ASUU Strike Update Today 2021- Latest News

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ASUU Strike Update Today 2021

The Nigerian educational system is experiencing certain growth changes as well as challenges. This has brought up certain updates regarding the Nigerian educational system.

The Nigerian tertiary institution has a union that aims as seeing to the many activities of all University Staff.

This union is the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). The union as the name implies is mainly for universities staff.

As of now, there is a recent happening in Nigeria regarding this union that many want to know about. This is the ASUU Strike.

Here, we will see a lot about the ASUU Strike Update Today. As many that are seeking this update will surely get to know about it.

All you have to do is to take note of the information that you will see here regarding this academic union. Over the years, this union has been responsible for Universities strike.

They are at the bridge of causing another strike if preventive measures are not taken. We will see what the federal government is doing about this.

ASUU Strike Update

ASUU Strike Update Today

The ASUU Strike Update Today is an update that all especially university students should know about. Read down to know more about the ASUU Strike Update Today as there is a lot regarding it here.

Latest ASUU Strike Update Today 2021

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been responsible for causing strikes in tertiary institutions.

This union has been in existence for a long time. It is a pressure group that looks out for the welfare of its members.

As of now, there is news that this staff union is about to go through another round of academic strikes if something is not done about it.

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The federal government on its part is also looking for a way to prevent the strike. If the strike happens it is the students that will suffer the loss.

Various tertiary institutions just began a new academic year. It will not be good enough for the students to go back to their house.

In the year 2020, this staff union caused a strike that lasted from March 2020 to December 2021. As we move down we will see more about the ASUU Strike Update Today.

With this update, all will have information on what is about to befall students of various tertiary institutions.

Be among those that will surely have the knowledge of this update in full as there is a lot regarding it here.

ASUU Demands for Revitalisation Fund from Federal Government (FG)

Of recent, the Academic Staff Union of Universities has rendered a petition to the Federal government. According to the board, the petition has taken a very long time.

The petition that this union has rendered to the Federal Government for the Revitalisation fund. This board is complaining that the federal government is taking too long to respond to them.

They are also saying that the government does not care about the education of those in public universities.

They have also given the federal government a deadline to provide the money. Despite the steps that the federal government is taking they are still pressurizing the FG.

As we move on, we will also see other details of the ASUU Strike Update Today. We will get to see the reaction of the ASUU President to this matter.

Do not miss any detail of this post as we will definitely see about this strike update from here. We will see what the federal government is also saying in this matter.

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Also, we will see the deadline that ASUU has given the federal government to provide the Revitalisation fund.

ASUU Gives Federal Government Deadline for Revitalisation Fund Payment

The Academic Staff Union has as well given the Federal government a deadline. This deadline is for the payment of the Revitalisation Fund.

A lot of people are seeking to know about this deadline. This is another section of the ASUU Strike Update Today.

This pressure group gave the federal government Tuesday the 31st of August as their deadline. It threatens to go on strike if the revitalisation fund is not given to it.

Many people are waiting to hear what the Academic Staff Union of Universities has to say on this date. From the announcement that this board will make on this day, all will know if education will continue.

Many are wishing that the federal government will listen to their request so as to avoid the strike. All we have to do now is to wait for this date to come.

As the deadline is fast approaching many are also saying that ASUU should give the federal government more time.

This time will help them to follow the due process that I to be followed so as to successfully get hold of the fund.

We are still moving on to see more of this ASUU Strike Update Today so that students can know where they stand.

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Federal Government Respond to ASUU Strike 2021

Another important section regarding the ASUU Strike Update Today that may want to know about it here.

This section is about the response of the federal government to the ASUU strike that is lurking around. Many want to know if the federal government is doing anything about this strike.

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All those seeking this update will surely get to know about it from here. We will surely see the federal government’s reaction to this strike from here.

The federal government at its end is asking ASUU to exercise patience. It urges them to wait that the money will be given to them.

Also, the federal government responds to ASUU’s accusation of refusing to pick its call. The federal government told this union that even as the agency called with a different number its call was still attended to.

There are more talks within these two bodies that are behind closed doors. The federal government tells ASUU to wait for them to follow due process with the Central bank.

Let’s wait for the next step of action from ASUU on Tuesday the 31st of August 2021 where they disclose their final action.

The update here is regarding one of the leading educational bodies in Nigeria. this body is the Academic Staff Union of Universities.

All that happens to be seeking the update regarding this agency will surely get it in full from this post.

Share this update with those that do not know about it. Also, drop all comments regarding this update in the comment box below.



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