The Real Housewives of Lagos Movie Download

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The Real Housewives of Lagos Movie Download

In this post, we are going to be looking at the entertainment sector. A lot of readers are eager to have news about the latest movies acted.

In this post, you will be getting information about one of the trendiest movies on the internet 2022. If you have been searching for an entertaining movie to see; you met the right page.


In this post, we are going to be talking about The real housewives of Lagos. This article will help you with a summary, synopsis, and every other thing you need to know about the movie,

You will also get to know the celebrities acting the part of the housewives and also how to download this movie.

Most people enjoy watching a movie when it is trendy which is one of the reasons for this update. For readers who have been searching on this and be getting incomplete info; this post will be exceptional.

The Real Housewives of Lagos Movie Download

The Real Housewives of Lagos Movie Download

Real Housewives of Lagos 2022

This movie is one of the best series Nigeria movie companies have produced. The movie has been interesting since its first series.

One reason for the search for the third series is how engaging the sound got them. There is no way you see the first and second series and wouldn’t look for the third.

The producer of the movie series is Blessing Effiong Egbe and this is one of her best production so far. The suspense, comedy, and reaction of the actresses got the movie at its peak.

One of the best entertaining Nigerian Movies in 2022 is Real Housewives of Lagos. This movie despite being funny is also educative.

Watching the reaction of the five women in this movie holding the major character will teach you a lesson.

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The movie Real housewife was acted in Lagos state and also finalized in the same state. This series is an English series.

Any viewer within the country and outside the country can understand the movies as the language choice is favorable to all viewers.

Is “Real Housewives of Lagos” Out?

This is another interesting section to look at. The real housewives of Lagos have gone far and many want to know more about this movie.

If you have been looking for updates about the release date of this movie then you met the right page. The movie “Real housewives of Lagos” will be available in cinemas in April 2022.

The release of this series is the happiness of most viewers as they will get to know what happened in the third series.

Real housewives of Lagos are out and can be viewed. This movie is one of the best Comedy-drama acted in Nigeria which will soon be awarded.

If you have been looking for an entertaining movie and at the same time educational; the real housewives of Lagos is one good choice.

Real Housewives of Lagos Trailers

The trailers of Real housewives of Lagos are one everyone should see as they will help you understand the movie before watching it.

The trailer of Real housewives of Lagos (RHOL) helps viewers see the bright side of the movie. A trailer may not share with you every detail but will help you know what the movie is all about.

Just as other movies have trailers on the internet; the official trailers of Real housewives of Lagos are out on the internet.

If you are wondering where you can view this movie trailer, YouTube has made it easier. Many have already updated the trailers of this movie.

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Officially, the Real Housewives of Lagos is released and many comments regarding the movie. There are many other sites giving trailers of this movie and you can also watch it there.

Cast in the Movie

Here, you will get to know about the casts in Real housewives of Lagos and the roles played by each of them.

With this information, readers of this post will be willing to watch the movie. Some people enjoy movies acted by their favorite actresses.

One reason for this update is to make sure viewers have the information they may require all in one post.

Below are cast of this movie:

  • Adora Ukoh as Miranda
  • Kiki Omeiji as Loveth
  • Keira Hewatch as Peace
  • Chinonso Young as Cleopatra
  • Katherine Obiang as Uju

Above are the five wives in the movie which makes the story interesting and funny. Each wife with her own marital drama, making the movie fun to watch.

Below are some cast who supported the sense of the movie;

  • Bayray Mcwizu
  • Sylvya Oluchy
  • Bobby Michaels
  • Kachi Nnochiri.

Synopsis of the Movie- Real Housewives of Lagos Season 3

Here, we will provide you with the synopsis of the movie which will help you to know about this movie more.

Real housewives of Lagos have five wives as the main characters. The names of the wives are Peace, Miranda, Loveth, Cleopatra, and Uju.

Peace is a good woman, born-again and committed to the things of God. For this reason, Peace denies her husband from getting intimate with her.

Miranda also has her own marital challenges as she is married to a disabled man, therefore, has not been able of getting intimate with him.

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Despite the man being disabled, he is the reason for Miranda’s family’s uplift from poverty.

Loveth story hangs around greed. She is too desperate for material things which leads to the destruction of her marriage.

Because of the need for material things, Loveth slept with her landlord and also her husband’s best friend which is abominable.

Cleopatra’s story is that of one who is forced into marriage. Her parent forced her to get married to an aged man leading to no love after marriage.

Her marriage to that man-made her family rich as the man was a chief and took care of them materially.

Uju’s line of the story is story is based on a fake lifestyle in order to make a living in Lagos.

The Real Housewives of Lagos Movie Download

Here, we are going to help readers with ways of downloading this movie. We will help you to be able to download this.

The steps of downloading are;

  • Open any top movie download site
  • Search on the movie
  • Scroll down and click on the download button
  • Select the quality of the video you want.
  • Immediately, your download is complete.

Thanks for reading this post, we will be happy to receive comments from you. Do not hesitate to share this post with friends and family.

If you have any questions related to Real housewives of Lagos, drop them in the comment section below. Stay on our page to get more information about this.



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