Victor Okhai Biography Age and Networth

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Victor Okhai Biography Age and Networth

There are many movie producers in the Nollywood movie industry but not all have achieved all available heights.

Some of them are just known as producers but has not been able to make any impact or even make any progress in the movie industry.

One of the available movie producers in the Nollywood industry is Victor Okhai. Victor has accomplished a lot. He is one of those who have taken Nollywood to the next level.

He has done various acts of which many producers have not been able to do. Victor has surely made a difference in the Nollywood movie industry.

Victor Okhai Biography, age and Networth is very prestigious. He has numerous educational qualifications and has accomplished a lot both in the movie industry and outside the movie industry.

Victor earned the respect of some of the countries of the world. He is not just a film-maker but a great personality to Nigeria.

Victor is a role model to many as many film-makers are wishing to be like him. He is very focused and determined.

He knows what he wants and always looks for how to get it no matter what it may cost him. Victor is very hardworking and this has made him outstanding among his equals.

See more of Victor Okhai Biography, age and Networth below as his life story as well as accomplishments will be fully elaborated.

You do not want to miss any detail of the life journey of this great man and the position he is attaining today.

After reading this post, you may as well aspire to be like Victor and also emulate his footsteps in whatever you are doing.

He has successfully left his footprints on the sands of time for generations to come and see it and also learn from him.  

Victor Okhai Biography

Victor Okhai Biography

Victor Okhai Biography, Age

This man is a successful film-maker and very nobleman. He knows what he wants and cannot compromise what he stands for.

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He is a rare gem as he is one of the best film-makers of all times. Victor has earned a lot of respect from many not only in Nigeria but also around the world.

His fame has brought not only the Nollywood industry but also Nigeria as a whole much favour as he has several great accomplishments to his name.

Victor’s movies are always captivating as he acts in reality and not just what everybody wants to see. Many have their inspiration from his movies.

His movies also encourage people to forge ahead in life as they send a message to everyone who views it.

Apart from film-making, victor also does freelance journalism. He is a Veteran Broadcast Journalist. He does his researches and findings by himself as his works are always special.

Victor Okhai hails from Edo State. He is in his early fifties as he still has a long life to live and make many more accomplishments.

He has a wide experience in the media as he has not less than thirty years of experience in the journalism aspect of his life.

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Victor Okhai Education

Victor has attended several institutions and this is one of the reasons why his performance both in the Nollywood industry and in the mass media is very outstanding.

He attended the Command Secondary school in Jos, Plateau state. He furthered his education at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

In this university, he studied Mass Communication and graduated successfully. He later continued with his masters’ degree still in the university of Nigeria, Nsukka in Public Relations.

To increase his educational knowledge, he attended other higher institutions. He earned a Certificate on Media Enterprise in the School of Media, Pan-African University.

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Also, he has a diploma in Criminal justice administration from the University of Lagos. Victor went on to the National Film and Television Institute where he got a certificate in Film Editing.

He did not stop there but went ahead to the Centre for Management and earned himself a Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

Victor also has degrees from international institutions. In DW Akadamie, Berlin, Germany, he got a Diploma degree in Events Management/film festival organization.

Finally, he got a certificate in Film/Cinema and Video studies at the University of California in Los Angeles.

These educational qualifications have taken him to a great height as he compiles the knowledge he has from all these institutions to create something for himself.

He has used it to go to places where not many film producers like him can go and he also has favours from many countries of the world.

Victor Okhai Career

This is one of the most important aspects of Victor Okhai Biography. He has seen himself to the top of what he does.

Victor has single-handedly made it great in both the journalism aspect and the film-making aspect. He has many accomplishments and is notable in many countries of the world.

Victor is a producer, scriptwriter, director, cinematographer, freelance journalist and also a logistics provider.

He has provided logistics for some major international film companies and TV networks of which includes Aljazeera, CNN, BBC and a host of others.

Victor has also worked with some other organizations such as McKinsey, Oxfam, Human Rights Watch and Unilever.

He is currently the director of the international film and broadcast academy in Lagos. Okhai is also a speaker and resource personnel pertaining to film both locally and internationally.

With the help of Victor, the international film and broadcast academy have produced not less than 700 films.

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Victor also delivered a paper on “the role of art, film and politics in Nigeria”. This was during the visit of the German foreign minister and some of the German parliament members in 2007.

In 2008, the Goethe institute asked him to present a paper on “The Nollywood Phenomenon” and present it to the German president and his crew during his visit to Nigeria.

Among the few Africans that has headed the panel of judges in the international film festivals of which includes the Cairo, Fespaco and Schnitt international film festival, Victor is one of them.

Victor Okhai Networth

The Networth of Victor Okhai is what many people are wishing to know. Victor is not focusing on money when he does what he does.

He just wants to be a rare gem and a role model wherever he goes. Victor has great accomplishments and has good international relations with other film industries internationally.

Victor is worth millions of dollars as he has made money from his various movies which he has produced and even the script he writes for others.

The journalism aspect of his life has also fetched him money in cooperation with his international relationships.

Victor Okhai Biography is in this post. Those who have been wishing to know more about this great man can do so through this post.

Share Victor Okhai Biography with others and let them get to know about the producer and scriptwriter of most of the movies they watch. Drop all and comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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