CHY Mall Nigeria Office Abuja – Complete Address of CHY Mall Offices

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Chy Mall has an office located in Nigeria and we wish to give you the correct address where you can contact CHY Mall Nigeria Office Abuja  with their correct address and details as seen in this post and we have clearly given you the different contact details for you to contact Chymall.

We have updated the contact details for Chymall and we are starting with the Abuja Office and you will see how to contact the Abuja Office of CHY mall.

CHY Mall Nigeria Office Abuja

CHY Mall Nigeria Office Abuja

Just like Opay Nigeria, Chymall has spread it’s seed and it is popularly known in Nigeria and around the world. If you have heard of most of the product gotten from Chymall, then you will love to register for Chymall they offer mot outstanding benefits.

One question that surface is where is the Chymal Office located in Abuja and this post answers the question on how to contact.  Chymall and hence we have updated you with vital information for you. We have updated for you contents that revels the all the office address of Chymall and their phone numbers.

You might have questions or clarification on how Chymall works and hence you need to talk to someone in their offices. Often times, the office location may not be precise and this post a problem to all registered and non aspiring members of Chymall.

Following a sequetial report and a deep research in the City of Abuja, we have been able to bring all the necessary contact details and their phone numbers. This will benefit all those that wish to know more about Chymall.

About Chymall Nigeria

When we refer  to Sairu Mall, we are also referring to Chymall as both names refer to the same system. Sairui Mall is a subsidiary of the Sairui Holdings Group portfolio founded by Zhang Yuan. He is also the current chairman of the group.

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Just like the Norwegian company brought Opay, Nigeria Zhang Yuan is a multi millionaire in China and also the head of an international  conglomerate who has other companies such as : Qinhuangdoa Hai Zhiming Commerce and Trade Co. Ltd Weihsi Sairui E-commerce Co Ltd among others.

One of the goals of Sairui Mall or Chymall is to drive immediate development of society, based on the new economic model and system of tradding.

CHY Mall has grown to be one of the biggest and the latest online scheme where traditional system is replaced by local ecommerce such as Jumia, Alibaba and many others. With this scheme, you are entitle to earn up to 80% of gain to all registered persons .

In all online shopping present there is never a system that pays such an entitlement as high as 80% to their partners and it has been seen as the lead in e commerce bussiness.

for instance, companies keep producing betst product, but not given the right exposure and such company cannot strive. With Chymall and the improvision of scocial e-commerce platform which aims at giving quality services to small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, farmers or anyother person who is ready to join.

E-commerce is a sustainable way of buying and selling products through digital means at your convenient through the internet. On daily basics, we are witnessing a high growth in the web based businesses and companies.

The company was first established in Ghana in 2008 and in 2013, but the E-commerce aspect began in 2013 in China and a few years old in Africa and has her  Head office in Ghana.

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Chymall Plan and Packages

In CHY Mall, there are about  6 feature packages called  VIP levels this implies that every member of the CHY Mall community is a VIP.  Registration for CHY MAll is just once and after which you are a VIP. Here are the packages

 VIP 1

  • Registration – $25 (N9500)
  • Trading capital – not feasible
  • Total= $25 (N9500)
  • Profit : Profit is on referral earnings and bonuses
  • Products :  Free Anti-radiation phone sticker

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  • Registration – $50 (N19,000)
  • Trading capital – $90 (N34,200)
  • Total= $140 (N53,200)
  • Profit : – $7 (N2,660) for 10 days and $21 (N7,980) for every 30 days
  • Products : Free Anti-radiation phone sticker and Slimming Patch, Quantum ring


  • Registration – $100 (N38,000)
  • Trading capital – $180 (N68,400)
  • Total= $280 (N106,400)
  • Profit : – $14 (N5,320) for 10 days and $42 (N15,960) for every 30 days
  • Products : Fuel Saver, Beauty Tools, Free Quantum energy eyeglasses


  • Registration – $300 (N114,000)
  • Trading capital – $540 (N205,200)
  • Total= $840 (N319,200)
  • Profit : – $42 (N15,960) for 10 days and $126 (N47,880) for every 30 days
  • Products : Quantum Pendant, Free Quantum men’s pant

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  • Registration – $600 (N228,000)
  • Trading capital – $1,080 (N410,400)
  • Total= $1,680 (N638,400)
  • Profit : – $84 (N31,920) for 10 days and $252 (N95,760) for every 30 days
  • Products : Foot Massager, Free Quantum facial mask


  • Registration – $1200 (N456,000)
  • Trading capital – $2,160 (N820,800)
  • Total= $3,360 (N1,276,800)
  • Profit : – $168 (N63,840) for 10 days and $504 (N191,520) for every 30 days
  • Products : Water Purification System

Correct CHY Mall Nigeria Office Abuja

CHY Mall office is located in Abuja and it happens to be that this is their head office and they receive all corresponding in Nigeria and attend to persons that make contact them in reference to registration purposes and customer care services.

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If you have any problem and correspondence, it should be made to contact chy mall nigeria office Abuja at  2626 Mohammed, Mohamed Isma St, Asokoro, Abuja. 

Incase you want to contact the lagos office, you can reach out to them through  +2347062416199 ouch Yaba Service CentreLagosNigeria

If you have not registered for Chymall and you are still in the city of Abuja, then you should have a rethink. With Chymal you can achieve big dreams and finance your personal project and businesses.

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There is always a place for everyone with Chymall with different plans. These plans comes with diferent packages and entitlement hence we can say that the biggger your investment, the bigger your entitlement.

If you are in another sates aside from Abuja and you love to also have the full address of Chymall for your location, we will apprecaite that you drop a comment through the comment box below.

The post above shows you the chy mall nigeria office Abuja and sequetial to this we have also updated the needed phone numbers of their contact persons.

Iincase you have a question or contribution, we will appreciate such in the comment box below. Please share this post to social media.



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