the major Nigerian comedians happens to be Gordons. Gordons does not perform Standup comedy again.

He has extended his comedy into movie acting. Gordons has been in a series of movie roles in various movie productions.

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This is the reason why he is still maintaining his position in the list of Top Funniest Comedians in Nigeria.

MC Lively

A top Nigerian comedian is MC Lively. This is a comedian with a huge fan base on various social media platforms.

He posts his comedy skits on Instagram as well as his YouTube channels. You can watch his many skits from these two places.

Mr. Macaroni

One of the comedians we cannot miss out on is Mr. Macaroni. This is a comedian that has been in the business for a long time.

In his recent comedy skits, he dresses as a rich man. Nevertheless, he does not lack his sense of humour as he still cracks ribs.

Lasisi Elenu

A popular Nigerian Comedian that we want to see is Lasisi Elenu. This is also known as a top Instagram comedian.

He has been in a series of movie productions as well as comedy skits. Lasisi mainly posts his comedy videos on his Instagram Page @lasisielenu.

Broda Shaggi

We cannot forget to give to all the details of this comedian. He is among the top YouTube comedians in Nigeria.

Broda Shaggi is a comedian known as No1 fine boy Agbero. He is known for his question and answers comedy.

You can see more about him on Instagram @brodashaggi.

Sydney Talker

A comedian that many love is Sydney Talker. This is a comedian that does not do too much talk in his comedy skits.

Most of his comedy is full of interesting actions. This is one reason why many have fallen in love with his comedy skits.

Craze Clown

A Nigerian comedian that we want to see here is Craze Clown. He is known for his popular Ade comedy as he was the father of Ade.

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Now, he is known as an Instagram comedian. Most of his comedy skits are very available on his Instagram page.

Charles Okocha

A comedian with a difference is Charles Okocha. He happens to be among the Funniest Nigerian Comedians.

In his comedy skits, he is known for performing silly actions. Nevertheless, the result is always laughter upon laughter.

Nasty Blaq

A comedian that is very fast rising is Nasty Blaq. He has done his best to be among the Funniest Comedians in Nigeria.

Many love his comedy skits as he portrays interesting actions. His face alone is capable of making you laugh non-stop.

Nasty Blaq has a huge fan base on Instagram. You can also see more of his comedy skits on Instagram @nastyblaq.

Officer Woos

A comedian that has been with Broda Shaggi is Officer Woos. He has lots of comedy skits and mainly with Broda Shaggi.

Officer Woos acts as a stammerer. This is what he is using the catch many to watch his many comedy skits.


An Instagram comedian with great humour is Taooma. She has made lots of comedy skits with the help of her boyfriend.

She is a well-known Instagram comedian with a huge fan base. Catch more of Taooma’s comedy @taooma on Instagram.

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Mr. Funny

There are lots of funny comedians available in Nigeria. one of them happens to be Mr. Funny known as Sabinus in his comedy skits.

He is known as a popular Instagram comedian. Mr. Funny is among the Funniest Comedians in Nigeria 2022.

You can catch his comedy skits on his Instagram page. This page is available @Mr_Funny1.

Brain Jotter

A fast-rising Nigerian comedian is Brain Jotter. This is a comedian that has lots of comedy skits to his name.

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He has also produced many comedy skits with big celebrities. These celebrities include Don Jazzy among others.

Cute Abiola

This is a comedian that is also a member of the Nigerian Navy. He has risen into popularity with lots of comedy skits.

Cute Abiola has released comedy skits that have seen him in popularity. He is seen as one of the funniest comedians.

The comedy skits of Cute Abiola are available on his Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Zic Saloma

This is a comedian that loves taking up the female character. Zic Saloma is a man that loves acting as a pregnant woman.

He has produced various comedy skits. In one of his comedy skits, top actress Mercy Johnson was available.

Josh 2 Funny

Another top Nigerian comedian is Josh 2 Funny. He is a comedian with a huge fan base on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Many have come to love the roles that this comedian plays. Also, he has been in a series of movie productions.

Caramel Plugg

This is the last comedian on our list but not the least. Caramel Plug is a Nigerian comedian that does funny acts.

She is not basically like a comedian. Caramel just says funny things and does funny acts to please her many fans.

This is what has given her the rating as a Nigerian comedian. You can see more of Caramel plug @caramelplug.

This is a very important update that all should know of. We have seen the details of the Funniest Comedians in Nigeria.

This is the list of the top 20 among them. All can now know who are the funniest comedians in Nigeria from here.

Share this update with those that are seeking it. Drop all your comments regarding this post in the comment box below.

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