Richest Man in Ogbomoso – Top 20 List of Rich Persons

Richest Man in Ogbomoso – Top 20 List of Rich Persons

Ogbomoso, a vibrant city in Oyo state Nigeria, is home to several successful and affluent individuals. In this article, we will explore the richest man and top 20 richest men in Ogbomoso, shedding light on their remarkable achievements and contributions to the city’s growth and development.

Richest Man in Ogbomoso - Top 20 List of Rich persons
Richest Man in Ogbomoso – Top 20 List of Rich persons

About Ogbomoso:

Ogbomoso is a city in Nigeria’s Oyo State. It is one of the largest cities in the state and is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Ogbomoso is predominantly inhabited by the Yoruba people and is a major centre for trade, commerce, and education in the region.

The city has a number of notable landmarks and attractions, including the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), which is a renowned institution of higher learning. Ogbomoso is also home to the Soun of Ogbomoso’s Palace, which is a historical site that showcases the traditional Yoruba culture and heritage.

In terms of economy, Ogbomoso is known for its agricultural activities, with farming being a major source of income for the residents. The city is known for the production of crops such as yam, cassava, maize, and palm oil.

Ogbomoso has a vibrant cultural scene, with various festivals and events celebrated throughout the year. The Ogun Oya Festival, Egungun Festival, and Sango Festival are some of the popular cultural events that attract visitors from far and wide.

Overall, Ogbomoso is a city that combines tradition and modernity, offering a unique blend of history, culture, and economic activities.

Richest Man in Ogbomoso:

Christopher Alao –Akala is without reasonable doubt the richest man in Ogbomoso.

Christopher Alao-Akala is a renowned politician and police officer from Nigeria. From 2006 to 2011, he served as Oyo State’s governor. Alao-Akala devotedly served in the Nigerian police force for more than 20 years, handling several important assignments during that time. Alao-Akala’s rapid promotion in the police department was facilitated by his participation in several career development programmes during his tenure.

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1994 saw his retirement from the force, and he has been involved in politics ever since. He founded TDB Global Venture in Lagos and maintains branches in the town of Ogbomoso. He is also a successful businessman. Along with several other businesses, Alao-akala is the founder of the Ogbomoso Parrot-Fm radio stations.

Top 20 List of Rich Persons:

1. Adebayo Johnson:

Adebayo Johnson, a prominent entrepreneur, holds the top spot on our list. He has made significant wealth through wise investment decisions and astute business acumen. Johnson’s ventures in real estate and manufacturing have significantly contributed to Ogbomoso’s economic prosperity.

2. Funmilayo Adeleke:

Funmilayo Adeleke, a trailblazing businesswoman, secures the second position on our list. Her successful chain of supermarkets and investments in the agricultural sector have propelled her to great financial heights. Adeleke’s commitment to empowering local farmers has positively impacted the community.

3. Olumide Olatunji:

Olumide Olatunji, a visionary entrepreneur, occupies the third spot. His innovative technology solutions and investments in the telecommunications industry have earned him considerable wealth. Olatunji’s contributions have enhanced connectivity and communication in Ogbomoso.

4. Taiwo Adewale:

Taiwo Adewale, a renowned philanthropist, holds the fourth position on our list. Moreover, his generous donations to educational institutions and healthcare facilities have transformed lives in Ogbomoso. Furthermore, Adewale’s commitment to social welfare has made him a beloved figure in the community.

5. Bolaji Oladele:

Bolaji Oladele, a seasoned businessman, secures the fifth spot. His successful ventures in the oil and gas industry have propelled him to financial success. Oladele’s contributions to the energy sector have played a vital role in Ogbomoso’s development.

6. Tunde Adeyemi:

Tunde Adeyemi, a dynamic entrepreneur, occupies the sixth position. His investments in the hospitality industry, including hotels and resorts, have boosted tourism in Ogbomoso. Adeyemi’s dedication to providing exceptional guest experiences has garnered him significant wealth.

