Poju Oyemade Biography Networth and Wife

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Poju Oyemade Biography Networth and Wife

Presently, there is a lot of great pastors that are in making wave in Nigeria. There are known not only in Nigeria but in other parts of the world.

These people are bringing the Gospel of Christ to the knowledge of all as they go on spreading this word of God.

Some of these pastors are known by many while some of them are not well known. There are some pastors that many people want to know about.

For this reason, we are bringing the knowledge regarding these great men to your notice. Here, we want to see the biography of one of these great pastors.

The pastor we want to disclose to you is well known in Nigeria as he has gone far and near spreading the word of God.

He has a great ministry that is greatly flourishing in this country. As we move on in this post, we will get to know the name of his ministry.

The name of this pastor is Poju Oyemade and we are going to deal mainly with his biography as there a people who want to know more about him.

Poju Oyemade Biography is one that many people want to know about as they hope to know how this pastor made it to where he presently is.

We are going to see his age, birth, education, personal life, ministerial life and so many more. Here, all will know how this man of God came to be where he is today.

Read down to know more about Pasto Poju Oyemade Biography as there is a lot of information regarding it in this post.

Poju Oyemade Biography

Poju Oyemade Biography

The preamble of Poju Oyemade Biography

Every great man has a starting point in life. This starting point is his origin and place of birth as well as his background.

Nobody usually wants to know where any man comes from. It is when he finally comes to light that all want to know about him.

The same is very much applicable to Pastor Poju Oyemade as many now wish to know more about him due to what God has done in his life.

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For this reason, we bring the full information of Pastor Poju Oyemade Biography to your notice. With it, you will know how this man came to be.

All who knew about him will get to know more about him. On the other hand, those who do not even know him will get full information regarding him.

This pastor has made a lot of impact on the lives of many people around the whole of Nigeria. These people have helped to promote the grace of God in the life of this pastor.

As we move on with the information that is present in this post, you will get to know about his many ministerial works.

Pastor Poju Oyemade Background, Age

In this section of Pastor Poju Oyemade Biography, we are going to see how he came to be in life. We will look further to see his early life and even his age.

All who have been looking for this information should take note of the information they are going to see in this post.

Poju Oyemade was born on the 8th of May 1968. He is a Nigerian pastor with a large ministry. As of now, Poju Oyemade is 53 years of age.

He was born into a Christian family as his parents were both Christians and they also showed him the way of the Lord.

While growing up, he did not know that he would actually become a Pastor as he had other ambitions that he wanted to achieve.

Nevertheless, as God has it Oju Oyemade came to know the Lord while still in school. During this period, there were series of changes in his life.

As we move on with the information that is very much present here, we will see where these changes led him.

We will also see how it happened to start and where these changes started from.

Educational Background of Poju Oyemade

The educational life of Poju Oyemade is one of the most important aspects of Poju Oyemade Biography. Many people want to know about this aspect of his life.

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They want to know if he got proper education or not. Nevertheless, we have also provided the relevant information regarding this here.

All will get to know the educational life of this man of God from his primary even up to his university education.

Poju Oyemade is a very educated pastor as he has successfully gone through all levels of education available in the country.

He started from primary education as he schooled in his hometown while living with his parents. After his primary education, he furthered his education to the secondary level.

Poju attended his secondary education in International School Ibadan in Ibadan which is one of the largest cities in Nigeria.

After his senior secondary certificate examination in the institution, he went further in education to the university level.

Poju got admission into a very prestigious university in Nigeria. This university is the famous University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Here, in UNILAG, he was called into the ministry as in God’s calendar, it was time for him to begin his work on earth.

The rest information regarding what happened to his education after this call from God is not known to us.

Poju Oyemade Ministry

This is the main section of Pastor Poju Oyemade Biography as it is the reason why many people know about this man of God today.

After receiving a call from God while in the University, Poju did not waste time embarking on his ministerial journey.

He received mentorship from Bishop David Oyedepo and some other great men of God. On the 30th of March 1994, Poju began his own ministry.

He founded the Covenant Christian Centre. The church was consecrated by his mentor Bishop David Oyedepo at Yaba, Lagos.

In 2020, Poju decided to expand his ministry as he renamed the church from Covenant Christian Centre to The Covenant Nation.

When explaining his reason for the renaming of the church, he said that the church has grown from being a centre to a Nation of Priests.

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He said that the name centre does not demonstrate what God has for the ministry. Poju let everyone know that his ministry is to be a Nation of priests where kings will come from.

Due to the fact that he wants to reach a large part of the world with the Gospel of Christ, he has a television programme.

The name of his television programme is ‘Insights of Living’. This show is available on the Silver bird, Channels television and as well as Revelation Channel (UK).

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Personal Life of Pastor Poju Oyemade

This is another important section of Pastor Poju Oyemade Biography. With it, many will get to know his life aside from his ministry.

There is not much to talk about regarding the personal life of Pastor Poju Oyemade. The man of God is wonderfully married.

His marriage was very colourful that it got the attraction of various social media platforms. We do not know if he has children.

The wife of this man of God has received various awards for several TV shows that she has hosted. In the future, this man of God is set to expand his ministry.

Pastor Poju Oyemade Biography is a very interesting one. It shows the life of this man of God right from birth even up to this time.

All who have been seeking this information can now easily have access to it with ease. Also, share this information with others who are seeking it.

This information will help one know a lot about this great man of God. Drop all comments regarding Pastor Poju Oyemade Biography in the comment box below.



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