Sweden Visa Lottery 2019 | Application Requirements

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This post is written to serve as a guide on and how to process the Sweden Visa Lottery 2019 with Sweden visa application form through the necessary steps which we will let you know in our post.

Sweden Visa Lottery 2019

Sweden Visa Lottery 2019

By following the instructions in our website we will show how you can get the Sweden Visa Lottery through the sweden embassy in Nigeria.

The Sweden visa processing time is not the same as sweden visa processing time usa so within a short while you are guarantee of Sweden visa lottery and we want you to read carefully the application instructions to get the Sweden visa 2019.

The exist sweden family visa as well as Sweden personal visa and we do advise that you apply for the personal visa considering some stringent requirements attached to the house.

This post is not written on Netherlands visa lottery , but it is written to give you the most vital information regarding traveling to Sweden and making life comfortable either by schooling, working or doing business in the world of Sweden.

There are different types of visa and very few countries offering visa lottery in their countries and that’s why we want you to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for the Sweden visa lottery.

About Sweden Kingdom

Sweden is the 4th largest country in Europe and has a great land mass with a good population of persons living and working in the country.

This guide will show you how you can apply for the Visa lottery and go to the most beautiful country in Europe.

Sweden is popularly call the kingdom of Sweden and is controlled by an autonomous power under the constitution. The official language spoken in the country is Sweden which is call ed Swedish, but apparently the country speaks other five major languages and the languages are :

  • Finnish
  • Yiddish
  • Sami
  • Meänkieli

Sweden is called the carnenevia country and it cut boarders with Norway in the west and north and it also has it boarders in Finland in the east and it is very important to note that this country has it south west boarders with Denmark.

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Sweden is popular for it Swedish foods like the meatballs and she stands out when it comes to the preparation of other amazing foods like the Swedish kind of soup. When traveling to sweden, you can check out ibom air for a comfortable travelling experience

Sweden is one of the safest countries which is good for the purpose of residency and it was recently listed as the 18th fastest growing countries in the world.

However, there are some places in Sweden that should be avoided due to some insecurity problems.

Countries offering visa lottery

Sweden is one of the counties offering visa to its citizens and through the visa lottery. After a fast realization, it has been noted that the country has high tourist visiting the country on daily basis and due to this,  the cost of traveling to Sweden is not that vary cheap and chance the need for the country to be listed among countries giving visa lotteries.

You can follow the necessary steps to check out the Sweden visa lottery with this guide on our post.

You will know ho wto apply for the Sweden Visa Lottery  2019 with  Sweden visa lottery portal and this guide will help you in apply effectively for the Sweden visa lottery.

The sweden visa lottery 2019/2020 application can be done through the application web portal and this application form can be obtained at the Sweden visa lottery application form for portal.

You will follow the guide in our post to apply for Sweden Visa Lottery 2019 with the Sweden visa lottery online website.

You will need to apply for the lottery with careful instructions at the Sweden visa lottery official website.

If you want to apply for the normal visa without applying for the Sweden Visa Lottery  2019, the cost of  visa will be only 60 euros and it can be paid online with a debit or a credit card.

For the purpose of our post, you will get a guide on Sweden visa lottery website and the secret of getting 2019 2020 visa lottery.

Permanent Residence in Sweden visa lottery application

You can have the permanent visa in Sweden visa lottery 2019. It is not very easy to get the Sweden Visa lottery for permanency, but if you are in Europe the application process for this might not be very tough.

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We will only be permitted to apply for the Sweden visa for permanent residence after staying in the country for up to two years in the country.

We have stated very well in our post that Sweden is one of the top countries in Europe which people visit a lots and as been as one of the tourist centers.

It is oly those that have lived in European Union countries that are permitted to apply for permanent residence to Sweden after two years.

Those from non-European countries will have to live in the country for up to five years to be approved for permanent residence.

Depending on the type of visa lottery which you are applying for or which you have your buget on. However, you can apply for Sweden Visit visa lottery and meet the Visa requirements. Those in this type of lottery are permitted to stay for duration of six months.

Upon the expiration of the visit visa to Sweden you can apply to stay in Schengen locations for a period of 3 months that is 90 days.

You should first meet the Sweden visit visa requirements to apply for the Sweden visia lottery. To get this type of Sweden Visa Lottery 2019, please proceed to obtain the Sweden visit visa application form online and process the visa within the necessary Sweden visa processing time.

How to Apply for Sweden Visa Lottery 2019

  1. Sweden visa is done yearly and you will have to register online for this visa lottery for Sweden.
  2. Complete the necessary forms online and upload the necessary documents needed
  3. You ensure to make all the necessary fees and submit you application.
  4. You application will be review for consideration and thus you can be successful and you can successfully apply for the visa lottery.
  5. However you should know that some countries were blocked from applying for the Sweden visa
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All application will be considered and if you are a Nigerian applying for this Sweden visa lottery, you will be considered if you have met the Sweden visa requirements for Sweden because Nigerians are not blocked from applying for Sweden visa lottery.

Other Countries for Visa Lottery

Aside from Nigeria, there are other countries which you can apply for Visa lottery and aside from Sweden. There are about fifty thousand persons applying for  visa lottery and there are considered on daily basis.

The following countries are:

  • USA
  • Denmark
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Canada
  • Holland
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • San Marino
  • United Arab
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Iceland

DV Visa Lottery

DV visa lottery is not like the Sweden Visa Lottery and thus we have stated that you can also apply for DV visa lottery. DV visa lottery is known as diversify Visa lottery program for immigrants issued by the United states Government on their annual visa lottery.

This visa is controlled and issued on the Immigration and Nationality Act. You can also apply for Olam Nigeria Recruitment 2019

Countries available for this visa programme include the following.

  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China (Mainland-Born)
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Haiti
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Peru
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)


This post will give you the necessary guide which you will need to apply for Sweden Visa Lottery 2019. All guide needed for a successful application is seen in our post. Check out Happy New months text message to send to friends and loved ones

If you have any question or contribution on this post on Sweden Visa Lottery 2019, please do well to drop it the comment box below and we will respond to them and we will give you the necessary feedback concerning the question asked.



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