WAEC English Questions 2018 | Obj, Theory and Oral Questions and Answerss

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From the demands of candidates requesting for waec english questions 2018, we have gotten the updated questions and answers for waec 2018 English for all those who will be writing the English Language in the West African Examination Council’s examination. The English Language questions and answers is made up of complete questions and we have both theory and objective questions.

WAEC English Questions 2018

WAEC English Questions 2018

Our waec english 2018 was sourced from the right source from the west African Examination Council and we have authorities who happen to be examiners for many years and have provided us with the answers to the questions. The waec 2018 english language answers is very comprehensive and compiled.

Looking at the waec 2018 english answer for waec english questions 2018, you will see that the answers for both Objective questions, Theory questions and also waec 2018 oral English.

We provide our candidates with questions such as the Waec literature questions and there is also need to also make available the waec english questions 2018 and answers before the date of the examination. This is only possible through our connections with the west African Examination Council.

For those who wrote the 2018 waec GCE, they can also testify that that our waec gce english answer was genuine and hence the need to also provide our candidates with the 2018 Waec questons and answers for May/June examination.

A careful look at the past questions and answers will show that the waec oral english past questions consist of most important part of the questions on English language for the WAEC 2018 questions and answers for the May/June examination.

2018 waec english answers and Questions | Objectives, Theory and Oral Test

For those of you that have neglected the study of the past questions and answers, it is something so painful because the component of the waec english questions 2018 is drawn from waec english past questions pdf. Please endeavor to study effectively with the past questions and answers for other subjects.

In this post, we have shown you the 2018 waec english answers to the 2018 questions. It is one thing to hve the questions and another thing to have the correct answers according to the waec english marking scheme. Checking the waec marking scheme for english language pdf, there are certain requirements to meet in the waec questions especially the Essay Questions.

2018 waec english language question and answer is now available and we have updated it on our site. We have the questions on this page for you to bookmark this page and visit it regularly to get the updated questions.

A make careful look should be made on the oral english answer because according to the the gce past questions on english language the waec english oral 2018 had been the most difficult.

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The waec english past questions 2018 has also shown you for effective preparations for the examination. Like we wrote for the waec physics questions and answers 2018, we have also written and sourced for 2018 waec English questions and answers for candidates that are abot to write the examination on Thursday 12th April 2018.

The waec English questions and answers download pdf can be downloaded from our sites.

Nature of the waec english questions 2018

waec English questions 2018 comprises of three session which makes up a full questions for the English Questions. The three sessions are:

  • Essay
  • Objectives
  • Test of Orals

Each of this sessions comprises of 50 questions while some have more than 50 questions. The Essay Questions is made up of three aspects which are: Argumentative Essay, Speech, Letter Writing (both formal and informal) and an article. You are to choose which one to write on in the Essay.

The objective Questions is made up of 50 questions consisting of comprehension passages and questions, lexis and structures, synonyms and antonyms, words that best completes a passage as well as Registers.  The objectives questions and answers are drawn from the sessions above.

Another important aspect of the waec english questions 2018 is the test of Orals. The test of oral questions according to the timetable is schedule for 9th May 2018. The Englsh Language Paper three will consist of questions from Consonant sounds, Vowel Souds (diphthongs and Monothongs)  Stress Patters, Intonations etc.

WAEC English Questions 2018

WAEC English Questions 2018

Objective Questions for Waec English

The objective Questions contains 50 Questions which candidates are expected to provide corect answers to the questions. You will be tested on the following, filling in the gap with the appropraite answers, synonys and antonyms as well as words nearest in meaning.

SECTION A (50 MARKS) of WAEC English Questions 2018



The comprehension questions is one of the most important part of the questions for English Language. you will be expected to answer the questions accordingly paying close attention to every detailed part of the question. Where you are asked to write in sentence, please do so and where you are asked to write within a number of sentence please also do so and provide the exact number of sentences required.

The comprehension questions is one part of the examination that much emphasis and concentration should be placed on. According to the Marking scheme as seen for English language, you are expected to answer the questions correctly because this part of the question carries mark.

