Update WhatsApp 2022 – How to Update Your Whatsapp

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Update WhatsApp 2022

Brief History

WhatsApp a platform, owned by its mother company, Meta is a social media mobile application aimed at enhancing communication amongst individual. The app ensures the easy passage of media files, documents, messages and so much more. It was launched in the year 2009, by its previous company WhatsApp inc. then later bought over in February 2014 by its present mother company Meta. It was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum who were former employees of Yahoo.

Why Update WhatsApp 2022

Updating WhatsApp and any other mobile application in general, is very essential as it gives the user access to upgraded and updated features put into the app by its developers. This way, the user tends to enjoy more benefits and gets to access more features the app provides. Updating whatsapp to its latest version is not far from the reason above, it is to ensure you as the user, gets access to the updated features which will help you communicate easily and socialize easily with other members of the platform.

Update WhatsApp 2022

Update WhatsApp 2022

Latest features of WhatsApp 2022 version

Improving voice messages

With the introduction of voice messages in 2013, sharing voice notes became a quick and easy process, helping those who do not want to type a message. The simply designed feature helps users share more intimate and expressive conversations in the form of a voice note.

In a 30 March 2022 blog, WhatsApp reported that its users share 7 billion voice messages on average, which are protected and kept private using end-to-end-encryption.

Taking a cue from this, the messaging app launched new features in March 2022 to improve the WhatsApp voice message experience. These include:

  1. Out of chat playback: It helps you hear a voice message outside the chat, while you read and respond to other messages or multitask on your smartphone.
  2. Pause/resume recording: You can pause your voice message recording to, for example, collect your thoughts or do away with distractions and resume recording once ready.
  3. Waveform visualization: It shows a visual representation of the sound, on the voice message, to indicate the recording is on.
  4. Draft preview: You can listen to your voice messages before sending them to your loved ones or clients.
  5. Remember playback: In case you press pause while listening to a voice message in a chat, this feature lets you resume from where you left off.
  6. Fast playback on Forwarded Messages: The feature allows you to increase the speed of regular and forwarded voice messages to 1.5x or 2x, to listen to them faster.
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Introducing Communities

Organizations like local clubs, schools or businesses heavily depend on WhatsApp to work and share confidential information. Which is why, the messaging app introduced a one-stop solution called Communities in April 2022.

This feature helps to share information with a larger number of people by bringing different group chats under one roof, using a system that benefits them.

In this way, people can receive Update WhatsApp 2022 sent to the entire community, as well as set up smaller discussion groups who share common interests. For instance, a school principal can use the Community feature to bring all the parents together and share important updates in one space. They can also create groups for specific classes or extracurricular activities.

Additionally, Communities will empower group admins with new tools that include announcement messages that can be broadcast to everyone.

More features will be enabled before the entire Communities interface is launched later in 2022. While they have not specified the date, WhatsApp is focusing on developing Communities this year to support its daily users.

Post launch, they will be able to use Admin Delete, where WhatsApp group admins can delete problematic messages from everyone’s chats, and voice calls, a one-tap voice calling feature where up to 32 people can be on the call.

Reactions, Share Large files and increased Group Sizes

The messaging app updated its interface with emoji Reactions on 5 May.

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The Update WhatsApp 2022 includes six emoji reactions — love, laugh, sad, surprise and thanks. These are like the ones available on Facebook and Instagram. Quick and fun to use, the reactions appear under messages when you tap on it and hold it down for a couple of seconds. The user can select the most suitable reaction for the options. The feature helps to reduce the number of messages as well. Additionally, Meta shared that it will be adding more expressions to this feature.

Through the update, users can share a file size of 2 GB on WhatsApp. The limit was earlier set at 100 MB. However, it is advised to use WiFi for the seamless transfer of larger files. Also, while downloading or uploading a file, a counter will be displayed, indicating the time the file will take to transfer. The feature is safeguarded with end-to-end encryption.

To further support businesses, schools and other close-knit groups, WhatsApp will allow group admins to add up to 512 people to a group.

Update WhatsApp 2022 to Support small businesses

WhatsApp is leaving no stone unturned to support businesses globally. The company announced that it is developing advanced features to help businesses operate and amplify their presence online. For instance, WhatsApp will make it easy to manage chats on up to 10 devices.

Additionally, to attract customers online, it will provide new customizable WhatsApp click-to-chat links. However, these features will be included as a premium, chargeable service that you can opt for, if you have a WhatsApp Business account.

As a complimentary service, the company is offering free, secure cloud-hosting services for all businesses, irrespective of their sizes. With the new API, not only has the start-up time to access WhatsApp reduced to minutes but businesses can also customize their experiences and quickly reach out to their customers. You can sign up directly or contact Meta’s business solution providers to get started.

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Privacy control for profile picture, Last Seen

One of the most-awaited Update WhatsApp 2022 gives users the ability to hide their profile pictures, status updates and Last Seen statuses from specific contacts.

A new option named ‘My Contacts Except…’ has been added to the existing three — ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’ and ‘Nobody’ — that can be selected from the Privacy screen.

When ‘My Contacts Except…’ is selected, information about statuses, profile pictures and Last Seen is hidden from the contacts who are in the exceptions list. This means that users have greater control over who can see their information.

Other Upcoming Features

WhatsApp is also looking to introduce more features and updates in 2022 to simplify user experience. While the date of launch is yet to be confirmed, the features are likely to debut this year.

For iOS users, the app will enable them to see profile photos of individuals and groups in WhatsApp notifications. While this feature is in the testing stage, it will soon be released for others.

WhatsApp is planning to redo the design of its interface that tells who you are sharing media with. It will allow users to choose new recipients before sending media files. You will also be able to share an image, a video, or a GIF on your status as well as chats.

A feature that might also get introduced this year across multiple devices would allow users to log out of their WhatsApp accounts, like Facebook or Instagram.

To enjoy all these newly included features, you are to Update WhatsApp 2022

application. And you will need to keep doing a regular update, to keep getting new features that would be added in future, on your application.



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