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People have been looking for what is trending in the Nigerian Movie industry and we bring your excellency movie download for android, MP3, MP4 and many others.

With just a simple and single click you can download the entire version of the movies through our website.

Your excellency movie is one of the to trending Nollywood film which people have been searching for and thus we have not provided this post to show you how to download the movie through the 2020o download guide.

Your Excellency Movie Download

Your Excellency Movie Download

Please do well to note that this is a 2019 movie and we had chosen to give you a review on this movie and to show you how to download the movie through the download link.

After much consideration, numerous people had urged us to make for download latest movies for you to download with the download link provided.

After much persuasion, we have decided to make this download link for you available and we have also given you a review on how to download movies from this site.

This movie is currently available for a watch at Cinema nationwide and it is majorly distributed by Nollywood Nigerian Movies. Please use the download to download the movie and this download can be completed through a quick download link.

After much consideration, and o which movie is trending, the review on this movie is made for you and download.

Before downloading this movie, you should be sure that you are downloading the right movie through this guide.

Your Excellency Full movie Download

“What is Politics without a party” this key phrase is used to caption the movie as Funke Adeleke Bello takes viewers through the memory of a politician who seeks for the presidential seat and he is doing everything to secure the seat.

The presidential candidates have the support of his wife and together they battle with all their forces to get their current rift out of their way.

They have the support of almost everyone but the fear of failing still dwindles by as he has earlier contested for the same seat for three times.

Different persons are also fighting for the position and to win the position as the president of the country, then he hs to go through a certain process to become the head of the country.

Chief Olalekan is a businessman and a billionaire who has failed about three attempts in three different elections and still not giving up in his presidential bid as he is not too happy with Donald Trump for not giving him his support.

Just when Chief was about to give up, he gets a popular consensus of other parties and this brought him to the limelight of being the hot man in the fight as he is adopted by other major [political parties.

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As the day whirls by the Chief’s presidential bid gains more support even on social media and he has become a credible candidate for the presidency.

It has become clear that chief is not only a politician but also an entertainer as he offers best of sound moves and dance which makes the populace amuse, however, these are also serious threats to chief’s ambition.

Your Excellency Movie cast

  1. Funke Akindele-

Your Excellency Movie Download on your device shows Funke as she Plays the role of Chief’s woman who supports him in all his ambition. She is already picturing herself as the first lady to Chief.

She promises to be giving the government’s money to the chief when she becomes the first lady of the country. In her quest for the crown, she advises the chief to get a prophet who will be rendering prayers for a successful election.

  1. . Akin Lewis

Akin is the main deal in your excellency movie download as he is a major contender who wants to become the presidents of the country.

Akin is a big entrepreneur and businessman and together with Funke, the built ad struggle as they fight for their positions.

  1. Seyi Law

Seyi Law is an adviser and a friend to the chief and together. He tends to please chief anytime he is out of the mirror and together with the chief, they ridicule other candidates who claim just to get chief, please.

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Seyi Law is another funny bone who makes the movie fun as he is a close pal to chief and together, they plan and strategise on how to implement and carry out their campaigns.

  1. Falz

Falz is a musician show person who is interested in his video production and shooting as he makes certain moves with lots of girls.

Falz is not concerning with the happenings in his society as he shows serious unconcerned with what is going on in the country, falz is bent on building his music career and flirting with women.

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5.      Chigul –Chioma Omerua

In your excellency movie download, this is a major contender of chief as she is another pain in the ass towards chief’s presidential ambition.

She is the voice of the women and another drama queen who shows what she has to offer in terms of her dramatic technique.

  1. Ikechukwu Onunaku

Deyemi Okanlawon has just been employed to advise chief on how he will go about his campaigns and how he will be able to win all his major contenders.

It looks like Deyemi Okanlawon disagrees to all that chief is a concern with and he is being questioned and sacked by chief together with Funke.

  1. EmmaOMG

Emmanuel Edunjobi plays the role of a hired prophet who according to Funke has the email address of God. The prophet renders prayer to chief to win the presidential race. His prayers are taken with light fingers as the hired prophet uses unrelated and vagarious words to pray.

Other Characters in Your Excellency Movie Download

  • Helen Paul
  • Deyemi Okanlawon
  • Mike Afolarin
  • Eku Edwor
  • Toluwanimi Olaoye
  • Mo Abudu, – Executive Producer
  • Funke Akindele – Director
  • Heidi Uys –
  • James Amuta – Producers
  • -Alex Ekubor
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Download Your Excellency 2020 Full Movie

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your excellency movie download has been the major download for a very long time and hence we decided to make the post for you to download the movie.

Upon this review, we have examined certain cast according to the role which they play in the movie as it relates to their personal life.

The directors and producers carefully made this production for persons and so far, we can say that this is among the best production of ebony films still the producers of New Money 2 and Trending Devil’s Nest 2020 Movie

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