Traditional Wedding Attire – For Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa

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traditional wedding attire – For Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa

The traditional Attire of a state is its beauty. All states in a country have their own cultural attires making them distinct from one another.

In this post, you will be getting information regarding traditional wedding attire in Nigeria. There are many traditions in Nigeria and it is important to note this.

The dresses are distinct thus, adding beauty to a particular trip. In Nigeria as a whole, we have 36 state and component units in each.

There are different local governments in this country and each of them has beliefs, customs, and norms. Their dressing, accent, and other features are beautifully distinct.

If you are a tourist or a citizen but yet have less idea about this, this post will provide you with all the detail you need to know.

There are three major ethnic groups in Nigeria namely; the Igbos, Hausa, and Yoruba. This three are known by a wide variety of persons.

To know more about this country, you need to be familiar with the three groups of persons. In this post, you will get to know about the traditional wedding attire of each of them.

With this knowledge, you will be able to identify between the three major trips as their dressings and cultures have slight similarities.

Traditional Wedding Attire in Nigeria

Traditional Wedding Attire

Traditional Wedding Attire

Before the adoption of the white wedding into the Nigerian system of marriage, marriage vows were through traditions.

If these traditional rights were not followed, one seems to have a problem in his or her marriage. It is right to marry one following their tradition.

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Some traditions are fun and sweet while some are funny. Some minor ethnic groups have good dressing sense.

To follow the rules, one needs to appear in the traditional attire of the village to signify where he is from.

When you are familiar with the traditional attires in the country, you will be able to tell which state or local government owns the attire you see.

The way one dresses determines the way he is addressed. To display you are a citizen of the land; you need to appear in the native attire of the land.

There are other ethnic groups like; the Tiv, Ijaw, Ibibio, Kanuri, and Fulani.  All of them have their own dressing and style.

In total, Nigeria is made up of 250 ethnic groups and each of them has different culture showing how important it is to follow them.

Traditional Wedding Attire for Igbo

The dress of an Igbo man is always distinct from any other. Everyone will always spot the difference in their looks.

An Igbo man will always come out in a dress that will show he is happy and blessed for the ceremony. The wedding attire of an Igbo man shows power and pride.

Traditional Wedding Attire

Traditional Wedding Attire

Traditional Wedding Attire

Their customs inquires the bride dance and welcomes the family of her in-laws to the wedding. As a yet-to-be-married lady, you are to dress in Igbo Ada dress.

This dress signifies the bride is not yet married and according to the tradition, the groom comes to the family, seeking a bride.

The man and the woman will have to perform some dramatic scenes. This is where there will be a choice and she will affirm she loves the gentleman.

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Traditional Wedding Attire

As a gentleman, he will have to offer a drink to the father of the girl in a bottle and also the kindred. These rules and customs cannot be ruled out.

Even if you are a foreigner, coming into the country or state to marry their daughter; you will have to wear their dress.

Yoruba Traditional Attire

As a typical Yoruba man, there is no way he will play with their norms. The marriage and custom of a Yoruba wedding is always a wonderful view.

A Yoruba wedding attracts more guests to it. A lot of people in the country will never miss a Yoruba wedding.

There will be enough edible for the satisfaction of its guest. Yoruba tradition dwells on making its visitors comfortable.

The dress of a Yoruba bride is very outstanding as she wears a likely color of the dress as the groom. The bride wears Buba which is a wide blouse.



This wide blouse goes with Gele and Aso-oke which the bride will have to tie on her head. On her leg, she will have to wear to match the dress.

The Yoruba bride will have to dress like a queen and will adorn herself with a necklace and other jewelry.

If you want to know more about their tradition and dress, it is advisable you attend one of their wedding ceremonies.

Their ceremony will expose you to know more about the traditional attire and customs.

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Hausa Wedding Attire

Hausa is one of the major ethnic groups in the country and it has one of the best wedding attire. In this section of the post, you will get to know about the wedding attire of these people.

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They dress in very outstanding clothing and have good norms.  Apart from their norms, their bride wears costly fabric and adorns herself with Jewelries.

The Hausa bride is to decorate her legs with flowering designs which have significance in their religion. She wears a matching outfit as the one who wants to marry her.



Just like other ethnicities, the bride will come out and welcome her husband’s family showing how caring she is.

The man is to perform some traditional rite of giving gifts and the wife’s father and the brothers of the father thus, making the traditional rite complete.

In the Hausa trip, the bride needs to affirm to her father and other family members that she likes the man standing before them.

There is no force in their marriage, a bride has a choice to choose who she wants to marry and the family will object if she does.

If you want to have more information about other Attires in the country, stay on our page. We will give you more updates about this.

If likely there is any question, drop it in the comment section below and we will give a response to you immediately when we see it.





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