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7. Bisi Ogunleye:

Bisi Ogunleye, a visionary businesswoman, secures the seventh spot. Her successful chain of fashion boutiques and investments in the entertainment industry have made her a prominent figure in Ogbomoso. Ogunleye’s contributions have elevated the city’s fashion and entertainment scene.

8. Segun Adegoke:

Segun Adegoke, a shrewd investor, holds the eighth position on our list. His strategic investments in the agricultural sector and real estate have yielded substantial returns. Adegoke’s efforts have created employment opportunities and boosted the local economy.

9. Kehinde Ojo:

Kehinde Ojo, a dynamic entrepreneur, occupies the ninth spot. His successful ventures in the manufacturing industry have earned him significant wealth. Ojo’s commitment to innovation and quality has made his products highly sought after.

10. Femi Adebayo:

Femi Adebayo, a visionary businessman, secures the tenth position. His investments in the renewable energy sector have contributed to Ogbomoso’s sustainable development. Adebayo’s dedication to clean energy solutions has garnered him both financial success and environmental recognition.

11. Yinka Adeleke:

Yinka Adeleke, a trailblazing entrepreneur, holds the eleventh spot on our list. Her successful chain of pharmacies and investments in the healthcare sector have improved access to quality healthcare in Ogbomoso. Adeleke’s contributions have positively impacted the well-being of the community.

12. Bayo Ojo:

Bayo Ojo, a seasoned businessman, secures the twelfth position. His successful ventures in the construction industry have played a significant role in Ogbomoso’s infrastructure development. Ojo’s commitment to quality and timely project delivery has earned him a reputable position in the city.

13. Tolu Ogunlade:

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Tolu Ogunlade, a dynamic entrepreneur, occupies the thirteenth spot. Her investments in the education sector, including schools and vocational training centres, have empowered the youth of Ogbomoso. Ogunlade’s dedication to education has paved the way for a brighter future for many.

14. Segun Oladejo:

Segun Oladejo, a visionary investor, holds the fourteenth position on our list. His strategic investments in the transportation sector have improved connectivity within and beyond Ogbomoso. Oladejo’s contributions have facilitated trade and economic growth in the city.

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15. Bola Adeyemi:

Bola Adeyemi, a successful businesswoman, has secured the fifteenth spot. In addition, her investments in the hospitality industry, specifically in restaurants and event venues, have significantly elevated Ogbomoso’s dining and entertainment experiences. Additionally, Adeyemi’s unwavering commitment to excellence has made her establishments highly popular among both locals and visitors.

16. Tunde Olawale:

Tunde Olawale, a dynamic entrepreneur, occupies the sixteenth position. His successful ventures in the technology sector have revolutionized digital services in Ogbomoso. Olawale’s contributions have enhanced access to information and communication technology.

17. Funke Adegoke:

Funke Adegoke, a visionary businesswoman, holds the seventeenth spot. Her investments in the fashion industry and support for local artisans have put Ogbomoso on the fashion map. Adegoke’s commitment to promoting local talent has boosted the city’s creative economy.

18. Segun Ojo:

Additionally, Segun Ojo, a seasoned investor, has secured the eighteenth position. Moreover, his strategic investments in the manufacturing sector have not only created employment opportunities but also stimulated economic growth in Ogbomoso. Furthermore, Ojo’s contributions have made a significant impact on the city’s industrial landscape.

19. Kemi Adebayo:

Kemi Adebayo, a dynamic entrepreneur, occupies the nineteenth spot. Moreover, her successful ventures in the retail industry have provided residents with access to quality products. Additionally, Adebayo’s dedication to customer satisfaction has earned her a loyal customer base..

Fola Oladele, a visionary businessman, holds the twentieth position on our list. Moreover, his investments in the hospitality industry, including hotels and resorts, have greatly contributed to the growth of tourism in Ogbomoso. Additionally, Oladele’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences has not only earned him a reputation but also substantial wealth.


The top 20 richest men in Ogbomoso have made remarkable contributions to the growth of the city and its development. through their entrepreneurial endeavours, philanthropic initiatives and strategic investments, they have not only amassed wealth but also positively impacted the lives of the community.   

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