Top 50 Richest Youth in Nigeria – Net Worth

Top 50 Richest Youth in Nigeria

This is a very interesting update that lots of people do not know of. They do not know what this is all about.

This is why we are going to see all the details that surround this update. If you are among those that are seeking it, take note.

Here, we want to see the details regarding a set of individuals in Nigeria. Those that do not know who they are should take note.

Here we want to see the Richest Youth in Nigeria. If you do not know these individuals, do not miss this update.

Richest Youth in Nigeria
Richest Youth in Nigeria

Top 50 Richest Youth in Nigeria

Certain individuals have become prominent today. Most of them are prominent due to what they do best.

Here, we want to see about the top Richest Youth in Nigeria. Those that do not know who they are should not miss out.

Here, we are going to see their names, career, and net worth. Get to know who these individuals are as of now.

We will not get to list them but see details about each of them. The Richest Youth in Nigeria is available below for all to see;

Mompha Junior – N500 Million

The first youth on our list of Richest Youth in Nigeria is right here. This person goes by the name Mompha Junior.

Mompha’s real name is Muhamed Lawal Mustapha. He happens to be the son of a prominent Nigerian businessman.

Is father’s name is Ismalia Mustapha. From time to time, his father shares photos of him on Instagram making him very popular.

With the photos his father shares, one can see that they are living large. The net worth of this young Nigerian is one that all are marveled about.

His worth has given a huge gap to other young Nigerians who are behind him in net worth.

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Ahmed Starboy – N65 Million

This is another young Nigerian that is seriously making progress. He is one with a musical talent that has uplifted him.

Ahmed was once a boy who performed at beer parlours. He is a young rapper who has become extremely famous.

Ahmed was signed to Wizkid’s record label. The record label gave him the sum of N10 million for the start of his career.

Since then, he has been on top of the game with various releases. He has also been performing in various shows.

Emmanuella Samuel – N62 Million

There is a very interesting Nigerian that all should get to know about. She goes by the name Emmanuella Samuel.

There is no list of Richest Youth in Nigeria without her being among. This young Nigerian came into popularity from acting in a comedy.

She is known for her various roles in the Mark Angel Comedy skits. With the skit, she has been able to make a lot of money.

Now, this young Nigerian is living in luxury. She is also acting in various foreign movies from time to time as her fame has grown wide.

DJ Young Money – N61 Million

Here is a DJ that is presently making a lot of impact in Nigeria. He is a young DJ that has been giving out the best in what he does best.

DJ Young Money has become one of the Richest Youths in Nigeria. He has been able to reach this height due to his DJ talents.

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As of now, he is the official in-house DJ of a record label. This record label is K-Nation Entertainment. DJ Young Money signed this contract in 2016.

As of now, he is making a lot of money as a DJ as he performs in various instances.

Aunty Success – N32 Million

This is a young Nigerian who has got so much talent in her. Aunty Success is a comedian that is present in Nigeria.

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She is also known to be a successful YouTuber in Nigeria. Aunty Success came into the picture after being picked by Mark Angel.

She is known for her wisdom that marvels at adults in her skits. Also, she has been able to make it to a very high net worth with her talent.

This is why she is on this list of the richest youths. The young girl has so much talent in her.

Amarachi Uyanne – N31 Million

A successful Nigerian in what she does best is Amarachi. She is popularly known as Amarachi Dance as it is her stage name.

Amarachi happens to be a very popular dancer. She won Nigeria’s Got Talent in the year 2012. This is when her popularity began.

She won a cash prize of N10 Million for winning the show. Since there, she has been performing in shows and getting paid for it.

She is now a top dancer in Nigeria as of now. Amarachi is still making her money and is living large.

Ozzy Bosco – N25 Million

Here is another among the Richest Youth in Nigeria as of now. He goes by the name Ozzy Bosco as this is his stage name.

Ozzy is a young Nigerian that is known for composing his songs. He performs his songs on stage and also has smashing hits.

Ozzy has presently succeeded in making himself a household name in Nigeria. All can get to listen to his songs as they are online.

This young Nigerian is progressing day by day. His money is also progressing day by day as he makes it steadily.

Egypt Ife Ufele – N18 Million

Another top Nigerian youth happens to be Egypt Ife. She happens to be a very creative fashion designer in Nigeria.

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Egypt is a Nigerian-American fashion designer. She started showing interest in fashion design right at the age of seven.

Egypt resides in New York but has an interest in African fashion. Her works were displayed in the New York Fashion Week.

This young girl is not only a fashion designer. She is also a United Nations Junior Ambassador for Peace as of now.

In 2015, she launched a charity organization with the help of her mum.

Destiny Boy – N17 Million

This is another young Nigerian that we cannot neglect. He happens to be a very impressive person that is in the entertainment industry.

Destiny Boy came into popularity after covering the song If by DavidoSince then he has been making exploits in the entertainment industry.

Also, he has been able to be among the Richest Youth in Nigeria. His talent has made a way for him in the entertainment industry.

Marylove Edwards –N15 Million

The last but not the least person on our list is Marylove Edwards. She is a personality that has become very popular.

Marylove is one that plays tennis in Nigeria as of now. She wins medals in every junior tennis championship.

Marylove takes part in these championships on a yearly basis. She is also on the top list of the Nigerian Tennis Federation for Single Ladies.

From these tournaments, she has been able to make money to keep herself in good shape.

Here, we are going to see a very interesting update. This is an update that none should afford to miss out on.

We have seen the Richest Youth in Nigeria. Their names are available here together with their worth and what they do.

Share this update with those that have no knowledge of it. Drop all your comments in the comment box below.

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