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The comprehension questions is one part of the questions that a lot of English fail not because they dont know, but because they don’t understand the pattern which they are requested to answer the question with. Please it is of important that you read the instructions carefully before proceeding to answer the comprehension questions of WAEC English Questions 2018.

The questions below shows some of the answers to the comprehension questions as seen in 2017 waec examination. Please these answers should be provided correctly on the answer booklet and you should also make sure that spellings and concord agreement must be the order of your english answers.

One thing about the comprehension question is that it should be understood perfectly before attempting to answer the questions as asked in the your examination questions. When providing answers to the questions asked, you should also endevour to make sure that the answers are expressed using the correct english expressions and plural words should not be written as singular words.

Dele’s surprise before he sank into oblivion was the failure of his supposedly protective amulets.
(a) Why did Dele wake up late?
(b)…he caught his left toe against a stump and had some misgivings. What does this tell us about Dele?
(c)  Give two reasons why Dele drove recklessly.
(d) Why was Dele unable to stop his faulty vehicle?
(e)  What was Dele’s condition after the accident?
(f) After all, didn’t he have protection against accident? What literary device is used in this expression?
(g)   …wildly across the road…
(i) What grammatical name is given to the expression as it is used in the passage?
(ii) What is its function?
(h) For each of the following words, find another word or phrase which means the same and
can replace it in the passage:
i.  probably;
ii. returns;
iii. groggy;
iv. misgiving
v.  threadbare
vi. reckless.

SECTION C of WAEC English Questions 2018

Paper 3 (TEST 0F ORALS] | WAEC English Questions 2018

For candidates in Nigeria and Liberia only

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letters underlined.
1.   wit
A.  fright
B.  wheat
C.  tree
D.  market
2.   look
A.  glue
B.  you
C.  cup
D.  curious

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that has the same consonant sound(s) as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.
3.   dance
A.  handsome
B.  sandwich
C.  adjective
D.  pounding
4.   plucked
A.  smiled
B.  slammed
C.  luck
D.  table

SECTION 3 of WAEC English Questions 2018
From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that rhymes with the given word.
5.         carrier
A.        area
B.        barrier
C.        serious
D.        ravine
6.        drought
A.        crowd
B.        nought
C.        shout
D.        taught

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SECTION 4 of the WAEC English Questions 2018
In each of the following questions, the main/primary stress is indicated by writing the syllable on which it occurs in capital letters. From the words lettered A to D, choose the one that has the correct stress.
7.         acrimony
A.        A-cri-mo-ny
B.        a-CRI-mo-ny
C.        a-cri-MO-ny
D.        a-cri-mo-NY

WAEC English Questions 2018 SECTION 5:
In the following options lettered A to D, all the words except one have the same stress pattern. Identify the one with the different stress pattern.
8.         A.        sanctify
B.        promising
C.        notify
D.        organic

In each of the following sentences, the word that receives the emphatic stress is written in capital letters.   From the questions lettered A to D, choose the one to which the given sentence is the appropriate answer.
9.         The DOCTOR examined the patient with a stethoscope.
A.        Did the teacher examine the patient with a stethoscope?
B.        Did the doctor cure the patient with a stethoscope?
C.        Did the doctor examine the nurse with a stethoscope?
D.        Did the doctor examine the patient with a telescope?

WAEC English Questions 2018 SECTION 7
From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that contains the sound represented by the given phonetic symbol.
10.       / ǝ /
A.        accurate
B.        nephew
C.        ageless
D.        waddle

These are te updated 2018 Questions and answers which we have provided for you for the waec english questions 2018. This questions were sourced from the right sourced and it has been updated for all candidates writing The West African Examination council examination.

We will love to updated with the recent questions once the waec english questions 2018 and for you to stand a chance to get our mail on the examinations questions before the actual time of the examination, Please kindly drop a comment below containing your mail.

Do you have any question or contribution on this post or will you love to share your though on the waec english questions 2018, please comment with it at the comment box below. We can also provide you with more questions on every other subjects before the actual date for the examination. 



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