Print Original Jamb Result 2020 – How to Print Jamb Original Result

This post will let you know on how to Print Original Jamb Result 2020 and by following the instructions below in this post, you will all know how to print out your Original Jamb result.

The just-concluded Jamb examination written between 14th of March to 25th of March has released her full result and after a thorough cross-check, candidates can now print their own copy of the Original Jamb result through the right portal and by following this post below.

Print Original Jamb Result 2020
Print Original Jamb Result 2020

When it has to the printing of Jamb Original result, one needs to be guided as on how to print Jamb original result as the process of checking Jamb original result is not like the process of checking your result as this is two entire processes.

With your original Jamb result, you will be able to pass through the screening process of any tertiary institution and thus the need for the Original Jamb result can never be overemphasized.

Our goal is to show you how to print you’re your original Jamb result and to give you the necessary right steps to get your result printed following our guidelines.

We will show you all the necessary items needed to print out Original Jamb result and we will guide you through the printing process. is the official and the recommended website to Print Original Jamb Result 2020 and in the process, before you access this website to print your result, you need to ensure that all your items are ready.

Visit the website and follow the prompt instructions to print your Jamb result and these instructions will help you.

Please avoid another scam website that may want to give you fake information on Jamb 2020 result as is the only approved and right portal to get your original result printed.

In the meantime, there have existed several websites that can show you on how to print Original Jamb result, but in all of this, none should be compared to the official website as all this website makes reference to as the official website to print your result.

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After visiting the home page, you may be redirected to another page to fill in your details so as to print your result and in most cases, the remitta platform where you will have to make your payment there.

Note that you cannot access your original Jamb result by visiting the remitta platform directly as this is only a payment platform to get access to your original Jamb result.

The website is always open and on reach any time of the day

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Items needed to print original Jamb result

  • Your email address used for Jamb registration
  • Jamb registration number
  • Your ATM Card for online payments
  • Your Mobile phone for OTP
  • A printer to print RRR Slip and Result
  • Have more than one thousand naira in your account or at hand

Jamb Result 2020

The Current Jamb Admission and Matriculation Board examination written in March 2020 have hereby released her result and candidates are hereby encouraged to check for their Jamb result.

There had been a relatively low performance on this year’s result and as seen by Jamb through the carminative percentage receive in this year’ examination as compared to the previous exam9ination.

If you are yet to check your Jamb result, please do well to check your Jamb examination result online before even proceeding to print and check your Jamb original result.

If you are among those that are yet to check your result, you can check your result before it is too late and before you print the Original Jamb result.

Checking your result first before you print original Jamb result helps you to ascertain that you are printing an aggregate score required for your admission to a various course.

Admission will still be given to those that have scored between 180 up and there is a greater chance of getting admission if you score above 200 in a test.

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Ensure that you still remember the right email used for Jamb registration as this will help you in printing Jamb result as well as to check your result.

Please note that all withheld result is now released and as speculated by a lot of people, no Jamb result for any day will be cancelled as result remains fixed.

Jamb Original Result Checker 2020

Before you print original Jamb result, you will have to get Jamb original result pin for it and it short for you to get to print your result, you will have to access you Original Jamb result and this does not go without a fee.

Original Jamb Result 2020 Website
Original Jamb Result 2020 Website

Candidates wishing to have the original Jamb result will pay a one-time amount of money and print your original result quickly.

Making a purchase of Jamb original Checker is very important as it will help you in a long deal to print your result.

Without making payments for Jamb Original checker, you will not be able to print original Jamb result 2020.

This payment is made through remitta and once this is done, you will not be given a physical card, but you will be given direct access to print your Original result.

You can’t pay through any other payment platform like Opay, papal, quick teller, but payment or the result is made to remitta from then you will have undeniable access to print your result at the portal.

Original Jamb Result 2020 Website

To print your Jamb Original Result, as we mentioned earlier, then you will have to access the main website first and log in with your details and follow the prompt instructions to print original Jamb result.

First, you will first see your Jamb result with all your details before proceeding to connect a printer to your device to print out from the web portal.

There is no special website to print your Jamb 2020 result except through the as the home page or you can visit the and fill in your registration details to print.

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Also, note that the Original result slip will be sent your email address in case you want to access it again and print it out at your will.

Your Original Jamb result has a watermark on the slip and the watermark is that of “Original” or Jamb Logo.

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How to Print Jamb Original Result

  1. To print, your Jamb result visit the approved Jamb portal at and click on a page at the home page with print Jamb result
  2. Check below and click on “click here to proceed’
  3. You will be redirected to another page where you will scroll below and click
  4. Enter your email address used for Jamb registration and your password
  5. If you don’t have an account, click on “create an account”
  6. Login to your account
  7. On your account, select on a column on the left-hand side which is written print Jamb result.
  8. At the column, enter your registration number and click on proceed to pay.
  9. You will be redirected to remitta, pay with remitta and go back to an e-facility profile
  10. Click on a result again to access and print original Jamb result.

Jamb Original Result Price

The cost of printing and Original Jamb result is just N1000,00 only and you can either pay to the bank or pay through your ATM card.

If you are paying to the bank, you will then have to generate an RRR number which you will pay at designated banks nationwide and in most cases; we do recommend you to pay through Zenith Bank.

That’s the price of Jamb result and in most cases, you will be charged an extra N150.00 or N200.00 by Remitta as Service Charge.

If you are printing in a cyber café with the aid of someone, then you will pay more for service charge and for printing.

If you have any question on this post, it will not be bad if you drop it via the comment box below.

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