Uniuyo Post Utme Past Questions and Answers – Free Download 2019

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Uniuyo Post Utme Past Questions and answers  –  Free download

Did you receive the news that the federal Government has lifted up its band on aptitude test and which to some persons is a good news and to others it is a bad news that shouldn’t have broken forth.

Whether it is a good news or a bad news, the facts remains that candidates who sat for the last concluded Jamb exams will have to write post utme exams.

Uniuyo Post Utme Past Questions

Uniuyo Post Utme Past Questions

Many students are not yet certain if Uniuyo will join in the conduct of this year’s post utme exams, but according to confirmed sources, Uniuyo will take Part in this year’s conduct of post Utme.

The right tools to use if you desire to score high in Uniuyo Post Utme are Uniuyo Post Utme past questions and answers.  The Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers is available for students who are desiring to score high in Uniuyo post Utme and have admission and see your name in the Uniuyo admission List

Our Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers has help a lot of candidates to kill it in Uniuyo Post UTME post Utme Exams conducted each year.

If you have ever been looking for the right tools to use while studying for Post UTME, look no further for Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers has been compiled to set you free and help you to gain admission in  just one sitting of uniuyo post Utme Examination. Please note that all post utme processes can be done at Uniuyo portal

Did you Know?

That out of numerous schools who participates in the conducts of post Utme, Uniuyo Post Utme has always been the toughest and many students do come out with loss hope.

Why You Need Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers

Below are the five killer reasons why you need to study with our Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers

  1. Shows you the nature of the exams

Statistics have shown that many candidates who have failed Uniuyo Post UTME failed because of ignorance. Our compiled past questions and answers is structurally organized the way Uniuyo University of Uyo organizes its exams, of course it is the exact carbon copy of Uniuyo Post UTME questions.

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Using our Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers,  the nature and the structure of the exams is made familier to you and you will have an edge over other students. It is likely seeing the exams questions already.

Don’t study ignorantly without geting Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers

  1. Serves as a syllabus

Did you not hear that Uniuyo post utme does have syllabus? It is the post utme past questions and answers which will serve as a syllabus for students.

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Maybe someone did not tell you that:

If  you study everything, you wil fail. Yes that’s true about uniuyo post utme past questions and answers. The past past question will tell you what to study and what not to study in the preparation for the exams.

Know what and how to study with our Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers

  1. Helps you to practice perfectly


Practice makes perfection. Our Post UTME past question helps you to practice effectively for the exams without having any course.  Studying with our past questions will show you how to prepare and practice effectively for the exams.

  1. Serves as a Guide

You need to be guided in your preparation of the exams and Uniuyo Post UTME serves as the perfect Guide for you to study with. This open tool has assisted many candidates to be guided as they prepare for their exams. Their preparation has been stress free because they use the proper tool which is the post utme past question and answers.

How to Get Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers


Our Testimonials

Infowaka.com has helped me a lot with their compiled past questions and answers. Using infowaka.com post utme past questions and answers, I was able focus and stoop low and study and the post UTME result has been amazing.

Emmanuel Sini (310 – post utme 2015) – Universty of Uyo

The infowaka past Questions and answers has been a great tool in the hands of those preparing for utme past questions. The past questions and answers are succinctly arranged for the study delight of anyone who wish to score high in post utme

Adeyemi, Victor  (280 – post utme 2015)

How to Study Uniuyo Post UTME past Questions and answers

UNIUYO post UTME past question papers is a necessary tool recommended to all UNIUYO prospective students aiming at achieving success in the forth coming 2019 UNIUYO post UTME.

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You are wondering why I’m saying its a necessary tool, right? There is nothing as bad as ignorance. This is why people keep writing the test year after year.

The post UTME screening test is always set by one panel of the University. Mind you, most of these screening test questions often repeat in subsequent years.

This past question papers will give you an idea of how the said screening test is going to look like; that is if you’ve not taken the test before.

Test yourself by taking the quiz below, in the quiz are some of the questions in the past questions:

Fortunately, the question you will see in the past question paper you’ll get from us may repeat in your own post UTME screening test question, Just that they will reorder the questions. Yes, I mean it.

How I’m I sure that you will not turn off your line after getting my money?

Well, as humans you need to doubt, the truth of the matter is this; the website you are on now is worth more than $20000, so why on earth should I turn off a business line because  of ₦1500.

I mean we are real human, and I bet you we’ll be the best friend you will ever have; well, if you are still doubting that I’m saying all this to get you caught in our trap; you are totally wrong. We do not sell only UNIUYO post UTME past questions, but we sell for other schools.

To prove to you that we are not scammers; check out the screenshot from our email sent Items below:

If you can’t see the images clearly, you can download it so that you can zoom it.

So how do I get the post UTME past question and answers?

Irrespective of your subject combination, we have all the past question papers in stock for all the candidates.

The cost of the newly updated Past Questions and Answers is 1,500.00 naira

See the Payment Detail Below

Bank Payment

Bank Name: Gtb (Gurantee Trust Bank)


Account Number: 0167917417


After Payment, Send the following

  • Depositors Name
  • Amount Paid
  • Past Question paid for
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Send a recharge voucher worth N1,500 with your full Name, email, phone number and the Name of your School Past Q & A. We will send you the Past questions and information book to your email immediately.

A your favorite Email Address to our Agent on 08141291174 or 08067854635
Please you can call or text him to verify you are paying to the right source and to avoid confusion.

You can text or call him on: 08141291174.  Or mail infowakaweb@gmail.com He works in UYO @ Piere Marketing and Business Consultancy Limited. No. 74 Ikpa  Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Make sure you text him to be sure that you are buying from the right source.

You can Call Him before and After Payment to verify that you are paying to the right person

The purchased  Past Questions and Answers for your school will be uploaded immediately into your email address within the next 24 hours.

The past question paper costs a token of ₦1,000 for the four subjects combination. Pay using the account details below:

The past question paper is in PDF format, this will be sent to your email after payment.

After successful payment, send your depositor’s name, email, and the course you intend to study in school in a text message to the phone line below:

After receiving your details and confirmed your payment, the past questions will be sent to you in not later than 30 minutes.

All inquiry should be forwarded to the phone line above.

When you are given admission, you should pay an acceptance fee with the Uniuyo acceptance fee payments procedures

Once you get the past questions, please reply the email or come back to this page and leave your testimonial in the comment section.



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