Barry Jhay Biography and Age

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Barry Jhay Biography and Age 

In Nigeria, there are many musicians today, musicians who are outstanding both inside and outside the country.

These musicians have made it big in the music industry and are known both inside and outside Nigeria. In fact, they are known around the world.

These musicians have proven that indeed, Nigeria is the giant of Africa. They have won several awards both inside and outside Nigeria.

One of these many musicians is Barry Jhay. Barry Jhay is a Nigerian musician with so much talent.

He has a great musical background and his passion for music. Barry Jhay is not into music just for money but because he has a great passion for it.

Quite a number of music lovers from all over Nigeria has been yearning to know more about Barry Jhay Biography and age.

Also, many want to know about his musical life as well as even his various songs. Barry Jhay has made it big in the music industry and is willing to do more.

He is still a very young artiste and is not yet going to rest as he has many more years to make it bigger ahead of him.

We have already seen the musical glory of this young talented Nigerian artiste and are expecting more before his time is up.

Barry Jhay Biography and age are in this post. To know more about this great Nigerian artiste, read down.

Don’t miss out on any detail of this exciting Nigerian artiste as you may miss the particular detail you are looking for.

Also, every detail you will see in this post are adequate information about this rising star as many have seen the light in him.

We expect more from him in the years to come. Read down and see Barry Jhay Biography and age as we go on.

Barry Jhay Biography

Barry Jhay Biography

Barry Jhay Biography and Age

Just like Akanimo Udofia, Every great man started somewhere. He did not just wake up to be great. In life, there are always ups and downs.

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Everyone has a story to tell. Some story of failures and others, the story of greatness. Barry Jhay Biography is one of greatness.

He has made a mark in the sands of time as generations will come to benefit from it for a long period of time.

Barry Jhay is one of the greatest musicians of this age as he has made so much impact and has won several awards.

Barry Jhay was born into the family of the legendary Fuji icon. This Fuji icon is no other than the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.

Barry Jhay’s real name is Oluwakayode Junior Balogun who was born in the great city of Ibadan in Oyo State. Oyo state is one of the many states which have been taken over by the Yoruba tribe.

Barry Jhay was born on 13th February 1993 and is presently 28 years old. He went through both nursery and primary education.

Barry Jhay couldn’t make it up to the university level due to the fact that he could not just understand any other thing apart from music production and sound engineering.

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Barry Jhay Career

At the age of five, Barry Jhay has been recording music. He often cried when his father told him that he will one day become a musician.

After the demise of his father, Barry made up his mind to continue the family’s music name and also become a musician that will create much impact.

Currently, Barry Jhay is one of the most popular Nigerian musicians. He has won several awards and also has some releases.

He has some singles and also an album to his musical fame. His song “Barry Back” was released on the 28th of February 2020.

This song has more than 2 million streams on all the music streaming platforms. Barry is indeed a rising star of this generation.

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Following the footsteps of his predecessors, Barry Jhay has made it big in the music industry as he is very well known.

He is not just a singer but also a songwriter who has earned the respect of many as not many musicians these days write their music by themselves.

Many are learning fast from him as he is an inspiration to many who are out there looking for who to guide them.

Music has been his family’s thing for many years back and he is sure to have children that will also succeed him and in a bigger way.

Barry Jhay Songs

Barry Jhay is not just a musician but also a songwriter. He writes his songs all by himself and also writes for several other musicians.

This great act has singled him out as one of the best of his time. He has some songs some single and some featured by others and also featuring others.

Barry Jhay also has an album to his music fame and this has also topped his music reputation. His music is not just any music but is always entertaining.

The beatings of the songs and also the lyrical combination can make anyone keep hearing it on and on for a very long period of time.

Some people do hear Barry Jhay’s songs and do not even know that it is him due to the way the song usually goes. Those who trace the song usually find out that it is really him who is the singer.

Barry has made so much effort in the music industry and this has made him one of the top-ranking musicians today.

The list of Barry Jhay’s songs both single and mixed is below;

  • Aiye – 2018
  • Normal Level · 2018
  • Go Down · 2018
  • D.I.A · 2018
  • Don Pablo · 2018
  • Akoredele · 2019
  • Olodo (feat. DJ Sound) · 2018
  • Tomorrow · 2019
  • Melanin · 2019
  • As · 2019
  • O Ga Ra · 2019
  • Ashe She
  • Under the Duvet
  • Ma So Pe
  • Pa Mi
  • Daddy
  • Superstar
  • Only You
  • Barry Back · 2020
  • Money
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Barry Jhay’s Awards

In the music industry, Barry Jhay has made a great name as he has won several awards and has gotten several nominations.

His musical talent has paved a way for him as he is an outstanding musician of this generation. In different years, he has done great deeds as his music is very special.

Barry is one of the best musicians today and has great potentials to offer to various music lovers all around the world.

He was nominated for the “Best Street-Hop Artiste” in the Headies award event in 2018. Barry is currently a member of the Cash Nation Entertainment music label.

He got nominated as the “Most Promising Act of the Year” at the City People Music Award in 2018. He also got the “Best Street-Hop Artiste” at the Headies award in 2019.

Also, Barry Jhay went on to win the “Best New Act of the Year” at the City People Music Awards in 2018 and “Rookie of the Year” at the Headies Award in 2019.

The information in this post is of Barry Jhay Biography. Barry Jhay biography is a very interesting one as many have been dying to know about it.

From Barry Jhay Biography, you can see his various accomplishments and his great musical background. Share this information with others and let them also know the great life history of this popular musician.

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