How Vision and attitude will help you to pass Jamb Successfully

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pass Jamb Successfully: How Vision and attitude will help you to pass Jamb Successfully

As you are about to embark on this Journey, you are desiring to pass Jamb Successfully it is good that you have a vision  at hand. Vision is the mental picture that you see for yourself. One thought leader once said: A man a man without vision is worse than a man without sight. In order to succeed in your exams, you need to have a clear vision of what your score will look like. Decide exactly the score you desire for in your exams.

pass Jamb Successfully:

exams vision and attitude


Let’s do a quick exercise.

Pause from here Pick up a piece of paper and write that score that you are desiring in your UTME exams, write it on a big sheet of paper and make it bold


Write below on the bold scores it is possible write below the paper it is possible.

Put this paper on your study center or study corner in a place that you can easily set your eyes on. Then get ready to pass to pass Jamb Successfully.


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That is vision for you. To make your vision attainable in order to  pass Jamb Successfully,

The next step is for you to set achievable goals for yourself, goals for yourself. Goals your goal is what you hope to achieve at the Say your Goal is to score 300 in 2017 UTME, it is good that you set a goal that is achievable.

You goals too should also be breakable and achievable if you desire to pass Jamb Successfully.

Break your goals to achievable ones and see how to achieve it weekly.

Look at the topics that you have on your text book and divide it monthly and weekly.  Take for example the Jamb syllabus for various subjects. Choose a subject and write down different topics to be read completed in one month.

In order to achieve your weekly goals, divide the topics into four equivalent parts for four weeks. Like you have set up weekly goals, set out daily goals, I.e topics to be read daily.


It is good to put everything about your studies to panning. Planning will help you to achieve more and you will to achieve more in your preparations towards your exams.

There is only one thing that can make your planning to work effectively, and your goals to be achieve. It is only one thing that can make your vision a reality. It is only your Attitude

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Your positive attitude is what will keep you going and help you to achieve your goals. One way to maintain a positive attitude is to build self-discipline. Discipline yourself to carry out any goals and objective you have set to achieve in your exams.

It is self-discipline that will make you to adhere strictly to your time table, plans of studies and working out more exercises, thereby helping you to pass Jamb Successfully




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