Unilag School Fees for New Students and Post Graduates 2018/2019

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A lot of persons wants to have an adequate knowledge of Unilag School fees especially those who have seen their names in the unilag admission 2017/2018 list and that is why we consider it very important that you have a full knowledge of all the fees schedule for various institutions and in this post our focus will be on University of Lagos.

Unilag School Fees

Unilag School Fees

The official school fees paid in Unilag varies from level to level and different amount of money for different Utilities such as unilag hostel fees and other accommodation fees and it is good to also know unilag school fees deadline to see whether you are paying your fees at at the right time or not.

A lot of new students do mistake the unilag accommodation fees to be the main school fees, but it is not so as there are different fee schedule for University of Lagos. Take for example, the unilag school fees for medical students is different from the unilag school fees for part time.

The important of this post can never be overemphasized especially in answering questions like; how much is unilag dli school fees and also getting to know the various school school fees for various courses such as unilag school fees for law. This post is an updated one to give out the various Unilag fees schedule for different programmes especially the unilag dli school fees 2018 and it has it delimitation or scope to unilag

There have been a lot of information or latest news unilag school fees which states that unilag fees has been strictly subsidize for all New and returning students and it can be seen on unilag website admission and that it was university of lagos notable alumni  that moved towards the reduction of the fees.

However, from our findings, the Unilag School fees still remains the same as it has not been drastically reduced as said by rumor mongers.

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Unilag School fees and Unilag courses

There are different course schedule for different school fees in Unilag and it is worthy to note that Unilag hostel fees schedule also differs among different programmes that is unilag postgraduate or undergraduate programs.

If you are a fresher or a new intake and you have not seen your name on the Unilag first batch and unilag supplementary list, please don’t even bother to pay our fees as there will be no other list after the unilag 2nd list and the unilag application portal for fees might close very soon.

Even though you have met the unilag admission requirements Unilag cut off mark like the without you seeing your name in the list, please don’t disturb yourself on paying or getting to know how to pay unilag school fees.

The unilag latest news on admission 2018/19 is that fees are no longer paind at the Bank but through the portal. This information was made known and was publicly announced as a major unilag news and announcement which was seen everywhere at the unilag official website.

Before proceeding to pay the Unilag School fees, please know that the fee payment portal and the unilag post utme portal are different. The unilag post utme 2018 2019 will be processed at the portal for post Utme when once the admission for is also out.

Unilag School Fees for Post graduates and Post graduate Courses

Please for those in the postgraduate section please you should know the different unilag masters courses before proceeding to make payment for Unilag School fees for post graduates for post graduates students, different programmes carry different school fees as well as different courses also have different courses too have different course schedule.

university of lagos is known for a good study environment and academic conducive environment and one of the accredited institutions  for post graduates. It is one of the few intuitions whose post graduates schools is very effective and efficient and that is why a lot of people do pick different university of lagos masters programme.

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Please there are various university of lagos courses for postgraduates students and you can find it here in our article on Unilag courses or go to the university of lagos address and find out the school fees schedule for university of lagos state.

 Please also not that late registration and payment attract an extra charge and you will also be charge N2,000 in the case of loss of I.D card.

The university of lagos website further gives more details about the school fees obtainable in the University of Lagos. For those who need Unilag School Fees for Unilag dli, the school fees schedule is not totally different from the school fees paid by normal students and this info was sourced according to the unilag dli latest news. Please endevour to read every instruction and details carefully before proceeding to unilag dli portal for the payment

            School Fees Schedule for New Students Science & Languages (Undergraduates)

1..        Acceptance  – 20,000.00

  1. Registration – 5,000.00
  2. Identity Card -1,000.00
  3. Screening Result Verification –  5,000.00
  4. Examination – 2,500.00
  5. Sports –  1,000.00
  6. Medical Services – 2,500.00
  7. Lab. Services (Not Refundable) – 2,000.00
  8. Library Services 2,500.00 –
  9. Students’ Handbook 1,000.00
  10. Information Tech. Tech. (IT) 2,000.00
  11. Endowment Fund 5,000.00
  12. Hire of Gown 1,000.00
  13. TISHIP 5,000.00

TOTAL           55,500.00


Unilag School Fees for New Students Non- Science

1..        Acceptance   –    N20,000.00

  1. Registration –            N5,000.00
  2. Identity Card –          N1,000.00
  3. Result Verification – N5,000.00
  4. Examination –            N2,500.00
  5. Sports –  N1,000.00
  6. Medical Services –   N2,500.00
  7. Library Services – N2,500.00
  8. Students’ Handbook – N1,000.00
  9. Information Tech. Tech. (IT) – N2,000.00
  10. Endowment Fund –  N5,000.00
  11. Hire of Gown –          N1,000.00
  12. TISHIP – N5,000.00
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TOTAL           N53,500.00

Unilag Fee Schedule for Returning Students 2018/2019 | Science & Languages

  1. Registration –            N1,000.00
  2. Identity Card –           N1,000.00
  3. Examination –            N2,000.00
  4. Sports –      N1,000.00
  5. Medical Services –     N1,000.00
  6. Lab. Services (Not Refundable) –    N1,000.00
  7. Information Tech. (IT –   N1,000.00
  8. Library Services –  N1,500.00
  9. Endowment Fund –  N1,000.00
  10. TISHIP –       N5,000.00

TOTAL           N15,500.00

Unilag School Fees Schedule for Returning Students

  1. Registration –            N1,000.00
  2. Identity Card –          N1,000.00
  3. Examination –            N2,000.00
  4. Sports –          N1,000.00
  5. Medical Services –     N1,000.00
  6. Information Tech –    N1,000.00
  7. Library Services –   N1,500.00
  8. Endowment Fund –   N1,000.00
  9. TISHIP –       N5,000.00

TOTAL –         N14,500.0

Above is a detailed Unilag School fees for new and returning students which shows you the different school fees for both returning and new students. This post has been written base on a serious research by the author. If the school fees in Unilag is so big, you can do change of institution now that it is not late

Do you have any question or contribution on Unilag School fees please drop it below at the comment box or do you have any question about the University of lagos generally or questions on the university of lagos admission process Please comment with it on the comment box below. We are poised to serve you better.

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