Sanitation Day Movie Download – Producer, Release Date

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Sanitation Day Movie Download

Last year, an entertainment production was released by a famous Nigerian American film producer/director.

The famous movie director is no other than Seyi Babatope.

Seyi Babatope in partnership with Filmone Entertainment has reportedly been working on a to be a record-breaking movie.

The movie’s action has been taking place every month of 2020 and is now set to be released into all cinemas nationwide in January 2021.

The movie as confirmed by Filmone Entertainment is ready to be dropped for the whole world to see.

This movie is no other than “Sanitation Day”.

As reported, Filmone Entertainment is yet to release more information regarding the movie.

Nevertheless, we have the assurance that the thriller will be out this January no matter the condition.

The movie production started in the early hours of 2020 but later came to a halt. The production later continued on March 2020.

It has been r that the movie is a match to Oscars Best International Feature Film Submission.

To know more about this amazing thrilling Sanitation Day Movie Download read more and don’t skip any single detail.

Sanitation Day Movie Download

Sanitation Day Movie Download

About the Movie – Sanitation Day Movie Download

The movie is a partnership production between Phebean Films and Filmone Entertainment Productions.

Seyi Babatope is said to be the director of the crime thriller “Sanitation Day”.

Sanitation Day is a masterpiece which features two major inspectors in the person of Inspector Stanley and Inspector Hassan.

The inspectors are to bring to light the culprits of a murder before Sanitation Day comes to an end for movement to begin.

The movie which was announced in the early months of 2020 but could not be released due to the COVID 19 pandemic that brought forth the global lockdown.

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Cinemas were shut down and thus stopped the production of the movie.

Nevertheless, the movie is to be out January 2021 in all cinemas whether the COVID 19 disease persists or not.

The movie is said to have beaten the likes of ‘missing’ which was produced in 2017 by still Babatope himself and other of his movies hands down.

The thriller is out and can be seen in any movie site.

The Inspectors; Inspector Hassan and Inspector Stanley have to get through some witnesses before they can eventually get to the main culprit.

These two inspectors find it as a very difficult task but they cannot quit the job so they just have to finish their said task.

The soon to come movie is the second release from the West African Film Fund (WAFF).

This movie is the combination of three countries which includes China and South Africa investing in the Nollywood movie industry.

Seyi Babatope Biography,

Seyi Babatope has lived in Nigeria during his childhood days and later went to the U.K where he got a degree in Cinema and Television Arts from California State University Nothridge.

He started developing his knowledge of filmmaking knowledge at A Band owned by Lawrence Bender and Quintin.

He also worked with Jake Scott who is a son of a one-time film making legend in the person of Ridley Scott.

In the pursuit of his dream, he worked in L.A on both film and TV sets. He also shot several commercials for Range Rover and some other companies.

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Babatope is one of those who made Nigerian music to be known far and wide back in the 2000s as he fought to put it on the Global map.

He has shot award-winning videos for two Nigerian Americans of which they are; Sauce Kid and Ikechukwu. This made his ability to bring skilled talent come to light.

The award-winning music video he shot for Ikechukwu is titled “Wind Am Well”. The video got the MTV video award in 2008.

Nigerian Movie Life

When Seyi came into Nigeria, he was accompanied by Jason Mann who is a talented filmmaker.

Jason Mann won the Project Greenlight. Project Greenlight is an initiative set up by Matt Damnon and Ben Affleck for HBO.

Babatope fully returned to Nigeria six years ago. He produced his first movie titled “When Love Happens. The movie became one of the hit movies that year.

This movie had an audience not only in Nigeria but other four countries of the world of which the U.K is among them.

The movie also got nominations for different awards, selection for festivals and also a license to be on the Netflix which is known to be the world’s largest internet platform for movies.

Seyi has been advocating for Nigerian cinematic expression on the global stage for some times now.

One of his goals is to get Nigerian and African voices to the forefront of movie production.

 He is willing to sacrifice anything he can just to ensure that he makes the improvement Africa’s movie industries are experiencing last for generations to come.

He wants to make it remain on the Global calendar for generations to come.

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Seyi Babatope is a legend in the movie industry as he intends to do more in order to leave his footprints on the sands of time.

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Sanitation Day Movie Download casts

The Sanitation Day Movie Download casts comprise of many well-known actors and actresses as they come together to join in the production of this great masterpiece.

Below are the members of the casts present in the movie;

  • Nse Ikpe- Etim
  • Charles Inojie
  • Baaj Adebule
  • Chris Okagbue
  • Belinda Effah
  • Olakunle Fawole
  • Chuks Chyke
  • Blossom Chukwujekwu
  • Elozonan Ogbolu
  • When love happens
  • When love happens again
  • Lunchtime superheroes
  • Count down
  • Missing
  • un marriage a organizer.

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This article is to bring to your notice the latest movie that is to be out in January 2021.

Endeavour to get the Sanitation Day Movie download as you will not want to miss this episode.

Shear this information concerning the Sanitation Day Movie Download with friends as they will not like to miss this interesting episode.

The biography of Seyi Babatope, about the movie and the casts, is available in this article.

Endeavour to read the article so as not to miss important details about this thriller movie.

For more recent details and questions concerning either this post or the previous ones, drop a comment in the comment box below.



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