NYSC Latest News and Updates 2018: School yet to Submit Mandatory Documents

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Did you know that Issues like School yet to submit mandatory documents can be solved? In this post we will inform you on how to solve some problems which prospective corps members faced and by doing this we show you how to solve these and many other issues faced by NYSC prospective corps members.

School yet to Submit Mandatory Documents

School yet to Submit Mandatory Documents

We have received lots of comments to address certain issues which we will address and you will get to some problems via our post.

We wrote on NYSC batch C registration and one of our faithful readers drop a comment asking us to solve the above stated problems and this we will do via our post.

Most issues can be so frustrating because it mares your registration for mobilization of students. We will brief you via our post on how to solve this and many other problems faced by prospective corps members for NYSC.

It could be so frustrating when you are unable to register for NYSC because of messages like School yet to submit mandatory documents and by so doing you might give up on going for the Compulsory one year Service for the National Youth Service Corps.

Please don’t give up yet let’s attempts to solve your problem via this post

How to Solve School yet to submit mandatory documents

Recently lots of persons have been fed up by the responses gotten from the NYSC to all prospective corps members who have receive several messages like school yet to submit mandatory documents and at such lots of them have given up in their mobilization.

This message of school yet to submit mandatory documents usually comes up especially when the he/she tries registering or logging into the portal.

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For as many as have fallen a victim of the above statements by NYSC, it is important to inform you that this is not just happening to you as thousands of others are also victim of this.

We had solve so many problems on NYSC Batch C call Up letter Printing and many corp members were able to print their call up letter without errors.

In this post we will inform you on how to solve the problem because e had grown to be a household problem.

This post will reveal what the above statement really mean and how to solve the problem and we are ready to inform you more on how to solve the above stated problems in this our post.

Certainly, you may be so confuse after seeing your name on all the NYSC senate list but cannot not proceed for the registration and the mobilization.

The major problem is to follow the due process involve in completing the PCM’s. which the institution or your school should complete.

Most applicants have also seen their names in the Jamb Matriculation List and the NYSC Mobilzation list but yet can’t proceed for either NYSC batch A or Batch B registration.

Steps and Processes for CPI

The process begins from the Corps Producing Institutions.

The processes and the step by step guide towards correcting the issue of school yet to submit mandatory document, begins from the institution attended who does the following:

  1. The institution takes stands to send the list of all their graduates as well as their result to NYSC. This list should be the final list of the school and the institution should be very sure of it
  2. NYSC then issues a printout stating clearly those who should be exempted and those who should serve
  3. This printout is sent to the Institutions for verification and corrections and which is later sent back to NYSC as a processed and corrected list.
  4. NYSC uses the corrected print out to prepare and send exception letters for all those to be exempted allowing others to proceed and complete the online registration for NYSC Batch C stream ii
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Important information on Corps Producing Institution.

For clarification purposes, the message below will be a guide to help you

Apparently NYSC receives all data/information of all those wishing to be mobilized. These information is sent to NYSC by the intuitions which applicants studied.

However, the data submitted is still subjected for corrections and screening to be in line with the regulations and principles of the academic bodies.

Accordingly all those who wished to be mobilized but their admission is not known by JAMB will have their process of CPIs being affected because JAMB will do same with choice institution, therefore such students were admitted illegally.

Such students will not find their admission status on Jamb, therefore they will be poised with the problem of institution Corps Producing Institutions CPIs processes with Jamb

In line with this, all Institution wishing to mobilized their students for NYSC are advised to meet the requirements of Admission as given by Nigerian University Commission and NBTE for a smooth mobilization of their students.

It should be stated vehemently also that graduates of courses not accredited by NUC will not be mobilized for the compulsory One year Nation youth Service.

For students to be mobilized by NYSC, such students must have studied accredited courses and Accredited Institution  by the NUC, NBTE and other regulatory bodies.

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The above information will help to solve the problem of why prospective corps members and graduates see messages like school not yet submit mandatory documents.

If you are facing challenges like that and some other challenges, it is important for you to check the above statements released which will be of high help to some prospective corps members who wish to be mobilized.

It is important to inform you that the batch C stream 2 registrations is ongoing and applicants can check how to register and be mobilized for NYSC.

Our goal is to keep you informed about problems like School yet to submit mandatory documents and this we have done by providing you with updated information on NYSC.

The NYSC Latest news is usually broke via our sites and we get lost of NYSC problems solve via our sites and that is numerous corps members have voted our sites to be the best.

Do you have any questions or contribution on this post on School yet to submit mandatory documents? Please do drop a comment at the comment box below and we will respond to them accordingly.

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