FCMB Mobile Banking App 2019 | Download fcmb Mobile Plus App

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FCMB mobile banking App Can now be downloaded because it has been made available for all those banking with Fcmb. The first City Monument Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria and they have a leading market phase with good customer relations.

FCMB mobile banking App

FCMB mobile banking App

It is now very easy for you to proceed to download the fcmb mobile app for java, Android, tablets and desktop. The FCMB mobile banking App allows you to do things such as transferring Money from one bank to the other, airtime recharge, transferring money within FCMB and checking of account balance.

The fcmb mobile plus app download also allows you to do a whole lot when it comes to internet banking. You will love the mobile app if you can download it and have it on your system. In this article we will show you how to download fcmb mobile plus and how to use the fcmb mobile banking code effectively as an Fcmb customer.

A lot of FCMB customers are in dire need of the FCMB mobile banking App and at such, they need to know the various processes involve in using the mobile application especially and most especially, FCMB users also need to know how to download fcmb mobile apk.

After the FCMB mobile banking App, you are most likely to fill and complete the fcmb online banking registration form available when you start using the Fcm mobile App. This usually comes up on the first page on the mobile Application.

We have various links provided for various download depending on your device. We have fcmb mobile app for java, Fcmb mobile App for android, Fcmb mobile App for Deskstop, FCMB mobile App for iphones etc.

Important Information about FCMB

First City Monument Bank, a subsidiary of First City Merchant Bank Limited is a leading Merchant bank who rose to limelight in it short while of existence. In the year 2000, the bank was the first to meet the 1 Billion naira CBN targeted profit. In 2001, the bank made another move when it became a Universal Banking company with a new name of First City Monument Bank and was now set to be a full commercial Bank.

Another remarkable change also happened in 2004 when the Nigerian Stock Exchange named the bank to be part of it after FCMB had upgraded from being Limited Liability Company to becoming a public Limited liability company.

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There was a policy issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 2010 which implored all banks to go into and divest non-banking businesses or have them under an Approved CBN financial institution.

Importance of FCMB Mobile Banking App

With the FCMB mobile banking App, you can do the following which is very important as a customer of FCMB. The benefits are :

  • Book flights Tickets
  • Check account balance instantly without visiting the atm stand or your bank or providing Bvn Number
  • Have access to your account and have the transaction history of your account on your phone
  • With you FCMB mobile banking App, you can confirm, stop or request for a cheque
  • Covert dollars, pounds, sterlings  and other foreign currency to naira
  • Pay bills on your phone especially utility bills like Electricity, Telecommunication, Tv subscription
  • Make transfer locally or internationally without visiting the bank

FCMB Mobile App Download

After you have finished to download fcmb mobile plus apk, the next step which is usually to go straight to the fcmb mobile plus login and login with your Account details and generate a password for yourself.

We usually encourage that to get effective or quality service from FCMB mobile App, it is of utmost important that you have to download the latest fcmb mobile banking which is the fcmb mobile plus apk.

A lot of FCMB customers usualy coplain of their in abilty to have the mobile app and hence, the reason for this post on fcmb mobile app download.

In this article you will see various ways on how to download fcmb mobile plus apk and most importantly, you will also know how to do fcmb mobile banking registration. Whether you want to download download fcmb online apk or you want to have the fcmb internet banking app, one thing is certain that byou need the fcmb plus app or the FCMB mobile banking App for Fcmb mobile banking.

The internet banking and mobile application for the First City Monument Bank which is usually called the fcmb plus apk is distinct from other banks mobile banking Application.

Like UBA and Union Bank Mobile Banking Application, to download fcmb mobile plus app, you will need an internet connection will will connect you to successfully download the Application without stress.

For those of you using PCs and will want this FCMB mobile banking App, then you will have to download fcmb mobile banking software for desktops. The fcmbmobileplus on Deskstop also requires Internet connection for access.

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How to Register With FCMB Mobile Banking App

  1. Visit any closest FCMB branch to you to obtain the application form or online by Downloading The FCMB Mobile form
  2. Get an application form from any FCMB bank nationwide. At the bank, ask of FCMB mobile Form.
  3. The application form should be completed and submitted at the customer service fiice of the bank.
  4. The customer care representative will direct you on how to fill the form and how to process your mobile banking registration
  5. The customer service representative will also show you how to visit FCMB installation file or how to download the FCMB installation File for the Application Downloading FCMB Mobile installation file


  1. Send the Text in a format “D FCMB to a short code of 4045 for Mtn Users and a code of 310030 for all Glo Users.
  2. Locate the file and click on install to install it on your phone.
  3. Check your e-mail box for registration details and confirm your card date and numbers.
  4. A text message will be sent to your phone stating that your registration as been received and it is processing.

FCMB Mobile Banking App | How to Download for Android IPhone and Windows

To carry out the downloading process of FCMB mobile App, you will have to follow the instructions.

  • For those using android phones, you will have to visit Google playstore to have the application download.
  • On the Google playstore, search for FCMB mobile Banking and download the App of your choice.
  • Android device users should visit play store to download FCMB mobile banking application.
  • The mobile application is available at apple store for all those who need the application for their iphones.
  • This application is also available at the windows market for all windows and Nokia Users.

FCMB Short Code for Transaction

One alternative to the fcmb plus apk for those wants to do transaction is to use the fcmb short code and with this code, you will be able to do any transaction of your choice which is somehow equivalent to having FCMB mobile banking App for yourself.

The code for transferring money from fcmb and to do other transactions in Fcmb is the *329# fcmb and you will be asked to provide the fcmb transfer pin before you start asking questions on how to activate fcmb transfer code, ensure that all transaction is done o the registered Phone number.

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You will have to do the fcmb mobile banking registration before you are able to use the FCMB mobile Application or alternatively, you can use the short code to do transactions which requires fcmb mobile recharge code, or FCMB account balance check. For those that are still asking the question; whats fcmb mobile banking code? Please remember that the code is *329# and it should be dial using the registered phone number.

If you are not convenient with the fcmb short code for transaction you can use the fcmb online apk, or use the fcmb internet banking business version for transaction.

The fcmb internet banking app or FCMB mobile banking App can be used for all online transaction for a refreshing and effective fcmb mobile banking. Doing transaction with the FCMB mobile banking App usually require a fcmb online banking code which is often known as the fcmb online token app in order for you to effectively use the fcmb mobile app.

This post was written to provide all Fcmb Users the necessary information on FCMB mobile banking App and how to effectively download the fcmb mobile plus Application for all devices whether it is android, iphone, or for a desktop computer. Like we wrote on Diamond Bank and Access bank, we are doing same to FCMB

Note that the FCMB mobile banking App only works for all existing customers of FCMB. In case you are not banking with FCMB and you can use fcmb online account opening form available at the Fcmb Site. In this post we also showed you the fcmb online transfer code and also the transfer code for phones without internet.

For Existing users, what has been your challenge about the FCMB Mobile banking App? And for new users, have you been able to download the FCMB mobile Application ? Please drop your  comment at the comment box below.

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