The Train from kafanchan Movie Download

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Train from kafanchan Movie

Today, I am going to be talking about the newly produced Nigerian movie ”the train from kafanchan”

Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa and is also known for the numerous movies they have acted.

Nigeria ranked the second in the world most producing country in the aspect of movies.

Since the 1960s, Nigeria has always been acting. Their movie industries and mind set were limited at the moment but yet their effort in imparting into the lives of young once was not in vain.

Train from kafanchan Movie

Train from kafanchan Movie

Nigeria started by acting small dramas especially of our past experience with their colonial master, sharing history in dramatic form and teaching our youth the history of their country.

Some dramas they acted were informed of music as most actors and actresses would dress to the drum tune.  They were amazing but such dramas wouldn’t be accepted in the modern world of today.

Nigeria movie industries have really upgraded giving us quality content as we have always expected of them.

Nollywood Movie “Train from kafanchan Movie”

The train from kafanchan as we all know is a Nollywood movie directed by  Izu Ojukwu.

Izu Ojukwu is a Nigerian film director, cinematographer, scriptwriter, and editor. He is the director of the Nigerian historical fiction drama film ‘76 produced in 2016.

The movie ‘76’ was one of the most popular movies  in the year 2016.

Many people really know Izu by the popular movie he produced ‘76’

Izu is an award-winning movie producer whose films have received recognition both locally and internationally. His success is a result of his courage, determination and self-development.

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Izuchukwu Ojukwu was born as the fourth child of a polygamous family of 20 children.

He grew up and schooled in Jos. He attended St. John’s College, Jos, and started learning film making from school.From the start, Izu was more focused on his dream giving it a push from his childhood days and at 2016, he already had produced 76 movies.

Izu as we know as received much awards since the year 2007. He is indeed successful and I think he is fulfilled.

Other movies produced by Izu are

  • Moment of Bitterness, 1996
  • A Home too Far, 1997
  • Eva The River of Mystery, 1998
  • Line of Duty, 2003
  • Showdown, 2000
  • The World is Mine, 2001
  • Love Boat, 2001
  • Eleventh Hour, 2001
  • Desperadoes 1 & 2, 2001
  • Battle of Love, 2003
  • Moving Train, 2003
  • Across the Niger, 2007
  • No One But You, 2004
  • Otondo, 2004
  • Iva, 2004
  • GL 1 & 2, 2005
  • Sitanda, 2006
  • Shut In, 2006
  • Laviva, 2007
  • Minority Tension, 2007
  • White Waters, 2007
  • Who Will Tell The President, 2007
  • Cindy’s Note, 2008
  • Distance Between, 2008
  • Nnenda, 2009
  • The Child, 2009
  • Alero’s Symphony, 2010
  • ’76, 2016
  • Power of 1, 2018

About them movie “the train to kafanchan”

I am sure that everyone wishes to watch the movie already so that why I’ll tell you more about what you are about to watch.

After 5years, Izu Ojukwu came out with a new movie idea and for sure it is the perfect movie for any view across the nation.

The movie “Train from kafanchan Movie” is plotted mainly towards the terrorism and how much the lives of the people could if not careful of what you do.

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It’s tragic though but it does really have amoral lesson just like our old model of movies that gave you more wisdom on our day to day life.

Staring in the Train from kafanchan Movie are Kanayo O Kanayo, Chiwetalu Agu, Segun Arinze, Rekiya Atta.

Anyone who knows Kanayo should know how adventurous the movie is going to be, you don’t wanna miss it.

Audition For the Movie “Train from kafanchan Movie”

Yes I said audition, the Train from kafanchan Movie has not yet been released and not  yet been acted.

You can stand a chance as movie character by joining the audition for roles either in Lagos state or Abuja, you can choice whichever is closer to you.

How to Download a Movie Directly into your phone

Many people are doing research on how to download the new movies from YouTube directly into their phone so they could share it with their friends, I have come with a solution on how to do that.

My steps are always quick, easy and simple.

Getting the Train from kafanchan Movie to your mobile phone is much easier now than before.

The invention of smart phone has made everything easier for us. A lot of us do not have the time to go to the cinema because we are too busy with our work so it is a good option that we get them into our portable smart phone or your pc. I myself I’m too busy for cinemas so I prefer downloading a movie in my pc and I am going to show you how in no time.

If you are using a mobile phone, simply go to your web browser and search on YouTube. I said web browser not the YouTube app.

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If possible, make sure the browser you are using is the Google chrome. It is possible to download a movie with this step using other web browsers but I really make use of the goggle chrome.

After you have gotten into the YouTube website, click on the YouTube search engine and search on the Train from kafanchan Movie.

Note that they are two search engines on the screen; make sure your searching the movie using YouTube search engine.

When you find the movie, play the movie online and when the movie starts playing, click on the chrome search engine without stopping the movie from playing.

When you have tap on this, you will see the movie link bellow the search engine, click on the copy link button and paste the link on the chrome search engine.

Whatever the link maybe, you would find something like this ”https//m ” immediately after the m, add ss to link and then search

The link will take you straight to where you would download the movie straight into the phone.

Hope this information was helpful, drop a comment on the comment box bellow and stay on our page for latest update.

This information gives you the latest update on how to download the movie do well to follow the instructions and download this movie.

This Train from kafanchan Movie is another blockbuster for everyone to download.



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