Uyo Postal Code and Zip Code : Akwa Ibom Postal Code

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Uyo Postal Code | This is the Postal Code for Akwa Ibom State which we have written this article to cover. We have seen the need for us to write on Akwa Ibom Postal Code  for you to know the specific Postal Code for Akwa Ibom which is under nigerian zip code. This article has been written to help you and you the necessary knowledge on  Akwa Ibom Postal Code This article is needed for you to be informed about the necessary postal code in Akwa Ibom State.

Uyo Postal Code

Uyo Postal Code

In Nigeria, akwa ibom postal code is also part of the Nigerian Postal code and which also comprises of uyo postal code you need this knowledge to get information on the basics postal code needed.

Many people want to know about Akwa Ibom state postal code to get the necessary knowledge for this we have written an article to cover this and to answer the numerous questions asked on Akwa Ibom Postal codes and Zip cosdes.

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But before we proceed, it is important to know the meaning and definitions of the term Zip Codes and Postal codes.

 What is Nigeria Zip code In Uyo Postal Code

Zip Codes are also referred to as postal codes. These are special numbers given by the Nigerian Postal service for easy identification and delivery of mails. The Postal code for your city or area starts with a specific number.

 Like we have other postal codes in other states, we also have Akwa Ibom zip code in Akwa Ibom State which is our major focus of this post. It is good to know the postal code for your place especially the place of your residents. This article covers the post on Akwa Ibom Postal Code and it includes nigeria zip code, uyo zip code, abak Road Zip Code, Nwaniba Road Zip codes, eket road postal code etc.

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Basically, you will find all the areas in Uyo Local Government Area and their Zip codes for you to wherever you are searching for in Uyo L.G.A.

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This Zip Codes in Uyo Local Government Area also have all the areas and streets in the city of uyo. You will also have Aka Road postal Codes, Ikot Ekpene Road and Oron Road Postal code, and Aka Etinan Zip Codes in this article.  

Uyo Postal Code and Uyo Zip Codes


Asutan St. 520211
Barracks Rd. 520211
Effiong Udo Akpan St. 520211
Eka St. 520211
Ekong Utana St. 520211
Plateau Rd. 520211
Udo Otong Ubo st. 520211
Udo st. 520211
Umoren st. 520211
 Streets            Zip Code
Affau St. St. 520221
Akpabio Books Rd. 520221
Akpan St. 520221
Ekpeyong St. 520221
Ekpo Obot St. 520221
Gibbi St St. 520221
Paul Bassey St. 520221
Plateau Rd. 520221


 Streets  Zip Code
Akpan 520251
Chief Ekepnyong St. 520251
Enoidem St. 520251
Etinan Rd. 520251
Etok St. 520251
Itiam St. 520251
Itiam Lane 520251
Jubilee School Rd. 520251
Nsentip St. 520251
Nsit Lane 520251
Odosen Nkahia St. 520251
Port Harcourt St. 520251
Udo Eduok St. 520251
Udo Ekong St. 520251
Ukana Offot St. 520251
Yoruba Rd. 520251
Abak Rd. 520261
Akpan Essien Rd. 520261
Akpata St. 520261
Eka St. 520261
Ekpong St. 520261
Faith Rd. 520261
Idiam St. 520261
Idoro Ipo Abak Rd. 520261
Ikot Ekpene St. 520261
Oku St. 520261
Udo Obio St. 520261
William Bassey Rd. 520261
 Streets    Zip Code
Akpan Efuk St. 520231
Atakpe St. 520231
Ewet St. 520231
Oron Rd. 520231
Udo Obot St. 520231
Udosien Uko St. 520231
 Streets              Zip Code
Akpan St. 520222
 Streets  Zip Code
Akpan 520251
Chief Ekepnyong St. 520251
Enoidem St. 520251
Etinan Rd. 520251
Etok St. 520251
Itiam St. 520251
Itiam Lane 520251
Jubilee School Rd. 520251
Nsentip St. 520251
Nsit Lane 520251
Odosen Nkahia St. 520251
Port Harcourt St. 520251
Udo Eduok St. 520251
Udo Ekong St. 520251
Ukana Offot St. 520251
Yoruba Rd. 520251
Barracks Rd.
Akpan Idiok St. 520271
Ekong Essian St. 520271
Ekpon Rd. 520271
Ikot Ekpene Rd. 520271
Ikpa Rd. 520271
Itam Rd. 520271
Onyong Udo St. 520271
Udo Ekong St. 520271
Uko Essiat Rd R 520271
Aka Rd. 520241
Ake Itiam Rd. 520241
Ata Inim St. 520241
Etoi St. 520241
Etuk St. 520241
Idem St. 520241
Inim Etok Akpan St. 520241
Iwe St. 520241
Johnston St. 520241
Nyong Essien St. 520241
Obio Imo St. 520241
Oniong St. 520241
Pauline St. 520241
Udo Ekpo Inyang St. 520241
Udo Ofong Ubo St. 520241
Umuan St. 520241
Yoruba Rd. 520241
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The Uyo postal code is what we wrote this article to strictly focus on we have seen the need to concentrate on uyo postal code which is a knowledge needed for you to go on with your postal service and operations.

There are many people who wants the knowledge of this article because many of the are actually expecting a mail to be sentg to them, hence the need to to haved a full knowledge of the uyo postal code.

Uyo Local Government is no doubt a city in the Akwa Ibom state and records a lot of immigrants from both south east and south west.

Our next article on postal code will actually cover Akwa ibom state zip code that is other Local Government in Akwa Ibom State and their postal codes so it is very important that you keep an eye for our next article.

We know that over the years certain updates on certain postal codes has come up and hence the need to let you know the actual postal codes for Uyo in Akwa Ibom states.

The piece of information above on uyo zip/postal code which we have written above has some major areas in Uyo Local Government area. We have understood that most websites who have put up a post on uyo postal code does not actually include Nwaniba Postal Code which many persons have lacked behind. We have actually taken time to write care fully on uyo postal code which include  nwaniba zip code.

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However, The Ikpa Road postal code is 520271 while the itu Road postal code is 5202 there are other postal codes in this article which are under Uyo Postal code.

Hope you have been informed about this article on Uyo postal Code. We hope to provide you with more dedtailed information concerning Nigerian Zip codes and Uyo Postal Code.

What is that thing that has not been mentioned in this article, the area that we have not cover we wants to know so that we can regularly update this article on Uyo Postal Code. If you wants to this article to get across other persons in the social media World, Kindly use the share bottom to share via facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Our next article will be on abak postal code , eket postal code , ikot ekpene zip code , itu postal code , ikpa road zip code , oron postal code please keep in touch with this site.



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