9mobile data balance: How to check your data balance on 9mobile

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This article is a guide on on to check your 9mobile data balance whatever phone you might be using. You can check your data balance by following simple instructions in this guide. Please follow all relevant links that will  show you more amazing things about 9mobile data balance.  In case you are confuse on how to go about 9mobile data check, don’t worry this is the right guide for you

9mobile data balance: How to check your data balance on 9mobile

You might know how to check airtime balance on 9mobile, but when it comes to browsing, you may not know how to check 9mobile data balance. This post is a guide that will help you to conversantly know your 9mobile balance. Using the 9mobile balance check code.

9mobile data balance

9mobile data balance

We wrote on 9mobile data plans and it became topnotch for the 9mobile customers and this gave us a urge to write on 9mobile data balance check.

If you are faced with the problem of checking your data balance on 9mobile, then I have written this blog post for you to be informing you on how to go about checking your data balance.

There are ways that one can save a lot of browsing data and one of the ways to go about this is to check your 9mobile data balance consistently.

There are numerous ways you can check your data balnce,  but truth is that most of this method will not reveal the true data balance left in your sim

9mobile which was recently rebranded from etisalat has lots of fantastic data packages that is compatible on  any device be it android, Pc, Nokia, windows, iphones PC etc.

In this post, I listed and reviewed all the best 9Mobile data plans you need to stay connected online. You should also have a look at the cheapest data plans in Nigeria and their subscription codes.

So, if you are looking for USSD codes used to check your remaining internet data bundle balance?

Just scroll down and check the answer you seek for…

If you are desiring to know how to go about checking data

How To Check 9Mobile Data Balance on Android, Blackberry, iPhone etc In Nigeria (USSD Codes)


There are basically 2 easy ways you can know how much data is left on your 9Mobile SIM, they are;

  1. USSD Code Method
  2. SMS Method

So, let’s get started below.

How to Check 9Mobile Data Balance Using USSD Code

This method works perfectly on Android, Windows, iPhone and other types of phones. With a simple USSD code, you can check your remaining data bundle balance on 9Mobile.

  • 9Mobile Data Balance USSD Code: Dial *228# to check your MB data balance easily.

2How to Check 9Mobile Data Balance Using SMS

This one is another great method if the USSD method isn’t working for your phone. You can also see how to check MB on 9Mobile SIM using the SMS method. Here’s how it works;

  • Type and send ‘INFO‘ without quotes to 228. (You receive a response message showing the size and expiry date of your current 9Mobile Internet subscription).

So if you’re looking for how to check 9Mobile data balance on iPad, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows and other feature phones, then all the following methods listed and explained above is enough to help.

9mobile Data Plans, Validity Period And Subscription Codes

Daily Data Plans

  1. 0MB For 50Naira- *229*3*8# or send MI3 to 229- 1day
  1. 40MB For 100Naira- *229*3*1# or send MI1 to 229- 1day

9mobile Data Plans Subscription Codes for Weekly Plans

  1. 150MB For 200Naira- *229*2*10# or send LCD to 229- 7days

Monthly Data Plans for 9mobile Data Plans Subscription Codes

  1. 500MB For 500Naira- *229*2*12# or send LCD2 to 229- 30days
  2. 1GB For 1000Naira- *229*2*7#- 30days
  3. 1.5GB For 1,200Naira- *229*2*25# or send AND11 TO 229 (30days)
  4. 2.5GB 2000Naira *229*2*8# or send AND2 to 229
  5. 4GB For 3000Naira *229*2*35#
  6. 5.5GB For 4000Naira *229*2*9#
  7. 11.5GB For 8000Naira *229*2*5# or send MB6 to 229

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9mobile Night & Weekend Data Plans

>> 500Naira for 1GB Weekend plan from Friday 11:59pm- Sunday 11:59pm- *5995*2#

>> 200Naira for 1GB Night Plan from 12am- 5am- *229*3*11#

>> 1000Naira for 2GB Evening & Weekend plans from 7pm- 7am- *229*3*12#

>> 2000Naira for 5GB Weekend & Evening Plan- *229*3*13# and you will also receive 100MB WhatsApp data (24/7). Its valid for 30days.

Before you leave, here are other useful codes you need to see.

That’s all for now. So, over to you…

Hope you were informed about 9mobile data balance and we believe that you will follow the above instructions carefully in checking for 9mobile data balance. What is your take on this update? Do you have any question or contribution about 9mobile data balance Please kindly drop it at the comment box below

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