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PenCom Verification Exercise 2018 has started for pensioners and incoming pensioners who will be retiring in 2019 and the National pension commission registration form is now open for all those who are due for the verification exercise.

PenCom Verification Exercise

PenCom Verification Exercise

There are certain things which should be complied to and there are certain requirements that aspiring pensioners should meet before even proceeding for the PenCom Verification Exercise of the National Pension commission.

There was a pencom circulars inviting all pensioners for verification and for pensioners to also come for pencom renewal following the 2018 pencom regulations which demands pensioners to renew and go through thorough verification exercise especially for those who will be retiring in 2018.

You  cannot undergo the PenCom Verification Exercise without you going or doing the IPPIS verification exercise and for those who have not done the verification exercise for IPPIS, it is very important that you do it.

All complaints about pension and PenCom Verification Exercise 2018, should be channeled to the appropriate medium which and further complaints on pension should also be channeled to pencom customer care.

A lot of pensioners who are retiring in 2018 had 2017 pencom payment issues and we will not wants the same thing to face the pensioners of 2018 and that is why we have written this post on PenCom Verification Exercise 2018 which will serve as a guide towards doing a successful National Pension commission Registration exercise.

 Documents Needed for PenCom Verification Exercise 2018/2019

The documents listed below are the documents which will be needed for the verification exercise and both photocopies and original copies of the documents below should be made available. While the original documents will be presented, photocopies will be submitted.

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Documents needed include:

  1. Appointment letter/ letter of first appointment
  2. Promotion letter to a present grade level as of June 2018
  3. Letter of promotion/documents of promotion from 2004 to the present time
  4. Introduction letter
  5. Staff I.D card
  6. For those who were on transfer, Letter or evidence showing transfer and acceptance of service
  7. Birth Certificate/Age declaration
  8. Retirement Letter/Evidence of retirements for all those who have retired either by voluntarily, mandatory or by a means of termination
  9. Documents or letter from MDA showing that payments of retirements entitlement has not been made.
  10. Registration and letter with a pension management company and Fund administrator and the retirements savings account pin number.

pencom certificate verification

One vital part of pencom verification is the pencom certificate verification which should be done and done properly in accordance with  pencom code of corporate governance.

The official pencom site or commission which is in charge of the PenCom Verification Exercise 2018 is www.pension commission and everything about pension should be resolved there.

Accordingly, all perspective pensioners for the year 2018 must follow the PenCom Verification Exercise 2018 and pencom guidelines providing the necessary certificate for the registration according to pencom act.

Their certificate needed is part of the guidelines for the pencom registration and those without proper certification and documents will not be enroll for the PenCom Verification Exercise for 2019 pensioners.

It is important to announce that the PenCom Verification Exercise 2018 has a dealine and must be met by ll pensioners or prospective pensioners of 2019.

The 2018 PenCom Verification Exercise started since in the month of June and is expected to last for some month and it will likely end in august 2018.

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Important certificate should be uploaded and submitted at the appropriate quarter for the verification exercise. pencom certificate must also be attached for existing pensioners.

This post is to serve as a guide for all perspective pensioners to know how to proceed with their verification exercise and it is specifically for 2019 pensioners.

pencom registration form

The registration for PenCom Verification Exercise can also be obtainable here or we will show you in details how to get the verification form/registration so that you will be enrolled in the 2018 pension registration.

For existing pensioners, you will not need any  pencom certificate as part of the document needed for the registration, but you will have to do pencom certificate renewal in subsequent years to come in order to continue to be in the pension scheme. The verification exercise is for both federal Civil Service and State Civil service.

The National Pension Commission is in charge of controlling the affairs of pensioners and incoming pensioners and they are also responsible for issuing of pencom certificate at the right time.

According to pencom news, it is very important that 2019 pensioners should go through this registration and verification exercise and the verification exercise can be done around Lagos too for those that are in Lagos, locate pencom office in Lagos and find out the verification center closer to you.

The most important step in PenCom Verification Exercise 2018 is for you to obtain pencom registration form which is available online or pencom offices even in pencom office in port Harcourt.

How to do PenCom Verification Exercise for Verification and Application

  • Visit the official portal for PENCOM which is
  • Click on the link where you have penCom verification exercise
  • Fill in the information with your correct details and upload all necessary documents
  • Complete your verification by clicking on submit
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N/B : You can seek the help of a cyber-assistant for effective registration and verification.

National Pension Commission Verification Exercise Closing Date

The National Pension commission verification exercise started on the 25th of June and is schedule to last till august 17 2018.

As it was done for IPPIS verification exercise, the National Pension Commission might not extend the date for the verification exercise and so anyone who misses it this year will have to wait for next year.

Hope you have been informed about the PenCom Verification Exercise 2018 of the National Pension commission and how to do the National Pension commission verification exercise which this post was written to informed you.

The PenCom Verification Exercise 2018 process is very easy and it does not require much steps. Do you have any question or contribution about PenCom Verification Exercise 2018.

we will love to answer all questions bothering you about National Pension Commission especially the verification exercise.  Please ask your questions or make your contributions at the comment box below and we will respond to them appropriately.

Please share this post to everyone especially those who will be retiring in 2019 and other civil servant to know the steps for doing PenCom Verification Exercise 2018.



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