UBA Money Transfer Code to Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks | UBA Magic Banking 2020

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UBA Money Transfer Code to Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks | UBA Magic Banking

This text has been written on UBA Money Transfer Code and has been compiled to help you proffer solutions to problems associated with UBA Money Transfer Code.  Having the knowledge of UBA Money Transfer Code via our article is vital for you that’s why you need to read it to the end. If it your preference to UBA Money Transfer Code, you have to study this piece now which we’ve compiled on UBA Money Transfer Code and could help you a long way.

UBA Money Transfer Code


It is very easy to do a uba mobile money transfer to any bank of your choice, whether it is within or outside. There is so many things you can do with the *919# uba and one of them is to make a transfer either from your bank to another UBA bank or from your Bank to a different bank entirely.

The world banking has become more easy and fat because of the introduction of some USSD in most banks which helps to facilitates easy transaction.


UBA Money Transfer Code to Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks | UBA Magic Banking

In the time past, many persons gave the excuse of mobile banking being available to only those who can connect to the internet but now, time has passed that with just a USSD code you can now transfer money from your bank to another bank easily.

The focus of this topic on transfer codes will be on uba transfer codes either from your bank to another bank or from a UBA bank to another UBA bank. This post is similar to the post we wrote on Union Bank Transfer code which had a lot of views and comments

UBA Mobile Transfer Codes

let’s put it simple and straight forward, you can either use the USD code or you use the United Bank for Africa Mobile App available online on Google play Store .

This are the most simple and straight forward ways you can make a Transfer to another person on UBA

UBA USSD transfer codes

Just to inform you that the  USSD Transfer code for the United Bank for Africa is simply *919# and with this you can do transfer in any place you are disregarding the kind of phone you are Using.

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Like the Diamond Bank transfer code, the UBA USSD transfer code is good in all phones whether you are using a smart phone or a phone with buttons all you have to do is to follow the instructions after dialing the codes

A picture like this will appear

UBA Money Transfer Code


And you have to follow the instructions carefully in other to transfer the money successfully.

UBA Money Transfer Code


The images below or above gives further information on how to go about it this. It will help you to do an error free transfer in your bank.

To go about this method, your phone  number should be updated with your bank that is you have to use the phone number you use to open the UBA account to access and try the above metioned steps.

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Transferring money can be very easy but when you have probably misplaced your phone and lost your contacts, you can contact the bank customer care representative to update your phone number.

Alternatively, you can do a;

UBA Transfer by Mobile Banking

You can also do a speedy transfer on the internet via mobile banking. Transferring money via mobile banking is fast and reliable and one can get his or her transaction done within a twinkle of and eye.

All you need for a mobile banking using UBA transfer App is just your UBA App as well as a good internet connectivity which will help you to do this immediately and easily.

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The Mobile App for UBA is very fast and reliable and it works like magic all that is required from you is to download the UBA Mobile App code from google play store and proceed with doing your transaction.

The Mobile App for UBA can be downloaded via google play store. After Download, you have to follow all the relevant instructions on how to use the Mobile Banking App.

The Mobile is available online and it can be downloaded for use any time. Download inks have also been provided for a download on both IOS and Android  below is the details for downloading the UBA Mobile App for Transfer

App Name : U : Direct Retail

To Download For Android: Click Here

To download for IOS click Here

*919# uba

The above code is the code you can use to transfer money from UBA to other banks or from UBA to another UBA bank. The *919# uba is very easy and self explanatory. You can dial the code with any type of phone that you might be using it works like a magic.

UBA Magic Banking

The UBA magic banking will help you to do so many things like the UBA with its UBA Transfer Code. This *919# code works like a magic and that is why it is often refer to as magic transfer code.

With this code you call do various transactions with just a press of a button

Here are the things the UBA Magic Banking code can do and codes to do them

  • Opening of an Account with UBA bank ;

Dial *919# code and follow the instructions

  • ToUBAe funds Transfer to another UBA account

Dal *919*3# and register with the bank and follow the simple steps  

  • To Transfer Money to other Banks

Dal *919*4# with the number registered with UBA

  • Airtime Recharge for Self

Dal *919* amount #  Example:  *919*300#

  • Airtime Recharge for Others

Dal *919*Phone number* Amount#

  • To pay Bills

Dal *919*5# on your recognized phone number and then follow the simple instructions

  • To check your UBA account Balance
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Dal *919*00# and send with your registered phone number

UBA secure pass For UBA Money Transfer Code

This is term which was formerly regarded as UBA Token. The UBA secure Past Allows you to perform a  higher transaction with a limit of 1 million naira in a day.

how to check uba account balance via sms, UBA Money Transfer Code

You can also check your account balance via SMS but Some charges may apply. Checking your account balance through sms is not really necessary when you can just us the UBA magic banking codes to proceed with your transaction.

If you still insist on knowing how to check your account balance through sms Please contact your bank branch for more information on this .

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Having the knowledge of all bank transfer code will help to do any transaction at any given point in time. This post was written to focus on uba to uba transfer code and Uba to other banks.



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