Easybuy vip Cash Loans Application and Guidelines

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Easybuy vip cash loans Application and Guide

Have you ever been stranded and need some loan as an assistance to achieve a goal? Well the Easybuy platform is available. EasyBuy does not only help you buy your desired phone with ease.

They also assist you with quick VIP cash loans. This EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan is only available to those that have successfully purchased a phone through EasyBuy and have also completed his/her loan at due time. EasyBuy does not only help you buy your desired phone with ease. They also assist you with quick VIP cash loans.

Easybuy vip cash loans

Easybuy vip cash loans

This EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan is only available to those that have successfully purchased a phone through EasyBuy and have also completed his/her loan at due time. There are numerous benefits you can get from EasyBuy.

Just in case you are not aware, EasyBuy is an online platform where you can easily buy your desired phone even when you do not have the complete payment for the phone.

You can pay some part of the money and then the other part, Easybuy spreads it across months. The amount of money you would pay per month, would depends on how many months you would choose to favour you. What this simply means is that you can walk into a recognized phone dealer outlet, purchase your phone and make a part-payment for that phone and still take the phone home.

A practical explanation of how this works, is this; George wants to buy a phone worth N85,000 but only has N50,000 at that moment and he in need of that phone urgently. What George has to do is to walk into any recognized easybuy shop, pay his N50,000 and in other to take the phone home after paying a part-payment of N50,000 he would be required to submit his valid ID card, BVN, and active ATM card details.

Easybuy Loan Requirements

To be eligible for an EasyBuy mobile financing loan, you need to meet up the requirements below.

  • You must be employed or have a reliable monthly source of income
  • You must have a valid means of Identification. You can tender your Driver’s License, International Passport, Voter’s Card or NIMC National ID Card
  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN) will also be required
  • ATM card (still valid)
  • Your initial payment of 30% for the mobile phone you want to purchase
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After meeting up these requirements, you should proceed with getting the loan from Easybuy.

How to get a Smartphone on Easybuy vip cash loans

  1. Find an Easybuy Agent

The first step here is locating an Easybuy agent. Easybuy has partnerships and affiliations with many phone companies in Nigeria.

As a result, Easybuy agents are stationed in many mobile phone stores. They all wear the official Easybuy uniform (blue branded T-shirts), so you can identify them easily.

  1. Provide Necessary Details

An Easy Buy agent will brief you on the requirements, just to make sure that you are eligible for the loan.

Some questions and details will also be asked and the agent will note down your response.

  1. Select the Mobile Phone you wish to buy

In any mobile phone store affiliated with Easybuy service, the agent works hand-in-hand with the staff. So once you select the mobile phone of your choice and agree to the price, you will be directed back to the Easybuy agent.

  1. Sign up for your Easybuy loan

The next step is to sign up on the Easybuy platform. The agent will be in charge of these steps and your details (that were collected earlier) will be used for the loan application.

Your photograph will also be taken during the application process. You may also be asked to speak with another agent from the Easybuy head office (through a phone call).

  1. Make an initial payment of 30%

Here, you will be asked to pay at least 30% of the phone price. For example, if the mobile phone costs ₦40,000, you must make an initial deposit of at least ₦12,000.

  1. Set a Convenient Repayment Term

When applying for an Easy Buy loan, you have the option to:

  • Repay within 3 months
  • Repay within 6 months
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Each repayment term has a different interest rate. Be sure to confirm before making your decision.

  1. Final verification

This is the last step involved in obtaining a mobile phone loan from Easy Buy in Nigeria.

You will be asked to provide the names and phone numbers of 4 people close to you. These individuals:

  • Can be your family members, friends, relatives, employer or coworker
  • Are to vouch that you are a responsible person
  • Will be contacted if you digress on your repayment term (fail to pay on/after the due date)

Here is a tip: You should inform them before applying for the loan and tell them to put in a good word for you.

And after applying for the Easybuy loan, make sure to by all means pay on the due date. Failure to do so may lead to embarrassment, as the loan company will contact those 4 individuals to notify them of your inaction.

About the Easybuy vip Cash Loans

EasyBuy does not have a website they only make use of their mobile Application which you will find in your app store. On the app, you will have an option to get a cash loan of N10,000 to N100,000. The EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan can also be paid back in 3, 4 and 6 months installments.

How much Loan can you get from Easybuy?

As long as you meet up with the requirements, you are allowed to get a Easybuy vip cash loans between ₦10,000 and ₦100,000. You can’t obtain a loan higher than this amount from Easybuy.

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How to get the Loan

To get a loan from the Easybuy app is quite very easy.

  • Download the app from your app store
  • Sign on the app with your details and complete the KYC registration
  • Apply for the loan
  • Await verification and confirmation
  • Once approved, you can get your Easybuy vip cash loans
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Easybuy Loan Terms on Easybuy vip cash loans

Easybuy provides its users with 2 different repayment terms. We have the:

  • 3 months (91 days) repayment term
  • 6 months (180 days) repayment term

Easybuy Interest Rate

Easybuy vip cash loans interest rate varies depending on the repayment term you select in your application. The 3 months (91 days) repayment term has a monthly interest rate of 9%.

The 6 months (180 days) repayment term has a monthly interest rate of 6%.

Easybuy: Repayment of loan

You can repay your Easybuy vip cash loans through the following ways:

  1. By using the Easybuy app
  2. Through mobile app transfer
  3. Visiting a bank branch and paying in cash
  4. RAVE by Flutterwave

How To Repay Loans Through The Easybuy App

If you want to pay through the official Easybuy app, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Easybuy application and log in
  • Open “loan history” and click on “Pay now“
  • Tap “Repay with Bank card” and input your card details.

Users are often advised to screenshot their repayment process whenever they pay through the official app. This may prove useful in cases of overpayment, unreflected payments and other errors.

If you need assistance or face any system error during your loan repayment, you should contact Easybuy via their customer care number or email address.



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