Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography and Messages

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Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography and Messages

Various great men are presently available in the world today and many of them happen to be men of God.

These people have used the power of God in their lives to reach out to a lot of people both far and near.

They are also present in various parts of the world as they are touching the lives of many. When these people make it to such popularity, a lot of people usually wish to know about them.

When these people want to know about them, they go to various sites on the internet to find out if they will know all about him.

Here, we want to see about one of these pastors who is presently affecting the lives of many people. He is presently residing in Nigeria as he is a citizen of Nigeria.

This pastor is no other than Pastor Chingtok Ishaku. Here, we will see all the necessary information regarding Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography.

This is information that many people all around the world have been looking for and here, we will do our best to give them all knowledge regarding this man of God.

A lot of people know this man of God just as a pastor but they wish to know more about him as he has greatly affected their lives positively.

With Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography that is here, all will get to know him as never before. This is due to the fact that we will deliver all information regarding him here.

Be among those to know a lot about this man of God by going through every information you come across in this post.

Read down to know more about Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography as there is a lot of information regarding it here.

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography

Introduction to Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography

Before any man reaches the height of greatness, he started somewhere in life as he did not just come into the world as a great man.

For this reason, we usually give the Biography of every great man who has made it through life here for all to see.

As they get to see this information, they will know more about these great people and how they have made it to the top despite all odds.

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Here, we want to see about one of these great men a man of God whom God is using to break the power of Satan in the lives of many.

All over Nigeria and across other parts of the world, he is greatly known as he has a good ministry. Here, we want to see Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography.

All his life accomplishments in the ministry, educationally, and even as a husband and as a father are in this post.

To know more about Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography, endeavour not to miss any single detail you come across in this post.

If you miss out on any detail of this post, you are capable of missing out on important information regarding this great man of God.

Age, Background, Early Life of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku

Every man that comes into the world has a background that he comes from. This is usually the first part of any man’s biography.

In this information regarding Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography, we want to see the background, age as well as early life of this man.

Those who have been looking for this section of this man’s biography will get to know about it from this section of this post.

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku was born on the 14th of April, in Kano state. He happens to be the fifth child of seven children born to his parents.

Pastor Chingtok’s father is Mr. Ishaku and his mother is Mrs. Keziah Gokir. His parents did everything in their power to ensure that he did not lack anything while growing up.

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Education of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku

The education of a man is very important according to the times that we are presently in. a lot of people that have made it to the top today are due to their educational level.

Without education, many people would not have achieved success in life. In this section of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography, we want to know his educational status.

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Many have been looking for this information as they wish to know if this great man of God is educated. Actually, this man of God is very educated as he has gone through various educational levels.

Even from the way he speaks, one will get to know that he is a very educated man of God. Here, we will see the full education story of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku.

From the start, Pastor Chingtok Ishaku went to the Police Children’s School in Kano where he completed his primary education.

He moved further to another educational level at the secondary level. Pastor Chingtok attended the Federal Government College, Jos where he completed his secondary education.

From there he aspired for more greatness and went further in education at the university level. He got admission into the Ahmadu Bello University where he studied political science.

Pastor Chingtok graduated from this institution with a good degree in Political Science he studied. This is how educated this man of God is.

Personal Life of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku

In a man’s life, it is not only his aspect of greatness that matters although that is what many people want to know about.

Nevertheless, there are some other people that love to know the life of that person outside his greatness.

For this reason, in this section of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography, we are bringing to the notice of all his personal life.

Presently, Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is married with children. He met his wife while he was still in the University.

When he came out from the University, they got married and now the marriage is blessed with three children.

The names of his children are; Zoe the first, Zion the second, and Zipporah the last. Zoe is a girl, Zion a boy, and Zipporah a girl.

Ministry of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku

This is a very important aspect of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography as it is the reason why many people know about him.

Here, we will see the full ministerial life of this great man and the accomplishments he has made in the ministry.

While at the Ahmadu Bello University, Pastor Chingtok served in several leadership posts. He was also a pioneer of a revival on campus.

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In 1996/96, he sensed a call into the ministry and he joined the Oasis of Love Church in Zaria back in 2004 and served as an assistant pastor until 2009.

In the same 2009, he founded his own ministry named the God – Life Assembly. He founded this church under the mentorship of Reverend Chris Delvan who is the pastor of the New Life Assembly, Kaduna.

During the life of this man in the ministry, he has accomplished a lot and has several pastors whom he has raised.

He hosts various programmes in various places every year. Through the ministry of this man of God, many have been liberated.

Messages of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku

Many great men of God have touched the lives of many and due to this, many wish to know their messages.

With the knowledge of their messages, they hope to download and possibly hear them. This is why we are bringing this information to the notice of all.

If you have been looking for a way to get Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Messages, here is your chance. One can easily get these messages by downloading them.

To download these messages, you need a few steps to guide you. Below are the steps for the successful downloading of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Messages;

  1. Open your browser
  2. Search for Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Messages
  3. Click on any site you want to use for downloading.
  4. Move on to download the messages from there.

In Nigeria, there are a lot of great men who have come to the light for many to know about. Here, we have seen one of these men of God.

This man of God has been a source of inspiration to many people around Nigeria. Share Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography with others.

Also, drop all your comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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